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Black History Month is upon us, and we're kicking it off by paying homage to some of the best lines from our favorite Black films. Unsurprisingly, Boomerang and Coming to America were the most quotable films, with Love Jones and The Color Purple close behind.
Check out the sound bites from Angela Bassett, Meagan Good and others below, and click here for Part Two of our special feature, with Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan and many more. In this new one hour special gyspy dress maker Thelma Madine reveals the secrets behind her most outrageous creations, from design and production through to the unique excitement of a gypsy wedding day. We asked dozens of stars, from Kevin Hart and Tyler Perry to Sheryl Lee Ralph and Mike Tyson, to name theirs.
Some stars, like Jenifer Lewis, hilariously chose to quote themselves while others recalled their favorite moments from other's performances. Thelma will relive the mayhem and magic that went into creating the most incredible outfits ever to grace our screens, recalling everything from glow in the dark wedding dresses to her famous Pineapple and Palm Tree costumes.
And if you want a more thorough collection of films, see Ranker's complete guide to Movies Involving the American Revolution. What are the best Revolutionary War movies? There are some great movies made about the American Revolution so take a look and decide for yourself what's the best.

Many of the best Christmas movies feature heartwarming tales that can families can watch together. As long as there has been a film industry, there have been attempts at American versions of foreign films, with some truly horrible results. The plot centers on a video tape that, once watched, releases a curse that kills the watcher seven days later, with the victims literally dying of fright.
Naomi Watts plays the aunt of one of the first girls to view and die, prompting her to investigate for herself, a characterization and plot that align closely with the Japanese original, which incidentally has been called one of the best Japanese horror films. Shall We Dance? Both follow the story of a married and otherwise successful businessman, a lawyer in the American version, who is nonetheless looking for something more in his life. Both find it through ballroom dancing, which both begin after becoming infatuated with a mysterious woman seen in a window during each evening’s homebound commute. With a star studded cast that included Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, and James Coburn, the adaptation is set in a village in Mexico during the Wild West period in America.
The “seven” are gunfighters hired to train and protect Mexican villagers from bandits, in the same way that the samurai of the original are hired to protect a 16th century Japanese village from bandits.
Clint Eastwood stars as a lone gunslinger arriving in a Mexican border town in the midst of conflict between the sheriff’s family and a family of bandits.

The Japanese version features a Ronin in place of a gunslinger, and the conflict is instead between two rival gangsters. In both cases, the stranger plays one side against the other for money, one side eventually wipes out the other, and the stranger then steps in and kills the remaining side before leaving town. In both cases, the plot centers on an expedition to the South Pole that ends abruptly due to severe weather conditions and results in a team of sled dogs being left behind as the humans evacuate.
In both cases, the intention to return for the dogs within a day or so is unsuccessful and the dogs are left to their own devices for several months. The Disney version stars Paul Walker, who is able to retrieve six of the eight dogs on his team, unlike the Japanese counterpart, who only finds two alive of an original 15.The above films are among some of the best examples of our ability to see the value in other cultures, particularly in the arts.

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