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Augason Farms Premium Emergency Food Storage Kit is a step up from the standard 1-year, 4-people kit with the addition of Ready Cuisine entre favorites such as Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and Beef Stroganoff. View a video of this product Augason Farms Superior Food Storage Kit is a great investment for your family.
Anyone who has made jam with their grandmother knows the wisdom of emergency food storage is nothing new. The Augason Farms One Month Emergency Food Supply Kit is designed for those who prefer their emergency food storage in pails filled with pouches for convenience.
Packed with over 50 different products, Augason Farms 1 Year, 4 Person Emergency Food Storage Kit ensures you will have a wide variety of foods to choose from and provides over 1,200 calories per day for an entire year. Packed with 30 different products, Augason Farms 1 Person 1 Year Kit ensures you will have a wide variety of foods to choose from and provides over 1,000 calories per day for an entire year. Unlike many food storage options, our Ultimate Kit not only includes the basics, from wheat to freeze-dried fruits, but also a variety of delicious soups and 20 minute entrees. Be prepared for an emergency with the Augason Farms Deluxe 1-Year, Emergency Food Storage Kit.

Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage Kit, 1-Person, requires no refrigeration and will keep you ready for an emergency.
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Augason Farms #10 Cans are perfect for emergency food storage, camping, or for every day use.
Sugar, citric acid, orange juice powder (corn syrup solids, natural flavors [contains orange juice solids], citric acid, BHT), sodium citrate, ascorbic acid, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Red #40. Augason Farms products are processed in a facility that handles wheat, egg, dairy, soybean, peanut, cashew, walnut, and almond products. Included are 36 easy-to-store pails with handles: 24 of the All-in-One Emergency 30 day pails, 6 Fruit Variety pails and 6 Veggie Variety pails.
Though storing food is one of the most prudent actions we can take to protect our loved ones, in these days of supermarkets and fast food, we often forget about the necessity of long-term food storage.
There are subtle but distinct advantages to stand-alone pouches: they're easier to open than their tin can cousins and they're re-closeable.

Augason Farms has taken 36 of their bestselling All-in-one pails and put them together to make the perfect emergency kit.
Together, this will give you and your family the variety of food and water filtration to get you through any emergency. And their smaller size means less loss of unused portions and less cupboard space to store them. The kit comes in 36 waterproof pails and contains enough food in each pail to provide 1,347 calories per day for 4 people for 1 year, and a shelf life of up to 20 years. This easy-to-prepare Augason Emergency Food for 3 Persons also includes vegan meals, beans, pasta, vegetables, seasonings and much more. This one-year food storage kit, 12 count, will keep you ready for an emergency, camping or for everyday use.

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