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Also known as Ultracap, Goldcap, Supercap - Electric double layer capacitor, In Farads, like batteries, Energy Reservoirs or eFlywheel. The Double Layer Capacitors developed by WIMA are storage capacitors with highest capacitance values in the Farad range. They are among others suited to serve as batteries, can deliver considerably higher currents for a short time, however, and are maintenance free. SuperCapacitors - WIMA - These EDLC supercap has one-tenth of energy, but delivers over 10 times of power due to ultra low ESR. Hello,I am attempting to get an ISD4002 chip to record and playback a signal from a PUI electret mic, via an Arduino Uno.

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When used in Values like 100F and is fully charged, an Internal or External Breakdown of Insulation or Short Circuit may Occur.
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I can get the mic to work fine and it seems to be going through the entire circuit, but there is no recording or playback going on.

I've included the code below as well and would appreciate any ideas on what to focus on to solve this problem.

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