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The Latin American Festival — one of Charlotte’s signature cultural events — attracts thousands of individuals from our multicultural community to enjoy local, national and internationally known musicians, handmade arts and crafts, authentic Latin American cuisine, traditional folkloric dance performances and children’s activities and performances. The 21st annual Latin American Festival is a cultural heritage celebration and fundraiser by the Latin American Coalition, Latin American Women's Association and the Mint Museums (a Knight Arts grantee). The festival’s “Plaza de Artistas” will feature a dozen local Latino artists working in all kinds of media.
For those wanting to continue the celebration, the Neighborhood Theatre — in NoDa — is hosting a free after-party following the 21st Latin American Festival on Oct. Knight Foundation supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts. That's why we recommend you to update your web browser for a safer and greater navigation on ZapTravel website. The festival boasts live music and dance, children’s arts and crafts workshops, food, games and activities, all with a distinct Latin American flavour. Dates : The official dates have not yet been posted for this event, although it was held at this time last year. Annual Sydney Latin Festival 2015 has been known as being one of the most famous and well known Australian biggest and most reputed dance events.
This event is all aded up with the shows, parties and the performance of the Latin Stars that you never want to miss out.
Normally the performance courses starts from 31st October but the event takes places on 23rd January and ends on 26th January.
The main aim of the Annual Sydney Latin Festival 2015 is to allow the dance lovers to know their skills and inner dancing talent as well. But make sure that for making your performance memorable in this event you will need hard work, dedication and passion to bring out something in yoru performance. Well it is basically the choice of the performer that whether they want to undertake with their performance on the stage or on the dance floor as well. So all the people out there if you just love dancing all the time then don’t miss out the chance of catching this Annual Sydney Latin Festival 2015 on 23rd January till 26th January in Sydney….. Best Calgary HomesCody Battershill - Calgary REMAX Real Estate Agent, Calgary Homes and CondosCall me any time!
After every annual stampede comes another thrilling cultural celebration that transforms downtown into one big fiesta! It aims not only to share this unique culture with the rest of our city, but to also unite the local Latin community in celebration.
Is it time for you to get your dancing shoes on and participate in Calgary’s biggest Latin cultural celebration? The differences between these nations alone is astounding, and while it has given birth to intense rivalry (especially in football sport), it also has blessed our world with unique song and dance unlike any other. From mainstream genres like Tango and Salsa to less known styles such as Banda and Ranchera, many different styles of Latin music from many different talented artists will be performed live this weekend at Fiestaval. In addition to the incredible music and dance, the festival also has artisan and food booths selling everything from Latin jewelry and art to snacks and drink. You never know what exotic piece of art, delicious new food or neat little gifts you may find at Fiestaval’s street vendors!
All in all, Fiestaval Latin American Festival is one cultural celebration not to be missed!
I am very pleased that, thanks to Cody, my first exposure to the housing market here in Calgary was a positive oneJackie O. My priority is providing the best possible service and representation in every aspect of your Calgary Real Estate experience. Traditionally, a Catholic festival occurring directly before Lent, carnival celebrations have now become year round, and largely secular events. 2) Over the last weekend in August each year, with its climax on Bank Holiday Monday, is London’s world-famous Notting Hill Carnival. 5) A contender for longest carnival has to be New Orleans, with the season starting directly after Epiphany, and leading right up to Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras). Since carnivals themselves owe much to ancient bacchanalian celebration, awarding the “wildest” crown is an impossible task! Saturnalia, an ancient Roman festival was celebrated in honour of the deity Saturn which is held on the 17th of December according to the Julian calendar which later expanded with festivals all through the 23rd of December.

