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The Eton Solarlink FR360 Emergency Radio is a packed Eton Emergency Radio that will help get you through tough times and emergencies.
The Eton Microlink FR360 Radio is also splash proof, making it safe for the beach or a simple trip into the woods.
It’s the quintessential moment in any horror flick – the part where the heroine is trying to sneak silently away from the bad guy by moving stealthily through the old, rickety house (aren’t they always set in an old, rickety house?), but try as she might to move quietly, her position is given away by a loud creak from the old wooden staircase. Makes for great suspense, but in the real world, learning how to walk silently is a valuable skill that should be in every prepper’s survival arsenal. Knowing how to walk quietly on a creaky floor or staircase gives you the advantage of stealth.
Learning to use stealth techniques is an invaluable survival skill that you and any member of your family can learn – plus it’s easy to practice! If you are carrying anything, especially a backpack, stash it if you can as it throws off your center of balance. The reason this is important is that it is far easier to sneak around quietly with your natural movements and center of gravity as opposed to your body trying to compensate for the unexpected extra weight. Moving in silence is more difficult with the added bulk of a backpack because it throws off your natural balance.
When trying to move silently, if you have anything on you that jingles or jangles – get rid of it. Bring only what is necessary for the mission and be sure to secure any gear so that it will not make a sound when you move.
Zippers are another item that can give you away when trying to move quietly, but ranger bands can help with this – you can learn how to make ranger bands here or purchase them here.
When moving in silence, always scope out your path ahead of time, don’t stumble along blindly. If you have a long way to go, plan your trek by stopping in safe or concealed areas and then scoping out the next leg of your trip from there. When scoping out your path, try and find the way that has the least amount of debris that could potentially make noise and give you away. Even weight distribution and foot placement are key to moving stealthily and keeping your footfalls as quiet as possible.
If you are unsure about your next step, test the location lightly with your toes and gradually place the rest of your foot down once you’ve determined it’s safe. While the preceding 5 tricks will help you to move quietly and undetected, there is always the chance that something will go wrong, which brings us to our bonus trick – always have an escape plan. If you are detected and need to run, it’s imperative you know which way to head in order to flee safely.
If escape is not a viable option, you may want to have some means of defending yourself against whomever detected you.
Use a red flashlight to move at night as this will preserve your night vision and attract less attention EC11 and EA21 from Nitecore both come with a secondary red LED in addition to their main light for just this purpose.
While you may be able to walk lightly over these rocks barefoot, running could cause serious injury to your feet. If you want to learn to move as silently as a cat, reading this article is a great start, but you’ll need to practice what you’ve learned.
The ability to move about undetected is a highly valuable skill to have in survival situations and can be learned and mastered by anyone. Typically we count on weather services and electronic devices to know what to expect from the sky. Having the skills to read the warning signs that nature provides has short-term and long-term benefits that can greatly increase your chances of survival in a bug-out scenario.
Cloud identification is a science in itself but there are some simple indicators that can prove very useful, especially when trying to predict the weather in the wilderness.
When you see cumulus clouds, it’s a good day for traveling, foraging, and other outdoor activities. To give yourself more time to prepare, there are two easily identified types of clouds that form prior to storm clouds: mare’s tails and mackerel skies.
While clouds are often thought of as bringers of rain, they also act as a layer of insulation. Though air pressure is less noticeable than cloud cover, it is a very dependable indicator of incoming weather conditions. One way to detect the current air pressure conditions is to observe the smoke from a campfire.

