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DID YOU KNOW?The gooey green slime on the 1980s era kids show Double Dare was made as non-toxic as possible to keep the kids on the show safe: the slime was made from vanilla pudding, applesauce, oatmeal, and green food coloring. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site.
Turkish police conduct combat operations in tight alleyways against Kurdish PKK forces in Turkey’s S?rnak province.
On Friday (22APR2016), ISIS released this footage of fighters going through the wreckage of a "war plane" east of Mount Dkoh Brive - near Damascus, Syria. After a heavy firefight, Colombian jungle special force commandos captured one of the the top 20 most wanted men in Colombia. The narrative war movie exhilarates us with the action scenes, while investing us in characters.
This 2010 film follows Battle Company across a fifteen month deployment in the Korengal Valley, as they attempt to build, and then later defend, firebase Restrepo. Directed by Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room), this documentary opens with the simple story of a taxi driver in Afghanistan who had the bad luck of picking up the wrong fare.
This 1974 film has been criticized for being heavily manipulative in its editing and presentation of facts. This 2006 Robert Greenwald film is guaranteed to ignite the indignation of anyone who watches it, regardless of his or her personal politics. This 2010 film tells the story of Army Ranger and former professional football player Pat Tillman. This 2004 documentary takes viewers inside the Al Jazeera media organization during the start-up of the war in Iraq. This 1972 documentary chronicles the Winter Soldier Investigation that investigated the occurrence of war crimes in Vietnam by U.S. This 2008 Errol Morris film detailed the torture and abuse occurring at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq, exploring what occurred and why it occurred. This 2007 documentary systematically examined each mistake and blunder made by the Bush administration as it marched toward war with Iraq.
In this documentary you will see the most compelling cases ever presented of what many say are ghosts caught on video.
Arguably one of the most compelling ghost video ever shot is the one showing humanoid figure that appears to be closing the fire exit doors at the former castle of King Henry VIII in London, England. Come to think of it, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis & crew are not only much more entertaining, but believable as well.
After listening to Loyd Auerbach (the top psychic psychologist) trying to establish his credentials by name dropping his English colleagues at the 3 minute mark I said 'no'. When I was very young (in the early 70's), my mother gave me a few Edgar Cayce books to read, and a little gem called More Canadian Ghosts. I understand his stuff on Borley Rectory is pretty good, too, but a lot longer than the Rosalie account, which is only a few pages. Just did a quick web search on Harry Price, definitely sounds more like something I'd be interested in. Truth is, I really don't, either, unless it's once in a blue moon, well done, and pretty much tongue in cheek.
That's why I'm such a fan of South Korean horror, it does it better than anything proclaiming to be truth. I though it was very interesting to read of the conflict between Mr Price and one Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Never actually read any of the books but did love the movies and series from way way back, must put that stuff on my Kindle list.
I came across it on Harry Price's Wiki page and then ran a search for both their names together, Google did the rest.
If i die and somehow get an option to come back as a ghost or how ever it's suppose to work, i'm gonna come and stay under your bed Matin! He was on a mission in Haiti, working for the EU (for those not acquainted with the term - European Union). Well heaven help us if these are the BEST ghost cases ever caught on tape, the worst must be REALLY scary. Suffice it to say, I cannot deny that something incredible and unexplained happened there, and I am forever grateful that it did. I was staying at a lovely old farmhouse years ago for an outdoor party in the middle of nowhere. As I was bustling around in my assigned rooms, the hair on the back of my neck suddenly stood up. This is very hard to explain, but I knew without actually seeing anything; that this was a very malevolent woman. I resolved to stay in my room and held my baby in my arms all night while I lay awake with one eye opened till it was daylight.
With all those ghost stories, i'm starting to wonder if there aren't any in this old house where i live now. The American version of 'Ring' is one of my favorite horror films, not least because of the outstanding musical score of Hans Zimmer. I also just wanted to mention that if you ever get the chance, you might want to see about reading the trilogy of books by Koji Suzuki that the 'Ring' is based on, namely 'Ring,' 'Spiral,' and 'Loop'.
Regrettably, my husband did not get the background of this story as his French is extremely limited, to put it nicely (instead of saying he basically doesn't speak it :)) and the English in Haiti is not very well spoken. But you mentioning voodoo reminded me of something else that my husband was told while in Haiti and I though it was quite amusing.
