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We’ve been publishing our guides to the best movies and TV shows on Netflix for three years now, and the selections keep improving.
On May 13, 1985, a deadly altercation broke out in Philadelphia between police and a radical organization called MOVE, resulting in 11 deaths and the destruction of several city blocks. At the last few Sundance Film Festivals, a running joke has developed about the ubiquity of Mark Duplass.
Many of Robin Williams’ characters dangle perilously close to the edge of sanity, but Parry has been pushed right off that cliff in The Fisher King. Daring to base the central character of a Disney franchise on a notorious junkie-alcoholic walking-corpse rock star like Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was a coup, but even more mind-blowing was how well Depp’s crazy idea worked. Vampire stories are plastered all over American pop culture these days (True Blood, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries), but leave it to the Swedes to produce a vampire film that manages to be both sweet and frightening. In The Constant Gardener, diplomacy is overstepped by both those with corrupt intentions and those who see it as a bureaucratic divide to human charity. It’s a crying shame that In the Mood for Love isn’t also available on Netflix, because it would certainly rank near the top of this list.
It wasn’t just Elaine Benes who thought that The English Patient was overrated and boring: Even at the time of its Oscar win, this period romantic epic was being criticized in some quarters for its self-consciously old-school sweep.
As it progresses, Short Term 12 remains rigorously structured in terms of plot; yet it never feels calculated.
While hung up with the intricate plotting of Miller’s Crossing, The Coen Brothers took a break to write a script about a blocked screenwriter (Jon Turturro).
In his directorial debut, Cameron Crowe places one of the all-time charming film courtships within that strangely insular time, mid-transition, between high school and college (or career or family). For a movie chock-full of twists, perhaps the biggest is that despite all appearances to the contrary, The Cabin in the Woods is a heartfelt love story. In 1995, French journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a horrific stroke that left his entire body paralyzed in what doctors call the “locked-in syndrome.” In a remarkable testament to the human spirit, Bauby was able to dictate a 132-page memoir by blinking his left eye. Surely somewhere on the Internet there’s a catalog of all the potboiler plays that have been turned into lifeless movies; wherein the minimal settings came off as flat rather than intimate or claustrophobic, and the surgically written prose came off as stilted rather than impassioned. Many doubted anyone could do justice to the Ripley novels on celluloid, but Anthony Minghella proved them wrong in spectacular fashion.
Some magazine employees go attempt to talk to a man who posts a very unusual craigslist ad wanting a partner for time travel. I'll admit, I only saw this one just recently and my side was hurting after the movie was over. A 6 foot creepy rabbit and a dark cryptic web about a boy's life after a surreal event made this movie a cult classic. More than half of the movies in our 2014 edition are new from last year, and they pull from a variety of styles—romantic comedies, action flicks, indie dramas, blockbuster sci-fi, documentaries, animated films and more. You’ve undoubtedly heard someone make reference to this 1994 classic—whether it was a classmate sarcastically yelling “Run, Forrest, run!” as you hustled to catch the bus, or someone busting out their best drawl to deliver, “Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates.” The entire film is full of dialogue that’s both moving and funny (my personal favorites include “But Lt. First-time filmmaker Jason Osder’s riveting documentary brilliantly re-creates that day entirely through live local broadcasts and a televised city hearing months later that investigated who was at fault. Certainly, more than 40 years after it first scandalized moviegoers, this 1970 black comedy about the exploits of a Korean War-era surgical hospital not only stands as one of the most subversive portraits of war ever put to film but also as one of the flat-out, most hilarious movies ever made.
Set in 23rd century New York City, taxi driver Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) gets wrapped up in saving the world with his passenger Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), the fifth and final piece that is needed to protect earth. To which its fans say, “Yeah, so?” A stellar “They don’t make ’em like this anymore” movie, filmmaker Anthony Minghella’s adaptation of Michael Ondaatje’s novel starred Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas as the most poignantly star-crossed big-screen lovers since Ilsa walked backed into Rick’s life.

Reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch at their most darkly satiric, Barton Fink depicts a self-important New York playwright who struggles to write a Hollywood wrestling picture while residing in a rotting hotel. In Lloyd Dobler, the defining role of John Cusack’s career, Crowe presents an appealing, convincing everyman whose pursuit of a girl (Ione Skye), supposedly out of his league, reveals how foolish such handicapping can be in the first place. Mind you, not between any of the young and pretty college students who tempt fate at the cabin in question. Incredibly, ace-auteur Julian Schnabel adapted that memoir into a breathtaking, lyrical, haunting film that is as much his creation as Bauby’s.
Glengarry Glen Ross is the exception and the justification for all noble stage-to-screen attempts since. Lushly photographed, exquisitely art-directed and impeccably timed (not a scene is a moment too long or too short), it intrigues and bewilders like Hitchcock’s best work. What better way to avoid the chill than by camping out indoors next to the warm glow of your television with some great movies?
Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza take you on a fun little ride while you try to figure out how crazy the protagonist really is.
Written and directed by a no-name bartender from Boston, two brothers decide they are on a mission from God to eliminate evil men.
Two country boy friends find themselves in the ridiculous situation of being mistaken for murderous rednecks by a group of college kids. It may require a second watch and trying to give a snapshot of the plot wouldn't do it justice. Sam Raimi (spiderman, oz director) and Bruce Campbell went around their hometown taking out loans from whoever they could to make this movie a reality. A professor reveals to some of his fellow teachers that he is 14,000 years old at a going away party for him. Let the Fire Burn is a found-footage landmark that presents a troubling commentary on race relations in America that remain distressingly unresolved. And doing impressions of Michael Caine, Woody Allen, and Liam Neeson, as well as British personalities an American audience might not recognize. It’s also got Maggie Chen and Tony Leung, but the star turn here is from Leslie Cheung as Yuddy, the Lothario leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake. By allowing his characters’ irrational emotions to influence events and instigate key turning points, Cretton capably masks the film’s finely calibrated story mechanics.
A jaundiced metaphor for the compromised creative process of show business, Barton Fink delivers the deadpan comedy and quirky performances of the Coens’ trademark, including Oscar nominee Michael Lerner as a bombastic studio chief, John Mahoney as a boozing, Faulkner-esque novelist, and John Goodman as a cheerful salesman with a dark secret.
No, this romance is between creators Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, and the scary-movie genre as a whole. This adaptation of David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize winning play about workingman’s inhumanity to workingman still crackles today, and its best lines (and there are many) have become ingrained in the angrier sections of our collective zeitgeist. Career performances from Matt Damon and Jude Law, plus wonderful turns from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cate Blanchett—and the last time Gwenyth Paltrow was bearable.
There's a whole new batch of titles headed to Netflix Instant, from modern classics to old favorites. With training from a fellow immortal played by Sean Connery, he hones his skills with a sword.
Gabriel Byrne takes a worse beating than Rodney King and hardly gets a scratch, but it's definitely worth a watch. The film showcases the brutality of conflict, the hypocrisy of politicians, and Robert Duvall as the slightly insane Lt.

Forrest may be a simple man, but his story is our nation’s story, and we all are run through the emotional gauntlet as we watch him hang with Elvis and John Lennon, fight in Vietnam and encounter many a civic protest—all while in pursuit of his true love, Jenny. And while everything seemingly comes to a head during a key crisis, it’s only fitting that the story ends with a denouement that bookends its opening. James Foley directs the playwright’s signature cadence better than the man himself, and the all-star cast give performances they’ve each only hoped to match since. This beautifully set movie spans several centuries and spawned a few tv shows and some horrible sequels.
Cretton’s clear-eyed film is far too honest to try and convince us that there’s been any sort of profound change for Grace or anyone else. Like Scream before it, the film is a simultaneous dissection and celebration of all the tropes to which it pays homage, while also managing to be a superb example of the genre in its own right. Mamet, for his part, managed to elevate his already stellar material with his screenplay, adding the film’s most iconic scene, the oft-quoted Blake speech brilliantly delivered by Alec Baldwin. Thanks to Goddard’s direction and staging, and despite the film’s very focus on the formulaic nature of horror, it still manages to be tense, atmospheric and jump-out-of-your-seat scary.
John Dunbar, exiled to a remote western Civil War outpost, befriends wolves and Indians, making him an intolerable aberration in the military.
An ex-model and photographer unwittingly captures an assassination attempt and finds herself caught up in a web of conspiracy and violence.
Erlynne (Hunt) saves Lady Windemere (Johansson) from making a grand social faux-pas with the scoundrelly Lord Darlington. A small-time professional gambler takes a down and out man under his wing -- things are going well until the newcomer falls for a cocktail waitress and hooker.
Soon they find themselves in the presence of a secret rising from underground and threatening to bring down anyone in its path. With the help of Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera, Alice must find a way out of the city before it is destroyed by a nuclear missile.
And nobody knows if these two worlds are complementary or if they strive to eliminate one another. Dave and Alice return home to their young family desperate for answers about Jeremy's mysterious disappearance.
When Alice's sister Steph returns not long after, a nasty secret is revealed about the night her boyfriend went missing.
The pop star and some special celebrity friends join the Muppets for a holiday celebration! But, in order to see it through, he has to learn to trust his attractive corporate counterpart.
The second installment of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's TV horror anthology takes us to an insane asylum run by the sadistic Sister Jude. Out of his element, he finds his lifestyle and notions being picked apart by everyone who crosses his path. Blackfish shows the sometimes devastating consequences of keeping such intelligent and sentient creatures in captivity. The isolated landscape becomes a place of misadventure as the men find themselves at odds with each other and the women they left behind.

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