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Have you seen the recent television commercial that shows the Pentagon and says, "This building gets attacked 3 million times a day." The sad news is that it's true.
At this time, more than 120 countries and at least four terrorist groups have active cyber-weapons development programs in place. At least five new pieces of malware emerge every two minutes, according to Kaspersky's Internet Security Lab. Insider reports have indicated that the Bush administration has included $6 billion (in a "black" category) in the budget to address cybersecurity. Describing a similar incident in 2005, ECT News Network columnist Anthony Mitchell wrote, "Call centers in India that operated solely with Reliance as a telcom and Internet service provider face financial losses, and some are expected to close as a result.
At this point no one can definitively say if the damage to the cables was the result of deliberate acts, acts of terrorism or some other yet to be explained circumstances. Moving from bombs and bullets to bits and bytes has created a business risk and a new weapon in the modern arsenal for warfare. Factors that differentiate between cyber-attacks as a law enforcement and legal issue, versus cyber-attacks as a national security matter, are as clear as mud. Organizations that do not address this threat in their business continuity plans not only can face claims of negligence and possible shareholder lawsuits, but the impact could be so significant they go out of business. Kevin Coleman is a strategic management consultant with Technolytics and specializes in security and compliance. This free buyer's guide compares the best CRM software systems and allows you to request a price or demo for the system that best fits your needs. Given how unpredictable nature can be, it’s a good idea to take measures to reduce your risks, protect your home and keep your family safe. But these and other severe weather events (think floods, hail, winter storms) can happen anywhere. Knowing the most common hazards in your area — particularly if you’re new to the region — can help you focus your preparation plans. Once this basic kit is in place, you should supplement your supplies with items that address any special needs, such as children, pets or any medical concerns.
Cataloging your personal property with a home inventory might sound tedious, but how easy would it be for you to recall all the contents of your home if you lost everything to a disaster? Taking a home inventory can help ensure fair insurance reimbursement, simplify the recovery process and even make it easier to apply for federal disaster aid. Your emergency plan should be robust, addressing things like family communications (Where will you meet?
Devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the Asian tsunami and last year’s earthquake in Japan have awakened many to our vulnerabilities. This guest post comes from the editors of the Allstate Blog, which helps people prepare for the unpredictability of life. Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of Zillow. The Allstate Blog helps people protect their families and futures, and prepares them for the unpredictability of life.
The world’s preparations to deal with disasters are not yet keeping pace with the growing threats to people and societies, said the former U.N.
Margareta Wahlstrom, who served for over seven years as head of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), said big changes could be made to limit the physical impacts of natural and manmade disasters like floods, earthquakes and industrial accidents. Last March, at a conference in Sendai, Japan, governments adopted a new global framework to ramp up efforts to deal with disasters, setting seven targets to measure progress. They include “substantially” reducing the numbers of people killed and affected by disasters, as well as damage to infrastructure and to services like health and education, and decreasing economic losses – all by 2030. The preceding international agenda for tackling disasters was agreed in 2005 on the heels of the Indian Ocean tsunami, which killed at least 226,000 people. That massive disaster triggered a huge focus on saving lives, leading to major investment in early warning and evacuation systems, Wahlstrom said. At the time, however, it did not drive understanding of “why development is the key factor in how we create risks for ourselves”, she added. But that has shifted more recently, as climate change has begun making weather disasters more frequent and severe. When she talked to governments in preparation for the Sendai negotiations, they showed a “very strong anxiety about how risks are increasing, (saying), ‘We don’t have a sense of where we are going’,” she added. Key to getting disaster risks under control is communicating to officials, businesses and individuals that failing to do so limits their ability to achieve economic growth and sustainable development. They need to think through what they must plan for if current trends for worsening extreme weather, together with expanding populations and cities, continue in the next 50 years, Wahlstrom said.