So many of those island cultures the world over seem to do that mix and match thing, where they incorporate outside influences into their own unique point of view, tending to be a lot more colorful than what you find in larger societies. I also forgot to say earlier that it was a great thing that your husband did, going there to help the Haitians like that.
I brought him into the house, put him in a blanket, then we gathered round to mourn his terrible death and decide what to do with him. To our shock and surprise our cat came billowing into the room with his tail held high, wondering what all the fuss was about!
I didn't have her phone number, so we had to stuff this huge cat; stiff with rigormortis, into a sturdy paper bag with handles, and lug it down the street to the woman's house. Ah, my dear, no need to argue, i was just wondering in this world we all love, or some may hate, i don't know. And the nice thing of course, is that she hugged her baby, isn't that beautiful, no matter what?
I was trying so hard not to laugh, but felt really bad for the sweet old Eastern European lady who was to be truly devastated. Actually, if you would have watched through the documentary and not automatically assumed it was fake, you would have seen that they, in fact, debunk several of those videos as fake. Currently Belfast based film reviewer, once a film theory student (BA 2:1, MA with distinction). I have seen every movie on this list, and while the order is questionable, the fact remains that they are all really well made films.
All the best documentary films on Amazon Prime streaming are listed in one convenient place so you can fully utilize your Amazon Prime service.

The following is a list of sites we found, some of which allow you add comments about the films and even allow you to download the films. The documentaries are classified in categories, making it easy to find films about your favorite topics.
You can browse by category, sort by top films, by length (short, mid, and long, which are less than 10, 11-30, and 30+ minutes, respectively), and even watch mini-documentaries about the making of the documentaries themselves. They focus on science documentaries, because this seemed to the most underrepresented genre on the web, but they also offer films covering other genres. There is also a section of the site that allows you to submit documentaries you produce and make yourself. There’s also a section of the site containing articles that review some of the current documentaries, providing more information about the films. The Science Documentaries website offers a collection of the best scientific documentaries available on the web.
These may be found on some of the other sites that collect documentaries, as well, or you can access them directly on YouTube. In addition to watching quality independent films, IndieMovies Online also encourages you to write for them, by submitting a copy of your piece (no more than 700 words and nothing offensive). They have been inviting film students from all schools to submit their work to be shared on IndieMovies Online.
They’ve researched and indexed thousands of films, hundreds of websites, and many databases from around the world. If you know of other good sites for finding free and legally distributed documentaries, let us know in the comments. An intense film made all the more vivid in the realization that this is real combat; though the style of combat portrayed as chaotic and confusing is not one familiar to most American film viewers.
Nonetheless, the film’s point remains, that there remains a tremendous gulf between the ideals alluded to by President Lyndon Johnson of “winning the hearts and minds” and the reality of warfare, which is often violent, horrible, and antithetical to the idea of winning over the native population.
The film details the massive force of government contractors that keep the war machine running smoothly: feeding soldiers, doing laundry, and building barracks.
Most Americans will be familiar with the basic details: Pro footballer gives up lucrative contract to enlist in the Army.
What’s most fascinating about this documentary is that it offers viewers an alternative view of history as it re-tells the build-up to Iraq from the perspective of the Arab world. This documentary also managed to interview a number of key personnel from the prison, including Lynndie England, a private who was made infamous through photos of her holding a leash attached to an Iraqi prisoner’s neck.
From failing to provide security amid the looting that followed the invasion, to disbanding the Iraqi Army, to failing to develop a post-war reconstruction plan, the documentary is sure to invoke strong feelings in the viewer. From the invention of the earliest photographic devices to the latest home video cameras, believers have pointed to images like these as proof.
You will hear from scientists, computer imaging experts, and the eyewitnesses who shot this chilling footage. Photographers all over the world have tried and some of the ghost-like images they have collected are definitely mysterious. Closed-circuit security cameras at Hampton Court Palace caught the eerie apparition in late 2003.
Cases Ever Caught on Tape, i feel as if a whole series of this is coming, but no high definition yet. Every single video was fuzzy as hell, and while I'm no body language expert (at least insofar as I'm consciously aware, lol), I could swear every last one of these people had something to hide. Every now and then, I like the feeling of needing to pull my legs back under the covers, like watching a good horror movie.