Wind is named for the direction it comes from, so an easterly wind blows from east to west.
When the moon appears clearly defined and bright, it is due to an absence of particles and moisture. The natural world is built to survive and living things will make adjustments in order to maintain life and produce offspring.
Plants also have the ability to foresee more long-term conditions and will adjust their growth accordingly. The combination of heightened senses and well-developed instincts makes animals highly adept at sensing bad weather conditions. The FR360 Emergency Radio by Eton has (4) methods for power, ensuring that you will never run out.
If you are looking for something smaller and less expensive, be sure to take a look at the Eton Microlink FR160 Radio, the little brother of the FR360 by Eton.
Even if you don't purchase the Eton FR360, be sure to have some way to get information in case of natural disaster. In this article, we will teach you 5 essential tricks for moving in silence – as well as 1 bonus trick!
If you are carrying items such as keys, change, jewelry, gear, buckles, or straps hanging off your body or bag that have the potential to make noise, make sure to eliminate them from your person.
Some clothing may have the potential to swish or get caught on things, especially loose cargo pockets, which can easily get caught on a corner or exposed nail. Before moving, make sure to take a few seconds to survey the area around you and scope out the best path to take.
As you’ve no doubt seen in the movies, something as simple as the snap of a twig can immediately alert others to your presence. The bark of a startled dog or the rustle of a bird hastily flying away are key indicators to others of your location.
Also be mindful not to knock anything over if you need to lean against something at some point. Sometimes it can be as simple as going back the way you came, but in case that path is blocked or otherwise inaccessible it’s always prudent to have at least one additional escape route. This could include non-lethal options such as a flashlight or pepper spray, or entail more serious options such as a survival weapon or firearm.
The great thing about stealth movement is that it’s a survival skill that’s easy to practice in your everyday life.
Moving stealthily has myriad life-saving applications as well as practical uses for everyday life. Start practicing now and pretty soon you’ll be able to move around your friends and family as stealthily and silently as a cat! We may alter travel plans, make a quick trip to the store, or simply pack an umbrella in reaction to an impending storm.
The clouds, plants, animals, insects, and the moon have been used for centuries to predict precipitation, droughts, and floods.
Whether a major storm is brewing and you need to prepare to build a shelter in for the day or if the likelihood of flooding doubles and you need to reconsider your location for the season, learning how to predict the weather using nature is a valuable survival skill.
The clouds, wind direction, air pressure, and even the moon are directly related to incoming weather.
Red sky morn, sailors take warn.” At sunset, the red sky is caused by sun rays passing through dust particles which accumulate at the forefront of a high pressure system. In the northern hemisphere, a morning rainbow in the east indicates rain is on the way, as weather generally moves east to west.
When the cloud cover is low and dark, a storm is building and appropriate measures should be taken to prepare your camp.
Mare’s tails are wispy cirrus clouds that are somewhat hazy and undefined, as the tail of a galloping mare.
Independently, these each warn of rain coming within a few days, but seen together, rain will typically fall within 24 hours.
On an overcast night, the radiant heat from the earth is trapped by the cloud layer, leading to a higher temperature in the morning.
If the smoke is rising steadily in vertical column, the air pressure is high but if it is sinking and swirling, the air pressure is low and precipitation may soon follow. For instance, if a desert lies to the east of your location, wind coming from the east will typically carry dry, warm desert air.

As the old saying states, when the moon has a hazy ring around it, precipitation is on its way.
This is characteristic of a high pressure system and the next day has a high chance of being dry.
Sometimes the changes are so subtle they can hardly be detected but there are some common plant and animal behaviors that reveal clues about the weather. Morning dew on the plants, while itself is wet, can actually be a sign of a dry day to come.
The moist air of a low pressure system brings out the scents of plants, as they release their waste under this condition, so the air will smell more pungent just before a rain. The leaves of deciduous trees will curl upward in anticipation of a rainstorm. Pine cones will open their scales in dry air but close them in high humidity.
Crops, such as onions and corn, will grow thicker husks when a harsher winter is predicted in order to provide more protection to their seeds.
Be on the lookout for changes in feeding patterns, behavior, and sound level that may indicate rain is on the way. As an added convenience, the FR360 Emergency Radio also includes an alarm clock and an AUX input to listen to your other devices like IPOD music players.
Think about your safety in a SHTF situation – how beneficial would it be to be able to move or run in silence? While a well-fitted backpack will be cinched tight to your body and have good weight distribution, it’s a surety that the added 30-50 lbs you are carrying around will change your center of balance. Running or walking silently is a skill that can be practiced almost anywhere, which makes it one of the easiest survival skills to master.
However, these services will likely come to a halt if disaster strikes and alternative means of monitoring weather conditions will be necessary.
Farmers, fishermen, sailors, and others who spend long periods of time outdoors, and whose livelihood depends heavily on the weather patterns, have devised ways to foresee the weather in order to prepare themselves.
Paying close attention to the changes in the sky and knowing how to interpret what you see gives you advance warning of what is to come and enables you to prepare.
However, in the morning a red sky occurs when a low pressure system carrying moisture is on the way. Gathering extra firewood and storing it in a protected location will ensure that you have dry fuel to burn during and after the storm.
The same conditions that cause them to form also cause airplane trails to linger in the sky. When the sky is clear at night, the radiant heat escapes and the morning will be cooler as a result.
Strong winds occur when two fronts with different temperatures meet, and usually mean that a storm is forming.
Mountains also play a role in that air flowing over a mountain will usually release precipitation as it rises along the side facing the wind and will move down the opposite side with dry air. It is also said that when the tips of a crescent moon point upward and the moon looks like a bowl that can hold water, a dry spell is coming. A lack of morning dew can occur when dry winds have been pushed through ahead of a storm system bringing rain close behind.
Swamps will also release gases during a low pressure system, making for a telltale sign that a storm is moving in. Similarly, evergreens will produce larger, more robust pine cones, and acorns will form thicker shells- all to provide the seeds with a better chance of surviving extreme winter conditions. For those that opt to head for the hills, it will become vastly more important to know how to predict the weather in the wilderness. Therefore, a brilliant red sunset usually precedes a clear day but a red sunrise is a warning that a storm is coming. When the new moon looks like a frown, or a bowl that water would spill out of, a wet spell is predicted. Of course, if it rained the night before, this will be more difficult to observe and you will need to look for additional signs in order to predict the weather.

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