And when trying to persuade politicians to invest in stronger, smarter infrastructure to keep people out of harm’s way, it is crucial to explain how that can bring short-term returns too – like avoiding millions of dollars in damage when the next big flood hits, she added.
During her stint as disaster reduction chief, Wahlstrom witnessed tangible change at the local level – from alerting and evacuation systems that protected people when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, to Canada deciding to build a disaster prevention mechanism that starts with communities. Yet there are also places where the international community failed to follow through on its newfound global enthusiasm for disaster risk reduction, such as in Afghanistan, she added.
Foreign military trucks and equipment were used to help Afghanistan rebuild and recover from war, and little funding went to shoring up national institutions to manage hazards like earthquakes and annual flooding. Wahlstrom’s hope is that the international agreements sealed in 2015 – from the Sendai framework to new Sustainable Development Goals and a climate change deal – will foster a more joined-up approach to the world’s problems, including disasters. This month, Robert Glasser, an Australian who was previously secretary general of development agency CARE International, took over from Wahlstrom as head of the UNISDR. Image: A man looks towards his house in a slum near the banks of Manohara River which is affected by flooding. Author: Megan Rowling, Journalist, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Megan Rowling is a journalist for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, covering the latest developments in humanitarian crises, aid, climate change, governance and women’s rights. Quick note about cookies: like most websites, we use cookies to help improve this site so that you can get around easily. However, since the tragic events in Paris and while UK threat levels remain SEVERE, these understandings are now expanding beyond fire safety into emergency preparedness for all persons and at all levels. Ideally, on each floor you will have access to an emergency grab bag, individual One-Person-Compact-Survival-Kits for staff as well as a Shelter-in-Place Kit for up to 20 persons in each shelter-in-place location.
Security, health & safety and duty of care are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to be prepared. Finally, check out ‘Project Griffin’ which provides briefing events to increase public and staff awareness of how best to reduce and respond to the most likely types of terrorist activities.
Since 2005 we have been at the forefront in championing School Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in the United Kingdom.

School Resilience Package to ISO and British Standards & School Emergency Grab Bags following NaCTSO guidelines. EVAQ8 Ltd has been at the forefront of championing School Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in the UK since 2005. The race to understand Zika link to baby microcepahly is on yet the fear is that for those threatened by Zika, vaccines may not come soon enough. With regards to Business Continuity and potential impacts to the economy of regions affected by Zika, read Prof Geraint Johnes’ (Lancaster University) illuminating article The human cost of Zika is clear, but will Brazil’s economy suffer too? If you like this post, please share it to help raise awareness for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness.
Barring any sudden personal tragedies or the ability to resettle on a different planet, this will impact us all: me, my family and friends as well as you, your family and friends. Running air conditioners is the short-sighted answer and it’s not just about guzzling energy which may overload the grid but also about dumping hot exhaust.
If we don’t #design solutions together, we could end up engineering our way out of one problem and into another. Now Business Continuity is no longer viewed as being the be all and end all, but rather one part of the solution.
Without a full understanding of risk assessment and management, crisis management and business continuity someone filling in a template can never create a document which lives up to its fullest potential. We often answer questions about how exactly our School Emergency Kits (S221 and S220) match up with official requirements, especially following our launch of the UK’s first School Resilience Package. To aid clarity, the following image is a comparison drawn across the most recent NaCTSO guidance, a typical School Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) template1 as currently in use and both School Emergency Kits available on this website. About 6 weeks ago I first told you about the successful Community Resilience model “NYLRF Community Emergency Plan scheme” in my post UK Community Resilience – a brilliant example of what really works. Since the scheme’s launch, North Yorkshire Resilience Forum (NYLRF) has seen a marked increase in community motivation, engagement and response. What an amazing U-turn away from seemingly countless evening meetings and long presentations to sceptical audiences by hard-working NYRLF staff! Thousands of people are affected by known flood risks or sadly have previous experiences of incidents such suffering prolonged power outages or being cut off because of severe weather.
