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Belize Emergency Numbers Directory Guide with Contacts for Police, Fire, Dive Accident, Medical and Hurricans. The fourth annual Belize Woman of the Year Award Ceremony was held today as customary at the residence of U.S.
Apart from wearing the hat as minister, Flores was a teacher in Stann Creek for over twenty-six years teaching Spanish and English; Flores is known for assisting young women to realize their potential. The other women nominated for the title were Victoria Hernandez, Joan Burke, Yolanda Murray, Adele Ramos, Mapye Smith, Cynthia Ellis Topsey, Sharon Pitts, Cristina Coc and Dacia Crawford Tillett.
Flores receives two tickets to anywhere in the continental United States and will also be a part of a publicity tour with Belizean media.
The National Emergency Management Organization has been issuing constant releases on the flooding caused by incessant rains.
When we arrived in Santa Elena this morning and visited the area where the flash flood was reported, much of the water had already receded. This morning, workers were widening and cleaning the drains to allow for free flow of water.
Classes for the one hundred and fifty students enrolled here at this campus may have to be suspended until Monday. There is no official word yet on what caused the flash flood at Galen, though speculation is that land clearing further upstream may have had something to do with it.
Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast.
Polls ArchiveTHE COMMENTS AND VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THE BLOG ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF THIS STATION. Alle auf dieser Website dargebotenen Abbildungen dienen ausschlie?lich der Informationsvermittlung im Sinne der Flaggenkunde. Recently, the environmental community as well as the Belize Tourism Industry Association and the Association of Protected Areas Management Organization have been united in their objection to a proposed cruise terminal and development near the Placencia Peninsula. One of the nearby islands also boasts a turtle nestling site, a beauty for tourists and Belizeans to enjoy. An Environmental Impact Assessment is underway but can Belize?s reef sustain the onslaught of development? The Great Blue Hole has been nominated for the designation of the 8th Wonder of the World, and environmental activists in Belize want to ensure that a multi-million-dollar, mega-tourism project by Puerto Azul Belize Limited?but which investors want to set up only 8 miles south of this majestic Belizean wonder, at the Lighthouse Reef Atoll?does not see the light of day. The directors for the company are Italians Domenico Giannini & Fabio Nicola La Rosa, members of the management team named for another Puerto Azul project proposed for the Dominican Republic. The legal address of the Belize company is listed as Barrow & Williams Law Firm, the Prime Minister?s law firm.
Like Norwegian Cruise Line?s Crawl Caye proposal, which was recently turned down by Cabinet, the promise is for a major tourism development that would bring business and jobs to Belize. The development proposal for Puerto Azul ? exclusive resort, hotel, gulf, villas and spa, on Northern Two Caye (960 acres) and Sandbore Caye (10 acres), is dated April 23, 2013. Whereas the economic aspects of the proposal seem to meet some of the essential criteria the Government uses to decide on whether an investment proposal is good for Belize, Roberto Pott, Belize Coordinator for Healthy Reefs for Healthy People, has told our newspaper that the project could seriously compromise a vital part of Belize?s reef ecosystem ? vital because it is in the proximity of one of the last spawning grounds of the endangered Nassau Grouper, and one of the two cayes proposed for the development is an important mangrove island, which supports a nursery for Belize?s fisheries, said Pott. Pott said that the area has five islands, and only two of them, Northern Two and Long Caye, are mangrove islands.
The plan has attached two letters dated April 29, 2013 and May 3, 2013, written to Chief Environmental Officer Martin Alegria, requesting facilitation for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be done. Cabinet rejected the Crawl Caye cruise port proposal on environmental grounds, since the caye ? as a part of the Great Belize Barrier Reef ? is part of a World Heritage Site, which places a limit on the scale of development that can be done at the location. As the 2014 Cannes Film Festival is starting to wind down, reports indicate the ultra-posh PuertoAzul Exclusive Resorts party was the place to be this year. Blue Hole Natural Monument and Half Moon Caye Natural Monument are both located within Lighthouse Reef Atoll and Puerto Azul Exclusive Resorts and Hotel is a proposed development just north of these two sites on Northern Two Caye and Sanbore Caye. Show business talent and product manager Oscar Generale and businessman Domenico Giannini - the president of Puerto Azul Exclusive Resorts & Hotels have just recently hosted a star-studded Puerto Azul Experience at Villa Saint Georges at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the new luxury resort in Belize. Environmentalists are strongly opposing the project as they believe it will have a major negative impact on the reef eco system. But developers from Puerto Azul state that they have no interest in tarnishing the gem, but do quite the opposite and that is to polish it and make it shine as bright as possible ? environment first. Developers state that they are bringing in the best and highly accredited environmental firms to do all the necessary studies and using the latest in technology to protect, preserve and enhance the environment in which it will be located as the demographic of their clientele they are targeting are also very environmentally conscious.
