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Who can forget our very own, SIMBA, his daft pals, TIMON and PUMBA and their HAKUNA-MATATA!!!
A team of 12 artists worked solely on bringing Smaug to life on the big screen, using Cumberbatch’s physical movements and facial expressions as a model for the great, grand beast that threatens Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) and their band of adventurers as they seek to reclaim the treasure of the dwarf kingdom of Erebor under the Lonely Mountain. Joe Letteri: Really what started to happen was, you have this situation where Bilbo’s in there, Smaug wakes up, he knows there’s somebody in there trying to rob from him, why doesn’t he just eat him? HC: Did Benedict Cumberbatch record his performance-capture sessions before you went in to animate the scene?
JL: We were really fortunate that the dwarfs built this treasure hold that was big enough for a dragon to move in (laughs). HC: How does Peter Jackson’s decision to shoot the movies at the higher 48 frames per second impact the work you do? Animated movies have ultimate graphics and also have entertaining stories full of fun and drama. With ice all across, cute Scrat and the nut he takes alongwith him everywhere, this flick would give you chills and thrills. Lion King is every child’s favorite movie till now, has been since decade and will remain so.
Come, watch this hilarious flick about four friends who elope from the New York Zoo for their freedom and to travel the city but things go astray. This is a tale about finding the lost son and in the journey, making new friends and disinterring the fatherly affection and the motivation a child needs during his course of his life! So what we did, that first session happened in Wellington before we started animating the scene. It just means we’re doing twice as many frames so it’s just a lot more work is what it comes down to.
With the benefit of rose-tinted nostalgia goggles it might be said that romance never used to be as difficult as it is today, but that’s probably not true.
Full of adventure and a story about family, friendship, its a complete family entertainment in itself, most lovable by kids globally!!
The movie has many series with the fourth one coming up with new friends in the company; the penguins!! So we took that dialogue and we started playing with these different ways we might animate Smaug.

But where we can actually take advantage of it creatively is in animation because rather than having 24 frames a second, we have 48 frames a second, so you can do more subtle animation.
Since Daphne had herself turned into a tree to avoid Apollo’s unwanted advances, the game of love has been quick to fall into – and impossible to master.Such is the case in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s feature directorial debut Don Jon, in which Gordon-Levitt plays a porn addict who meets the one girl who he just might adore even more than the contents of his hard drive. You have all this light coming in from unspecified directions because it’s in the round, so you have this artistic, cinematic lighting and you’ve got millions and millions of reflective surfaces.
Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) is a romantic who loves going to the theater and watching sugary-sweet love stories, so she isn’t very pleased when she finds out that Jon would rather spend his nights with the cool glow of his laptop screen than in the warm embrace of a real woman.Don Jon isn’t the only romantic movie with a few complications to come out in recent years.
We worked out the animation blocking between Smaug and Bilbo and started dressing in the architecture around them. You’ve got the firelight, you’ve got all this other interaction happening, so just computing all that lighting took a tremendous amount of time as well — not even computing it.
You can just get a little quicker smaller responses than you might be able to do with 24 frames. But if people really want to see the full detail and the full subtlety of motion that you can achieve, the detail that you can see with 48 frames, they have that choice as well.
Since love has been around for so long and written about so many times, it’s necessary for filmmakers to come up with new and subversive ways of framing the simple emotion of wanting to throw yourself at someone and stay with them forever. He writes this old style politeness, that even if you were enemies you were still courteous to each other. We played with a lot of different kinds of body language, and we presented these different [options] to Peter.
So we kind of designed the architecture around what the action needed to be to allow him room to move or also to have places for Bilbo to hide or for Smaug to pause, to rest his arms and things like that, so you had nice character moments that we could work out throughout the whole thing. The hard part is for the artists to be able to move a light and wait for all that stuff to re-compute to see if it looks good or not is the thing that takes the time.
Like on the first movie we were able to use that a lot for Gollum, on this film we were able to use that a lot for Smaug. Join us on a journey through weird romance as we take a look at some of the Best Unconventional Love Stories of the 21st Century.Most of the movies on this list at least have a romance that you can root for, but Womb earns a place mainly for scoring massive points on the “unconventional” front. You’re only seeing half as many frames when you see it projected at 24, so all the work that we do is there, you’re just not seeing it all. This one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, and the synopsis alone is a little difficult to stomach.Rebecca (Eva Green) and Thomas (Matt Smith) are two childhood sweethearts who only get to spend a scant few weeks together before Rebecca moves away to Japan with her family.

We had over 1 billion gold coins in there that we’re simulating, the technology behind that was something we had to develop as we went. They went in and re-voiced some of the dialogue, wrote a few different lines, so Benedict did a couple of other sessions.
Yes, he’s a big, scary dragon, but there’s also vanity in there that keeps him curious about this little creature that seems to know who he is. Toward the later sessions he was actually able to see what we were doing with the animation and kind of have that in his head as well, so we were able to get this feedback loop going because it happened over a period of several months.
It helps that the script, which was originally titled F**k Buddies, was on the Hollywood blacklist of the best screenplays around before finally being put into development.This is the kind of movie that really does feel like a product of its time, just as When Harry Met Sally, which in many ways is a precursor to No Strings Attached, was very distinctively a late eighties movie.
Whereas When Harry Met Sally asked if men and women could just be friends without sexual attraction getting in the way, No Strings Attached examines whether or not friends can just have sex without stronger feelings getting in the way.As with When Harry Met Sally, the answer to that question is apparently “no,” though there are probably friends with benefits out there who could disagree. Then we’d look for things like tilting the chin a certain way or getting his eye looking a certain way just to enhance the personality in those moments. It wouldn’t be a romance movie without any romance, though, so perhaps its inevitable that No Strings Attached manages to find love in the middle of a hook-up. Besides, how can you resist a guy who makes a mix CD for your period?From the title onwards, this offbeat indie comedy has a bittersweet edge to it.
Wristcutters: A Love Story takes place in an afterlife for people who have committed suicide, where everything is exactly the same, only slightly worse. The colors are muted, everything is either worn down or completely broken, and the residents are physically incapable of smiling.This is where Zia (Patrick Fugit) finds himself when he cuts his wrists in a slum of depression after getting dumped by his girlfriend, Desiree (Leslie Bibb).
He’s just settling into the afterlife with his new best friend Eugene (Shea Whigham) when he finds out that his ex-girlfriend killed herself shortly after he did, and embarks on a road trip to find her.Along the way he meets a cult leader played by Will Arnett, a commune patriarch played by Tom Waits and – most significantly – he meets Mikal (Shannyn Sossamon), who killed herself by accident and is trying to get a reprieve from the people in charge. Mikal offers to help Zia find his lost love, but you can probably guess what happens during their journey.

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