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Online Discount Electronics Store Offers Wide Selection of New and Hot Products: Consumer Electronics, Electronic Accessories and Parts, Buy Electronic Gadgets and Accessory with Low Price from BrilliantStore. April 14, 2014 by Oyvind Nydal Dahl Leave a Comment How do you find the best soldering iron for a hobbyist? If you are soldering surface mount components with fine pitch, you need a thin soldering iron tip.
If you are doing just very basic soldering, then my honest opinion is that any soldering iron will do.
If you are going to do a bit more advanced stuff like solder ESD sensitive components like microcontrollers, you should invest a bit more. The variable temperature lets you choose a lower temperature for SMD components and a higher temperature for larger solder joints.

I'm Oyvind and my website is full of tutorials to help you build your own hardware gadgets – even if you have never built anything before! I use the weller 80 watt its big but its really fast for soldering batteries and thinck wires and its only like $40.
You can buy Weller WES51 for less than $100 online at websites of major distributor of electronic or soldering components.
If it has variable temperature setting and the possibility to change the tip, you will get a very versatile soldering iron.
And with changeable tips you can choose the correct tip for the type of soldering you are doing. Soldering tip should be inserted into the bottom of the heating device.For the first time use, the heating element maybe have some smoke which is normal phenomenon.

If you are soldering big joints in for example a connector, you should use a thicker tip and more wattage. After a few minutes, the smoke will disperse.This product is prohibited used in wet environment.

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