It is difficult for small boats to navigate the channel, so there is a possibility of the coral reef system been blown up at the northern point of the Light House Reef Atoll, to create a channel way to accommodate vessels to enter the proposed Mariner at Northern 2 Cayes. Celebrities and Ministers Erwin Contreras and Manuel Heredia show support at the Cannes Film Festival in France for the Puerto Azul Project.

The Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera ? it?s the biggest, most glamorous film festival on earth ? and this year, Belize is being represented by two A list political celebrities, complete with entourage. Would you not agree that you have to get inside of the individual's mind in order to get a grip on how to handle the situation? Environmentalists are in an uproar at the Cabinet?s approval for the multi-million dollar tourism development within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll.
The development is expected to consist of over 970 acres of luxury amenities for the world?s elite including shopping centers, restaurants and bars, a golf club house, spa, airstrip, marina, churches, business centers, botanical garden, health care center, not to mention accommodations for approximately 1,000 guests and 2,000 employees. Minister of Labor, Local Government, Rural Development and National Emergency Management and Immigration and Nationality Godwin Hulse has stated to the media that the Cabinet has approved permission for Puerto Azul to conduct an environmental study to confirm if the project is sustainable. The vision of Puerto Azul states ?The challenge of Puerto Azul is to combine the excellence of its luxury project with the uniqueness of an oasis which is unique in the world without degenerating the soul, but instead exalting the protection and enhancing of natural and environmental resources and social services.? But local environmentalists are saying that it is impossible create such a mega development without damaging the surrounding environment.
Promotion for the development has already commenced at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival. At the event it was also revealed that Puerto Azul will be undertaking a non-profit organization for the benefit of the people of Belize and the environment. The project is expected to be completed by December of 2017 if there are no impediments or restrictions by the Government. The opinions and views expressed on this board are the subjective opinions of Ambergris Caye Message Board members and not of the Ambergris Caye Message Board its affiliates, or its employees. Ten notable females from many walks of life were nominated and one very accomplished woman was selected for her stellar work and accomplishments in public life. But yards were still flooded and residents were busy trying to dry furniture which had gotten soaked.
But those basic measures will not suffice for faculty, staff and students of Galen University just down the George Price Highway. All this sand and gravel you see was pushed onto the school grounds by the furiously rushing flood which also covered the campus in about two feet of water. Part of that clean up included the heartbreaking work of trying to salvage books from the library, and throwing away others which were destroyed. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Works is already moving into place to renovate the badly gutted road. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system. While the Norwegian Cruise Line?s hundred million dollar project is looking for another home, there is yet another project that is developing and is also causing major concern. Amandala was told that the matter has been raised at the Cabinet level; however, Government has not yet made any of that information public. According to the proposal, ?Modification will be made to the shoreline on Northern Two Cayes.
We note that mangroves, apart from helping to sustain the fisheries resources, mitigate the impact of hurricanes.
Government has subsequently indicated that an alternative site for the Crawl Caye project could be considered.
Formal invitations to the May 21 bash, called "PuertoAzul Experience," went to noted celebrities and global socialites. Puerto Azul boasts to be a luxurious eco-development that, above all, will be very environmentally conscious, sustainable and pro-active. Although the project is just at the stage of submitting an Environmental Impact Assessment, with no actual development taking place yet, they have started cleaning up the area and protecting turtle nesting sites. Running aground and damaging the reef are only some of the risks associated with Puerto Azul development. Tourism Minister Manuel Junior Heredia and Investment Minister Erwin Contreras are seen here hamming it up at a reception in Cannes. Puerto Azul Belize Limited is proposing an exclusive resort, hotel, golf course, villas and spa to be built on Northern Two Caye and Sandbore Caye. Puerto Azul is expected to be the most luxurious and expensive tourism destination in Belize, offering seven star exclusivity of nature and services.
