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The third “Short Waves: Stories Shaping Our Community” screening of short films took place May 30 at the Castle Square Tenants Organization, 464 Tremont Street.
Four of the 15 submissions were selected by a panel of four judges for a public vote; the winner was “Color Theory” by Minhae Shim.
Participants at the “Short Waves” screening May 30 included (left to right) Susan Chinsen, Michael Sun, Cynthia Yee, Chien-Chi Huang, Sing-Yiing Chung, Xian Zhang, Hung Nguyen, Henry Ho, Minhae Shim, Mary Ouk, Thary Lim, Allyson Yee and Connie Chan. Four of the short films were projects for the University of Massachusetts, Boston’s Asian American Media Literacy 207 course for its Asian American Studies program. First-time director SingYiing Chung made “Outside and Invisible” with Xian Zhang about their experience of alienation and loneliness as international graduate students at Tufts University. The event was organized by the organized by the Boston Asian American Film Festival, the Asian American Resource Workshop and the Castle Square Tenants Organization.

Tagged  Asian American Heritage Month, Asian American Resource Workshop, Boston Asian American Film Festival, Castle Square Tenants Organization, short films, Short Waves. This program showcases an eclectic mix of short films curated by writer Melissa Hung, the founding editor of Hyphen magazine. This yeara€™s program features narrative, experimental, video art, and documentary, including Tony Nguyena€™s touching documentary, Giapa€™s Last Day at the Ironing Board Factory. About HAAPIFF: OCA-Greater Houston and our Community Partners organize the Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival to celebrate our stories and community through film, music, and food. Shim’s documentary of her 33-day cross-country road trip with her boyfriend Danny will be entered in the Boston Asian American Film Festival on Oct. Michael Sun’s “Pest in the Kitchen” showed how a squirrel rather than mice was nibbling at his food, while “White Washed” by Aaron Wong juxtaposed “expected” Asian behavior with “reality.” Zachary Wong modeled Asian behaviors, such as playing “Fur Elise” on the piano, followed by “reality” shots of him vigorously playing video games.

In the film, Tony goes back to a small town in Indiana to document his mothera€™s refugee experience and her retirement after nearly 35 years working at the last ironing board factory in America. By highlighting the diversity of culture and food in Houston through the a€?edu-tainmenta€™ of film, music, and food, the festival seeks to educate on issues, tell the stories of our communities, and to support Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) artists and filmmakers.
As we work to better our communities, it is important that we appreciate the diversity of the AAPI community and the commonalities we share. Its theme of driving as the “modern day dream” combines breathtaking vistas with stills and performances from Shim.

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