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Measures:The dimensions of the alarm are 2 and five-eight inches x 1 and three-eight inches x seven-eight inches. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. This is a relatively lightweight solution - the total alarm kit (one remote and one receiver) -- weight WITH BATTERIES installed is 16 ounces.
Each Wireless alarm kit has 2 components - a base station and a remote movement sensor unit. The wireless remote units look like motion sensors used in office buildings and home alarm systems. The base station will let you know if people, or animals ( deer, oppossum, skunk, bear, moose, raccoons, etc.) are visiting your campsite or nearby area. The Wireless Motion Alarm system provides added security to your camping trip - know when something is moving about camp, home RV, boat, wherever you want to know about outsite movement.
You can take the wireless alarm kit anywhere and position it to monitor in almost any direction or angle.
It is important at power up to install the 9V battery in the remote sensor FIRST, aim it away from motion or heat sources, let it settle for 60 seconds before powering up the base. The hanging port on the back of the sensor hangs nicely on a simple 6D or 4D size box nail head.

The communication signal from the remote to the alarm base unit does travel through walls, glass, and tents so you will get the alarm beep even if the main receiver base unit is indoors. A small Phillips blade (like eyeglass repair screwdriver) is needed to change 9V battery in sensor so be sure to have one in your field kit.
Main Receiver unit is equipped with a DC 4.5V input with + polarity inner, - polarity outer. While not recommended by the manufacturer, and a violation of warranty terms, our staff chose to customize the remote sensors to hide them. When we threw rocks, twigs, even a baseball -- in front of the sensor - no alarm - remember, it works on heat. We also tested the alarm by placing the remote sensor in a zip lock bag to waterproof the remote sensor. Check out the High Sierra Avenger 45L Backpack if you’re going hiking for the weekend and need a large weekend pack. We also like the bright red color which should make you easier to spot in an emergency situation.
The micro technology used in this alarm provides features that are similar to ones found in alarms 3 to 4 times its size.
The loud 120 dB siren can be heard up to 300 feet (100 meters) and will provide a practical protection and deter dangerous threats when seconds count!

Countless customers have put their trust in us and we invite you to accept our discount offer and experience a company that genuinely cares about your personal safety! To activate the alarm, pull the lanyard looped to the half circle ring away from the alarm. It can be used as a personal alarm for self defense, or set the motion detector to protect your home, apartment, or in a hotel to protect your valuables while you are out of your room.
To stop the alarm, simply place the half circle ring back into the alarm until it snaps into place. The motion detector can also be used to prevent children from wondering into a dangerous area, such as a pool.
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