Apparently the pixies at the end of Sir Arthur's garden weren't enough to keep him busy and out of every one else's hair. I'll look some of that up tonight in the wee hours, including the South Korean horror stuff.
But if you're looking for a good example of South Korean horror I'd recommend 'A tale of two sisters'. It's puzzling how they consistently manage to strip the life out of good movies with remakes and yet carry on regardless. The mission had to do with assisting the Haitians in developing and improving their response in emergency situations (like earthquakes, etc.). It's hard to pinpoint what the giveaways would be, but the general feeling i get is that they almost laugh at us in the face.
You don't really understand till it happens to you; and there's just no other logical explanation. Once it gets to about the 20 minute mark you get to see the museum of torture in prague, when you are treated to some of the worst, fakie ass ghost footage presented the very same way they tried to pass off the rest of this. If you ever rewatch that some day, you should listen to the suite at the end of it when the credits are rolling, wherein Zimmer arranges all the musical themes in the film into a more or less continuous piece, so that you can give your undivided attention to them in a way not really possible in the film itself. In them, the character of Sadako Yamamura that Samara is (fairly loosely) based on is a deeply fascinating one. Even now, every now and then, when one of them gets out of the shower, she'll do that comb over while her hair is still wet and prance around freaking everybody out. I still prefer the originals and my favourite from the lot is Ju-on 2, the Japanese grudge sequel. When he once spoke to to an official of the interior ministry of Haiti, he asked him about which religions are the most common in the country. Whatever the rational explanation for what you experienced may be, you still saw and felt is as real - and that's good enough for me - but you stood your ground and kept a rational mind! Parts of it are sometimes even used to promote other films now, like they used to do with Elfman's 'Edward Scissorhands' a lot some years ago. I think that kind of thing is the fate of a lot of dreams for a lot of people, but I don't really regret it, honestly. Some years ago, we found a stray outside and brought her into the house with the intention of nursing her back to health, but she was too far gone and died before we could get her to the vet or do much for her.
Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Sion Sono are two more of the best Japanese horror directors of modern times.
Not something you could enjoy over and over again since you already know where the shocking scene comes out.
Some of the best movies of all time are now available on Amazon Prime so you can catch up on new hit movies and classic film hits right in your living room.
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There are probably some documentary films among the collection that might peak your interest.
The documentary examines history, and tends to focus (usually rather critically) on policy decisions. It also details the rampant abuse and outright fraud, including risking the lives of soldiers by driving empty trucks across Iraq simply to log more paid trips, and using sub-standard building equipment in order to save costs. Regardless of personal politics, viewers will find the resulting film to be intellectually fascinating, as they see American history from the perspective of outsiders. There isn’t much narrative here; the film mostly just records a series of vets going up to a microphone, each telling of a grisly, awful tale of murder and violence against the civilian Vietnam population. Filled with interviews with once prominent Bush insiders, it’s a scathing indictment of an administration dead-set on having America mired in a second ground war. Could they be haunting spirits, phantoms, the dead reaching out to the living, or are some simply the result of camera tricks by clever hoaxers eager to convince millions hoping for evidence of life after death.
Are we seeing spirits from beyond the grave, psychic projections, or something much more explainable?
These are among the most fascinating sightings experts are now examining and some of the most talked-about ghost photos that have been amassed for decades by ghost hunters, collectors, and enthusiasts. Top parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach says that strange environmental conditions, either from nature or from a ghostly presence, have been detected at the Palace which has a tragic history involving horrific deaths, imprisonments, and even beheadings.
Yeah, i don't know, if we unleash the body language experts, what would that say about some of the facial expressions here? That is, that what was going down was a deliberate deception, rather than some truly unexplained phenomenon probably of psychological origin, which is the way I tend to view "genuine" ghosts. I'm sure it had to have been a hoax (although he himself was not sure of this), but it was very cleverly done, and the storytelling skills he brings to bear on it are of a pretty high order for the genre. I don't even remember specifically what led me to Price recently, but I liked the idea that he was as much a debunker, like Houdini set out to do, as anything else, but the more I looked into him, the more it seemed he wasn't really sure what to believe, and that fascinated me, for some reason.