Environmentalists are claiming that no sort of development can be sustainable with Lighthouse Reef Atoll so close to the Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye. The Puerto Azul Experience Night was hosted at the Villa Saint Georges on Wednesday, May 21st, as was the new project for Oscar Generale and President of Puerto Azul Domenico Giannini. The Tree of Dreams Foundation is aimed to support protection and conservation projects as well as education and health improvement for the country.

Taking the esteemed title this year is former Minister of Defense and National Emergency Management as well as Human Development, Dangriga resident, Sylvia Flores.
This morning the focus was on the Cayo District, where residents of the Mopan and Macal Rivers were warned to evacuate if necessary.
They were affected by a separate flash flood early this morning which caused severe damage to the road.
News Five Jose Sanchez reports on the Puerto Azul project that is being proposed on islands near the Half Moon atoll. The land documents show that in 2005 under Natural Resource Minister John Briceno, a lease was given to Northern Caye Two via Barrow and Williams.
But the Blue Hole Natural Monument is only 8 miles south, and Half Moon Caye is 16 miles South East of Northern Two and Sandbore?s fantasy called Puerto Azul. Proposed amenities include hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and bars, a golf club house, spa, airstrip and marina.
But like most developments in pristine and reserve areas of Belize, it is receiving quite the negative feedback and causing quite a stir within environmentalists and concerned citizens.
But, they weren?t there to see which film would get the prized ?Palme d?or,? they were there to profile for investors who want to build a mega resort on Northern 2 Caye, which is in the Lighthouse Caye range in Belize.
It is all about approach and the impact that in can have to move in the positive direction.
The island proposed for development are a short distance from the Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, both extensively protected areas for their importance in the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The area is known for complex fringed coral systems, turtle nesting and habitats for the red-footed boobies, iguanas, frigate birds, sea hawks and warblers. So you have only five cayes on Lighthouse Reef and you have one caye that we think will be shredded to pieces by a huge marina, a mega marina,? said Roberto Pott, Belize Coordinator of Healthy Reefs for Healthy People. NEMO also reported a flash flood which affected twenty families in the Santa Elena area in the early hours of this morning.
But while much of the water is gone, at around two this morning this entire area, including the road, was apparently submerged. Now that the land has been sold, Puerto Azul would occupy nine hundred and sixty point two acres of Northern Two Caye and Sanborn Cayes.
Marine Scientist, Robin Ramdeen, has seen similar proposed developments in her home country, Trinidad.
The Italian development group held a star ? studded event in Cannes called the ?Puerto Azul Experience Party at Cannes 2014.? Heredia and Contreras were there, apparently as photo-bombing, tuxedo-wearing, government of Belize glitterati .
We have one of the largest Nassau grouper spawning aggregation in Belize just outside of Sandbore. Specific initiatives for Tree of Dreams Foundations will include the creation and maintenance of wells and watersheds, the development of medical centers, expanded educational facilities and the preservation of marine life in the reef of Belize. And there was another flash flood which caused serious damage to the George Price Highway near the Galen University, and also to the campus itself.
Eleven hotels would be built on Sandbore alone, with a total of seven hundred units of living space. The event promoted Puerto Azul as the ?dream luxury experience that will be built in the clear and beautiful waters of Lighthouse Reef, Belize.? Pictures have surfaced on social media of Ministers alongside Puerto Azul investor John Travolta and other notable figures. Not only fish for commercial consumption, but the parrot fish that depend on that nursery habitat to grow their off spring into juveniles then go back out to the reef to keep the reef clean and healthy,? said Pott. Try to control the environment to your desires, laugh at the concerned individuals on the planet that watch as you pay attention to your dreams and forget about your brothers and sisters and children that are abused so you can reap what little is left> Make more babies and?????????There has to be a better way!
Lighthouse Reef Atoll on a whole has a healthy sea grass bed and if silt and sedimentation is to happen due to dredging, definitely it will have an impact on the sea grass bed.
We all know basic ecology: the sea grass provides nursery grounds for the fishery and especially the commercial Queen Conch. It is difficult for small boats to navigate the channel, so there is a possibility of the coral reef system being blown up at the northern point of the Light House Reef Atoll to create a channel to accommodate vessels to enter the proposed Marina at Northern Two Cayes. Running aground and damaging the reef are only some of the risks associated with Puerto Azul development,? said Shane Young, Marine Protected Areas Manager of The Belize Audubon Society.

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