Saturnalia originated as a farmer’s festival, commemorating the dedication of the templeof Saturn the Roman god of harvest and agriculture.
The celebration began with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn the Roman forum together with a public banquet which was followed with a private gift sharing, continual partying as well as a carnival celebration which overturned the Roman social norms.
It was a great moment especially for the slaves which were a temporary exchange of roles wherein masters served meals to their slaves who were given the unaccustomed benefit of leisure and gambling. The characteristic shout or salutation of the festival used the phrase `io Saturnalia’, which originally commenced after the public banquet on the single day of 17th December. According to Roman mythology, Saturn seems to be an agricultural deity who it is believed to have reigned over the world during the Golden Age. Saturnalia was the work of a Latin writer, by the name Macrobius from late antiquity who is the major source of information regarding the holiday. With the renewable of lights as well as the coming of the New Year, it was celebrated in the later Roman Empire of Sol Invictus at the Dies Natalis as the `birthday of the unconquerable Sun’, on 25th December. Each year, there are large batches of entertainers who look to perform acts that have never been seen before. This is a festival that is held on the riverside of Tiacotalpan during the wintery month of February.
WANT TO PARTICIPATE?Please feel free to contact us about anything from contributing your own personal story to the project or just to say hello!
The festival of San Giuseppe (St Joseph in English) was recently celebrated in Italy on March 19th, and is Italy’s first festival of Spring as well as the date of the country’s Fathers’ Day.
Sicily celebrated the festival in the way they know best – through delicious food – baking delicious spongey pastries, known as Sfince di San Giuseppe, to celebrate the occasion. Derived from the Latin spongia and Arabic isfang, both translating to sponge, the Sfince is actually a kind of sweet pastry fritter, though it resembles a sponge in both its shape and its soft consistency.
If you’d like to visit Sicily and sample all that its unique cuisine has to offer, take a look at our apartments for rent in Italy and book the holiday of a lifetime!
These organizations offer direct social services, educational and informational initiatives and scholarship support, as well as arts and cultural programming, which improve and enrich the lives of families living in the greater Charlotte area.
Well if you are still not known with this festival then you muts read out this article because here we are all giving out the best details about this Annual Sydney Latin Festival 2015. The courses are held in the place of Latin Dance Australia and the even is all located inside Sydney Olympic Park, Sports Centre, Homebush.
Through this event all those people who just love dancing all the time they can polish up with their skills and talent. During the time of classes the students will be made aware from the main skills that are all needed up for making their performance best one in the event. This event of Annual Sydney Latin Festival 2015 will going to give the best chance to the performers to perform out in the future events as well adding in line with LDA Parties, Latin Clubs, plus plentiful additional opportunities. Chances are you’ll experience a little bit of something from all of these countries this weekend whether that be food, dance, music or some other form of live entertainment. It’s easy, all you have to do is give us a like or follow us at Calgaryism on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a direct and live feed to your social media account… we hope to see you there! With their pre-Christian origins in Saturnalia, the excuse to consume all the rich food and drink banned during Lent became a good reason for a riotous party.
With its origins in the early eighteenth century, this has become the major tourist draw for the region, with approximately 70% of annual revenue being taken in one week from national and foreign visitors.
Established in the twelfth century as a defiant response to the loss of autonomous rule, the carnival flourished until the eighteenth century, when Venice once again became the centre of local and national political wrangling, and the carnival declined. Growing from the annual gay rights marches in the 1970s, the contentious arrests of the time have thankfully evolved to serving police officers from the LGBT community actively participating in the parade.
With its traditional colours of purple, green and gold, the most elaborate parades are concentrated in the last five days.
During the festival it was a time for celebration wherein people visited their friends and indulged in gift sharing especially of wax candles known as cerei and earthenware figurines known as sigillaria. Saturnalia, probably the best known Roman holiday, as a whole, is not detailed from beginning to end in any single ancient record. According to one of the interpretation in Macrobius’s work Saturnalia is a festival of light leading to the winter solstice along with the presence of abundant of candles which symbolises the quest for knowledge and truth.
Just stumble into any hotel in Yucatan or an Ixtapa all inclusive and you’ll see live music blaring out of every bar and restaurant.

This is a festival where the party is continuously ongoing with countless people turning up to party.
March is the month for this festival and the party goes on into the wee hours of the night. It is about being in tune with what Mexico is all about and all the little intricacies that go along with being Mexican.
This music festival is held in the month of October within the lovely setting of Guadalajara. The party is always going on somewhere in the nation as the locals dance and sing their way into the night. Said to date from Roman times, today the pastry is served with many deliciously Sicilian ingredients such as ricotta cream, ground pistachio, and candied orange rind, decorated with a cherry on top. Our large Latino community is one that is culturally rich, and a great way to experience a slice of this is at the 21st annual Latin American Festival on Sunday, Oct. Local artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner is being commissioned by the local Spanish newspaper Que Pasa Mi Gente to paint a 4 foot by 8 foot panel mural depicting the energy and fun "fiesta" spirit that embodies this festival every year.
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With the major purpose being intense competition between samba schools, elaborate costume planning is a year round event, culminating in showcase parades.
Pancras Town Hall in January 1959, this low-key, indoor event was as a direct response to the then state of race relations in London.
The message of the festival is still largely political; in 2011, at least 15 of the participating floats were actively lobbying for gay marriage, and of the 8500 or so entrants, many groups still present a political message.
Notable is the police show of clearing upper Bourbon Street directly on the stroke of midnight of Shrove Tuesday! From modern understanding with regards to the festival, details have been gathered together from various accounts which have dealt with many aspects. A variety of national and international performances are put on for the visitors and it can be immensely entertaining.
The reason behind this music festival being special is the variety of activities that take place for visitors.
These parades are the life of the party and are a must for those looking to soak in the local culture.
The ability to immerse oneself in the culture is at its peak with the Guelaguetza Festival. These five music festivals are some of the best events around the world and can be immensely entertaining.
It is enjoyed not only by the people of Sicily, but is also loved throughout Italy and across the world. The cool part is the artist is leaving some of the silhouettes blank and will invite spectators to pose while she continues her painting during the festival. Each school presents between six and eight floats, and the participants number in the thousands.
By 1966, the event had moved outdoors in Notting Hill – a steel band marching through the area drew the largely West Indian residents out of their houses to listen, nostalgic for home. As Mexicans love to party, there is an ongoing music festival that takes place alongside the religious festival. This festival is best known for its rich and savory cuisine, international musical acts, breathtaking visual artwork and craftwork and vibrant dance presentations. In the mid-1970s, the carnival was sadly notorious for vicious riots, involving local black youths and police.
This year will also have world-renowned Colombian rockers Aterciopelados playing their debut concert in Charlotte.
In recent years, it has mellowed into a far more family-orietated and welcoming affair, with over a million attendees.

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