Someone has been reading their Sophocles, or whoever is the East Asian equivalent of him, it seems to me, with a crucial difference being that WE don't know the real relationship between the characters from the beginning, so that if we are enticed by certain scenes, then we may be set up for a dose of implicit guilt of our own later on, depending on precisely how we are constituted.
Personally I think it epitomises a lot of what is sorely missing from western movies nowadays. And that all of the violence seemed to have a definite point to it, which is often lacking nowadays.

By all means, get it and read it, if you have even a single love for sci-fi bone in your body, because you wouldn't be disappointed.
But I want to share an experience, not a personal one, but one that my husband had and is relevant to the topic. All those places where voodoo has a history, like the Caribbean, New Orleans, Charleston, etc., have a profusion of tales and histories like this that I think to this day have a greater impact on day to day lives there than you're likely to find in places where all the corners have been well lit up by the light of reason and knowledge. It really is mesmerizing, very high quality, very effective stuff, and, whether or not the average moviegoer realizes it, has to have been a major reason for the film's success, in my opinion. Extraordinarily beautiful, while sexually "ill-defined," evil, relentless, and ultimately even sympathetic, she would be sure to crawl out of the pages of those books and GET YOU, like she did me. It's just that he could see that thing moving even as he was putting his trousers and shirt on and he would have been, I imagine, fully awake at that stage.
If you rewatch 'Ring,' be sure to check out that suite at the end of it, with the volume set high enough to hear everything. The truth is, I was never enough of an academic star to have made much of an impact in a field like that. This Amazon streaming list has nearly as many of the greatest documentary films to watch as a brick and mortar DVD store offers. Some films on the site have widespread distribution, but others are created by independent filmmakers, who depend on sites like to get their information out to the public. New release information is also available by liking Documentary Tube on Facebook or by following the site on Twitter. You will not find documentaries “filled with metaphysical ideas, UFOs, bio energies and other meta-sciences.” What you will find are informative, revealing, interesting, and mind-boggling scientific documentaries and lectures about such subjects as astronomy, biology, mathematics, physics, IT, and technology.
Here’s a list of my top 10 favorite war documentaries, with my number one choice being my vote for the best war documentary ever made. Perhaps one of the best films ever made at capturing the real life chaos of war: Soldiers that aren’t sure where to return fire to, an enemy that is rarely seen, and a civilian population caught in the middle. Most memorable is the contractor that simply blew up vehicles that weren’t working rather than repair them due to the profit plus clause in their contract that incentivized them to spend as much taxpayer money as possible. While some have questioned the veracity of the stories told within the film, this documentary is nonetheless compelling viewing.
And they've inspired a populace now armed with camcorders and other high-tech video devices to try to record them on tape. However, the events surrounding the extraordinary filming and the entity caught on camera were not hallucinations.
I love the idea of sprites flitting around in the backyard, but we're going to have to do better than this, folks. Yep, I read some Edgar Cayce things back in the 70's, too, along with Charles Berlitz's books on the Bermuda Triangle. One of these days I'm going to have to pick up a really good Conan Doyle biography and see in depth what some of the speculations are.
I can tell you that as the father of a seventeen year old daughter, it was pretty unnerving, although I'd like to think it would be in any case. I would, however, want to emphasize that my husband is as down-to-earth person as one can imagine. In the middle of one night, he woke up - it was one of those sensations that he was not alone in the room.
Speaking of lit up (lol), one night about 22 years ago, I was in Indonesia drinking arrack wine with some Balinese friends late one night, just having a blast. The solo piano cue alone that comes near the beginning of the film is worth the entire price of it, as far as I'm concerned, because it is THAT good for what it's supposed to be doing. There's something very claustrophobic about the house used in the grudge movies and that sequel takes the weirdness in a new direction. Isn't it funny that up to the time before everyone had a camera phone and access to a computer that all these so called ghosts were recorded? Directed by Tim Hetherington (a war journalist killed in Libya in 2011) and Sebastian Junger (author of The Perfect Storm and War), the film is made with deep conviction and a love of the subject material. And all of this is just the set-up for this probing and thoughtful 2007 documentary that, like Standard Operating Procedure, examines the new role of torture within the U.S.
