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The first thing you have to do is to get the animal into an unconscious state, as it will resist your attempts at tamin it otherwise. There are two important progress meters here: The Narcotics-Bar (currently filled) and the Taming-Bar (currently empty), the first one of which is integral to the whole taming process.
In case you run out of Narcoberries there is always the possibility of hitting the animal softly. Where is the source that brontosaur prefer the azulberry when every other pages states mejo.
They were planning to use the obelisk to download character+item+dino but they need to make it so it’s fair and not exploitable by raiders. Considering the vast benefits of having tamed animals at ones disposal, they can after all be used as guard dogs, means of transportation or entertainment, it’s without a doubt essential to the advanced player to learn how taming works. Generally speaking, in order to tame you have to ensure that your animal is unconscious for long enough to consume a sufficient amount of food. Don’t give the developers any ideas though, otherwise we could soon find ourselves having to saute the meat in order to satisfy the picky eaters that are dinosaurs. The more soft you manage to transition the animal into a suitable state the better, as it will speed up the next part significantly. What that means in pratice is that you’ll have to see to it that your animal is permanently sedated.
To that end, you’ll want to either use Tranquilizer Arrows or the less fancy option of fist-fighting.
You can tell which one needs what by consulting the following table, though a good rule of thumb is that carnivores will need a sort of meat while herbivores require berries.

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