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Keep this shelter as small as you can get away with, it will keep you warmer and take less time to construct. The classic two-man debris huy starts off in life as a modified tripod, with two long legs and one short. Load the sticks onto the main frame so that they are perpendicular to the ground and not the long angled poles. In fine weather it is quite nice to leave the front open to benifit from the warmth of a small fire. Then it’s simply a case of piling on lots of light curved sticks to trap the leaf mould. This debris hut is quite leaf intensive, so alway position it where you have an abundance of thatching material. The shelter is a perfect size to acomodate one person sleeping in front of a small campfire, with room for a rucksack tucked away at the back of the shelter.
Check out our new photo-montage from last year’s Coastal Forager course up in bonnie Scotland!
A multi-player SHOUTING game where 2 monsters hunt down 2 humans that are trying to reunite.
Ita€™s a more sophisticated approach to horror; playing on psychological threats rather than physical ones.
Most of that fearfulness and tension is bought about by the simple fact that Amnesia never lets you get really comfortable within the game world, going out of the way to remove safe havens where you might pause and plan your next move. The amnesia conceit is an old and over-used starting point in many ways, one where players are led on mainly through out-of-sequence flashbacks and conveniently placed diary entries, but ita€™s not as bad as it could be.
If you want to get even more out of the plot then ita€™s worth highlighting Frictionala€™s expansive developer commentary too, which functions similarly to the commentaries in the latest Half-Life games. It is not a survival shelter, it is more like a semi-permanent dwelling that allows you to live comfortably in the bush. When hammered into the ground, you want the base of the Y’s to be at low-sternum height. There is no need to weave branches (like in the survival books), this wastes time and energy… just keep adding branches and light brash.

Lots of dead leaves, and forest floor debris are required to rain-proof and insulate this shelter, but it is worth the effort! The short forked upright should have an off-set fork, to allow you to pound it into the ground.
For bad weather, it is worth thatching down the inside of the long poles and making a small porch roof.
Make sure to crown it with a big armful of leaves, so there are no sticks protruding to act as rain channels.
These provide the main frame of the shelter, so take a little time to find the right shapes, with gentle sweeping curves. In shallow snow just dig down to bare earth and use a dead wood platform to light your fire on. No part of this website may be reproduced, stored, introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording,or otherwise) without the prior written permission of Woodsmoke.
Theya€™ve been hurting a lot the last few days as, while playing Frictionala€™s Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I find my body contorting into an increasingly uncomfortable position.
The opening hours of the game are spent inching along empty corridors, being occasionally unnerved by a flicker of shadow or a random noise, telling yourself that old reassurance a€“ ita€™s just a game. Story-wise youa€™re cast as an amnesiac man, Daniel, who wakes up in a strange castle with nothing by questions to keep him company.
The story is spaced out quite well and, while some of the writing is a touch ropey (and the voice acting flatter than an infinite plane), ita€™s also pleasantly brief. The only difference is that, where Valve has obviously scripted and recorded its comments on high-end kit, Frictional hasna€™t. This shelter hoovers up lots of natural resources, especially dead leaves – so make your life easy and build where the resources are abundant!
Then add the cross beams… these should be strong enough to hang off – they are going to support a lot of weight!
Unlike the other one-man and two-man varities, this shelter allows for a fire inside, which makes it very warm. Deep snow needs a bit more planning, as you need to make a use a platform for the fire – otherwise you will end up sitting round a hole!

I start off sat straight, but before I know it my shoulders are higher than my ears, my elbows are off the table and out to the side and Ia€™ve gnawed my bottom lip raw.
To be frightening, Amnesia would have to go the familiar route of having monsters leap out of cupboards suddenly, a la Doom 3. Eventually you might muster the nerve to make a furious, desperate dash to the next well-lit area or point of safety, but if youa€™re anything like me then youa€™ll arrive panting for air. Youa€™re never sure what to expect and, as the plot slowly unfolds, the questions keep on piling up. You never feel like the plot is being rammed down your throat and, while the story feels as predictable as last weeka€™s Lotto numbers to start with, it rapidly evolves into something a lot more interesting.
The result is that the occasionally poor audio quality (and sometimes tricky accents) is balanced out by the frank and lengthy discussion of the development process. It is importand to insulate the interior from the wind to allow the smoke from the fire to draw upwards and not swirl around inside. Simply dig a pit and fill it with alternate layers of green boughs and snow, with a final ground-level platform of green logs. If your tempted by a seafood extravaganza, with the odd venison steak thrown in… check it out! It can make you scared at nothing, raising the thought of how terrifying ita€™ll be when something does happen. Each of the main developers gets his fair share of airtime too, discussing everything from characters that were cut from the main game right through to the details of the soundtrack and level design. Digging down is the preferred option, as you can sculpt a sheltered seating area, and it is much easier to disguise the fire site when leaving. Rather than springing surprises on you when you least expect it, Amnesia just leaves you expecting it a€“ immersing you in anticipation until you feel like youa€™re going to drown in dread.

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