This documentary takes that fascinating story and delves deep, offering a mosaic of government cover-ups, and an administration that wanted to use Tillman’s death as a recruiting ploy. Its inclusion on this list is mostly for its historical value, as this was one of the first documentaries to begin offering a counter-narrative to the Vietnam War within popular culture. Of course, I don't really expect anything else from these types of shows these days, but some sure are better at it than others. Was that stuff about Price and Conan Doyle on Price's website, or did you find it someplace else? But I thought it was well done and an original take on the theme, even though in some ways it reminded me of 'Angel Heart,' a great and very unsettling movie in its own right. But when I finally went home, I had one of the most extraordinarily vivid dreams I've ever had, in which evil characters from their mythology were chasing me around, among them Rangda the Witch, and I eventually woke up in a pouring sweat, swearing to never touch the stuff again. I myself have never had an experience of this kind, not even remotely and I am happy I hadn't, sleep paralysis or not :). At one point, he has a woman's voice doubling the 1st violins, but you can just barely hear it; it's like a ghost haunting the part. But the problem is, we have a cat, have had for years, a big lazy t-rd named Oreo, and I've always shrugged off their claims by saying it's just him they're hearing. Whenever I've been asked what Afghanistan was like, I simply tell them to watch this film. Throughout, the film provides interviews with Tillman’s family and friends who are always interesting and immensely watchable.
By the way, it was the original 2003 production, since I don't prefer to smoke Spike Lee joints, either. I realize this is very different from your husband's experience, but I stayed on the straight and narrow the rest of my time there, believe me.
Since the timbre of the violin is so close to that of the human voice, I thought that was an especially subtle touch from the maestro. I so believe there was a person dressed or death or Scream or the grim reaper in that one cemetery, or hospital I saw. Until a ghosts pops out in front of me and says "BOO B**CH", I'll stick with seeing is believing and so far I have seen nothing special. Ultimately, though, the film has larger ambitions, as it explores how engaging in once forbidden behaviors, just might have ended up changing the soul of a nation. The fight scenes were outrageous, and I liked some of the comic bits, too, like how everything ground to a halt whenever someone's silly sounding cell-phone went off, including the soundtrack. As his eyes were adjusting (and we are talking about seconds) to the faint light coming from the street lights through the room's windows, he realized that he was not looking at a solid person walking through the room.
Interestingly, five years prior to this I was in Bali visiting, and very late one night was walking home from a traditional dance in the village of Ubud. It changes the instrument to something haunting and familiar without your really being consciously aware of it. I was certain Oreo wasn't in the room, but it sure sounded like it was coming from the far corner and I lifted my head up and looked, just to be sure. This Amazon Prime streaming list is here to get you started on the best Amazon Prime documentary movies has to offer. The walk was a long one back to where I was staying, I was alone, and the path was a relatively narrow one through a lot of gorgeous countryside. There's a virtual instruments forum where I hang out sometimes where Zimmer himself actually posts occasionally, under the name Rctec. This is in no way a complete list, so if you know your favorite movie isn't on this list of Amazon instant movies, make sure to add it so other Amazon Prime users can find the best documentaries on Amazon Prime. He'll reply to anyone, too, if what you've got to say is interesting enough and he thinks he can offer you some good advice.
He quickly put his trousers and his shirt on, charged out of the room in panic as the 'substance' that looked like a woman was quietly passing through the room and went straight into the wardrobe - without opening it.
Man, you'd never find ANY of those other Hollywood big shots doing something like that, which is yet another reason I really like him a lot.
I went downstairs and opened up the basement door, and out strides Oreo, not a bit embarrassed. He was at the hotel's reception in seconds and asked for another room (without explaining the reason for it as he was aware that he may be taken for a loony).
But since I was already well aware of the stories, I didn't let it get to me too much and just pressed on in a state of what I can only call a kind of skeptical excitement. As soon as he gave the number of his room to the receptionist, the latter said: "Oh, c'est l'esprit! In my case, I would say that I had been prepped for the experience by my study of their culture, but it was nevertheless with some relief when I sat down and ordered tea when I finally got back to where I was staying. The poor kid just fell all over himself for a bit, lol, but finally got it together enough to get back on point.
In any case, my husband got a different room and he slept through the night without any problems.

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