Since it has been shown that the NYLRF Community Emergency Plan scheme increases both personal and community resilience it will be made available in areas where there is little or no warning of flash floods. As you have no option but to live with that uncertain risk, it is better to be prepared with preventive and recovering measures for natural calamities.
The most simple and cliche and yet the fundamental tip is to have always spare money in your hand. Ever consider how your business would be impacted if the Internet went away for an hour, a day or an even a longer period of time?
One critical measure I monitor regularly is the number of significant events reported to Hackerwatch.Org. Security experts have recently raised the level of awareness about the attacks and the threat they pose to the United States. While this funding should go a long way to securing government computer systems, what about all the business and personal computer systems?
Major damage such as this to the Internet backbone can cause significant problems despite the built-in redundancy that allows rerouting of information flow. The new risks now include cyber-weapons that are specifically designed to attack and disrupt our telecommunications and information infrastructure and cause significant damage to our economy.
He is a former chief strategist for Netscape and a Kellogg School of Management executive scholar with more than 15 years of experience. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. The West Coast has earthquakes, the East and Gulf coasts have hurricanes, and then, right in the heartland, there’s Tornado Alley! Take action against the event that has the highest odds of occurring and work your way down from there.
But there are storm-specific home improvement strategies that can lower the risk of your home being damaged.
You should also consider stocking an emergency “go bag” that you can quickly grab in the event of an evacuation. And while preparedness doesn’t happen overnight, taking concrete steps now can lessen your risk and offer you some peace of mind. If this is your first time signing up, you will soon receive an email asking you to confirm your choice to subscribe.
Assistance Mission in Afghanistan as it was emerging from conflict, said wealthy donor governments missed an opportunity to make the fragile state more resilient to natural disasters. She specialises in the impacts of climate change on developing countries, and solutions to this growing problem, including disaster risk reduction and climate finance.
Shelter-in-place is highly relevant for a range of scenarios which, broadly, can be divided into ‘man-made threats’ and ‘natural hazards.
To raise awareness and promote affordable solutions such as best practice School Resilience Package and School Emergency Grab Bags our mail campaign is here now also reproduced for wider dissemination.
As the UK’s Emergency Preparedness specialist, we look forward to being of service in all aspects of your school’s practical Emergency and Business Continuity Management to further your community’s resilience.
Brazil has warned pregnant women to avoid the Olympics and Public Health England is advising to consider delaying travel to countries with ongoing Zika outbreaks. Tongue firmly in cheek I squarely blame it on the cuts ?? for there is now a modern, leaner and perhaps more elegant version that can be counted down on just one hand.
Initially conceptualized to run on facebook as part of this year’s “September is Preparedness Month” campaign contribution we have honed in on the five preparedness core areas to complement the 5P’s you’re now already familiar with. Eating and moving provide warmth but rest is inevitable; insulation via Emergency Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Tents and Beds. No use having a suture kit if you only know cross stitch but you it’s difficult to overdo the soap.
The world – us – will have emitted enough carbon to warm the planet by 2°C  by the year 2036, that’s just 20 years down the road!
The crux of problem is, nobody really knows just exactly what it all means.  Climate change is one of the most urgent and profoundly complex challenges we face. Where we currently stand with producing not only efficient but also sustainable air conditioning systems I do not know (see The Guardian).

Thermostatic expansion, a volume and height increase as sea water warms plays a role as does melting ice. We also will need real alternatives to insurance for while a 2°C World Might Be Insurable, A 4°C World Certainly Would Not Be and we are fast there fast. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is happy to advice or simply browse the Emergency Kit section so see standard and custom-made kits. However, frankly speaking, not a very good one especially when leaving gaps which mean that individuals such as headteachers can be prosecuted.
Then, I gave you some solid scientific background on why this project was destined to score excellent results.
Communities will be better prepared and be able to act as competent first responders in many cases.
Businesses, governments and industries have all become dependent on the Internet as a primary channel for businesses.
The answer is likely no, according to the Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell. At the time I'm writing this, in the past 24 hours, there have been more than 8 million significant incidents reported.
The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes has a natural-disaster risk map that can help you identify the perils in your region.
In the case of hurricanes, for instance, you can mount storm shutters, build a safe room or install hurricane straps to help keep your roof in place when fierce winds blow.
EU regulations mean we have to point this out, hence the annoying message, which will only appear on this first visit. The recent “Run – Hide – Tell” safety video from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office is an excellent example which reflects this. Also recommended are waterproof gaffa tape and either plastic sheeting or garbage bags that can be cut and taped to provide emergency seals. If none of our standard emergency kits are suitable, simply contact us for a competitive bespoke quote. Joke aside; it is actually an interesting reaction and not necessarily one born out of simple ignorance.
Spraying or dousing heat stressed people with water only works to some extent as Dr Sundeep Dhillon explained recently at the Extreme Medicine Expo,  personal factors such as fitness and acclimatization play a huge role.
Right-click on the image to open a larger version and use CTRL+ on your keyboard to magnify.You can also view it as a more comprehensive PDF version. Get the Emergency Kit that’s exactly right for your school at competitive prices and with minimal lead times. Placing a bespoke order is easy.
The aim of the Corporate Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter Act was to put an end to organizations being culpable, shifting responsibility to individuals.
It is one hand the Mother Nature- the ultimate healer and monstrous destroyer at the same time. So keep them organized and inform all the members of your family where you keep it and if any situation of relocation occurs then anyone can fetch it easily. Many business leaders are unaware that cyber-weapons and cyber-warfare pose a real risk to their organizations.
30, an undersea telecommunications cable in the Mediterranean was severed, resulting in a dramatic slowdown in Internet access for people and businesses in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and much of the Middle East. This is also a good time to check your insurance policies and confirm your coverage against various events. To make things easy we will assume that you're happy to receive cookies but you can change settings any time by using the Change cookie settings link in the Special menu. Flashing lights and lightsticks attract and can signal for help or serve as warning to indicate danger.
For example, Freudian’s would point and say: classic denial, one of the most primitive defence mechanisms, a refusal to accept reality to avoid painful feelings. The ukclimateprojections.metoffice data and projections many still use may well be outdated (2009 PDF) assuming ‘medium’ emission scenarios. We need a sense that we individually can really do something, change behavior, change culture and change our world for the better. NYLRF are looking at how Community Emergency Preparedness Planning can integrate with and augment existing Yorkshire water distribution plans. If you think you inhabit on the plains so you are safer than the mountain inhabitants, then you are just simply underestimating the nature. The government maintains an emergency fund for these reasons and individually you should separately keep a miniature of it. If you live in quake prone or flood prone area, then don’t utilize expensive materials for your house because they have the higher tendency to get perished. If you have taken all these measures then at the moment of crisis you can solely concentrate on saving your life.
Given the significant role the Internet plays in our society and economy, it has become a primary target for attack by nation states and terrorists.
All these ‘pieces’ are massively important Community Resilience Building Blocks and I hope that North Yorkshire’s positive and empowering local culture change will continue to spread far and wide. Rather use light materials so that during the time of crisis you do not have to bear a huge loss or you can reconstruct them easily.
At the most fundamental level,  it all starts with prepared individuals that can achieve realistic confidence in the face of crisis. Also, North Yorkshire County Council Emergency Planning Unit (NYCC EPU) and the Environment Agency’s Rapid response project are working closely together to engage with communities on their register that are at Very High and High risk of flash flooding. Just how this can achieved in a fairly simple yet extremely effective way I will tell you next time when I talk more about Tadcaster. They are doing something truly inspiring to connect people and bring their Community Resilience firmly into the age of social media and the internet.

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