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Grab your daughter and your favorite American Girl Doll and get ready to experience an all new movie: Saige Paints the Sky! To celebrate the debut of Saige Paints the Sky, American Girl is hosting special Movie Premiere Events at all of its retail stores nationwide, starting Friday, June 28, 2013. Check out the trailer, and be prepared for your daughter to want to watch it over and over! What about you: Does your daughter love American Girl or did you play with them as a child?
This list pulls from the typical a€?Best Werewolf Moviea€? concept, and focuses a bit closer on the characters within those rare success stories.
Plus, nine times out of ten, these pseudo-rational heroes seem to be awfully cool, and those are the individuals we now highlight! If opening scenes are trying to grab your attention, this one certainly succeeds as we see a clownishly attired Christian Bale orchestrate a really bad hairdo for something like 5 minutes. Bradley Cooper gives what may be the best performance of his career as an over-zealous FBI agent who is manically focused on the pursuit of catching crooked politicians. Equally impressive was the acting of Jeremy Renner as Mayor Politio, caught in the middle of trying to serve his constituency and the harsh reality of what it would take to make his dreams come true.
Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic as Rosalyn Rosenfeld, who is a blond bombshell of a monkey wrench for others, but is the ultimate survivor herself. Rosalyn was easily the most calculated and Ruthless character in this movie, and that is saying something considering the uncredited appearance by Robert DiNiro.
A short while back I was walking through a grocery store when I noticed a radical development. The American Pie spinoff, Beta House, would not be complete without red party cups Courtesy Universal Pictures. How did the red cup become synonymous with good times, keg draughts, and sticky-floored basements? So perhaps first-mover advantage played a role, with followers clamoring to emulate Solo’s technological breakthrough? The evolution of the Solo party cup: On the left, the first model that emerged in the 1970s.
Healy says the two design changes each spurred double-digit sales growth, so, mission accomplished. Stylistic quibbles aside, I had one vital question: How might the new shape affect the product’s famous role as a Flip Cup accessory?
I have been flipping cups at my desk all day (much to the puzzlement of nearby co-workers), and I can now assure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
The movie follows Saige, the passionate young artist, as she sets out to save her school’s art and music programs.
Moms, girls, and their  dolls will be among the first to see the Saige movie, enjoy related crafts, activities, and take home exclusive giveaways.
Jane Seymour stars as Grandma Mimi, a well known artist and horsewoman and introducing Sidney Fullmer as the spirited Saige. She describes herself as almost crunchy which means she lives a healthy, natural life all while driving her SUV.
The lycanthrope is an amazingly petrifying monster that a€“ when handled properly a€“ makes for some stellar genre fare. And leta€™s face it, a fine tale of this nature absolutely must have the support of magnificent characters. There are some amazing werewolf flicks out there, and the one thing they all have in common (aside from the presence of a big hairy man eater) is the fact that viewers often build a genuine attachment to these stories and more specific, their individuals.
Jack Goodman (An American Werewolf in London): You know Kessler is making the list, so it shouldna€™t surprise you to see Jack Goodman slide comfortably into the top 10.
Lucian (Underworld): Upon watching the first Underworld film, Lucian comes across as a villainous dude with a chip on his shoulder.
Marty Coslaw (Silver Bullet): Corey Haim captures childhood essence as Marty Coslaw with pitch-perfect conviction. David Kessler (An American Werewolf in London): The bumbling charm of David Kessler is awesome. We do not sell or trade email addresses in any way, and they are not used for advertising purposes. Equally as shocking is his physique as the formerly ripped Batman has put on 43 pounds of mostly paunch.
Christian Bale, of course, is one of the premier actors of this century and turns in a stunning performance as the small time skimmer that may be a little smarter than he is given credit for.
Christian Bale as Irving shows his stunning con-man skills as he almost instantly earns the respect and trust from Mayor Polito.

He was so devastatingly chilling in the meeting at the club that you just knew something was going to happen, but it may not be what you expect, so just go see the movie. Where it fell a little short may have been on the delivery, as you did not know quite what to think at times as the film navigated the tight-rope between almost manic tension and somewhat of a black comedy.
Could it be true that college students across the nation were experiencing a wholly different world from the one I'd known? This fall marks the 75th birthday of the Illinois-based Solo Cup Co., which first made its mark in the 1940s with a small paper cone that often perched on the sides of office water coolers. Healy wouldn’t take the bait when I asked her if such concerns were factored into the redesign. As someone who loves the creative arts I am drawn to this story and the desire to rescue such important classes.
Visit Saige’s Page for a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming film, including the movie trailer and video clips, cast and character bios, movie-related events, games, crafts, and much more.
The problem is, for every one kick ass werewolf pic to hit the market, wea€™re force-fed a good half dozen stinkers.
Take the personalities we may potentially love from a film and replace them with senseless violence and brute beasts, fully intent to kill for cheap shocks, and we lose the magic of the film. Shea€™s a little bit like those girls in high school that you try desperately to avoid, fear of what any measure of attraction might lead to. This dude was absolutely awesome, and while his screen time is relatively minimal, hea€™s still a very enjoyable element of An American Werewolf in London. Well, hea€™s definitely got the chip, but as we learned in the franchise flick, Rise of the Lycans, Lucian is anything but an antagonist. It could be the fact that Michael Pare carries a constant sense of superiority without projecting any irritating level of arrogance, and as it just so happens; Hea€™s just kind ofa€¦ smooth. He plays the role of blossoming adventurer, unwilling to let his physical handicaps deter his aspirations.
Hea€™s pretty much your average guy, and the fact that he isna€™t a debonair dude at all times, or a rugged, hardened hero really endows the man a measure of humility and humanism.
The plot of this film is seemingly simple as Irving Rosenfeld is a small time business man and con-artist who teams up with a versatile and seductive Sydney Prosser. The writing and skillful use of the of stable of stars that he so successfully used in Silver Linings Playbook made this film more than just another contender. Throughout the movie, there is a constant ballet of duets between various characters as chemistry is developed and sometimes left smoldering.
His zeal to make the big Abscam sting is only matched by his animal magnetism towards Sydney which culminates in a steamy bathroom scene in a local disco.
Oh, and as outrageous as Irving?s hair was, Mayor Polito won the prize for the ?doo of the night, it was magnificent as he looked like a cross between Donald Trump and Elvis.
Many have compared to Goodfellas, but this is an entirely different type of movie, sans Joe Pesci for one thing. So ubiquitous were these plastic cups in my undergrad days, tweaking them in even the slightest fashion would have altered my entire visual landscape. In the 1950s, Solo made wax-lined cups that proved ideal for the takeaway fountain sodas served at drive-in movie theaters. Healy says the red-colored cups make up 60 percent of Solo party cup sales, with blue cups a distant second. Private and family-owned since its inception in 1936, Solo ran into debt problems after buying long-coveted competitor Sweetheart Cup in 2004. The current cup strikes me as a victory of function over form—a clunky, overdesigned beast.
This list ranks all the good Native American movies so you know what to watch first if you are looking to learn more about the culture and history of these people. Saige also goes through her best friend Tessa spending less time with her and more with another girl.
No one is going to remember those uninspired efforts, but the special films, I mean the really special films, simply cannot be forgotten.
Jacka€™s finest moments come long after being attacked and killed by a werewolf on a quiet, moonlit evening. This compassionate beast is naturally quite heroic, with leadership qualities most would kill for. Calm in moments that should inspire outright freak outs, and very human throughout the course of the film, despite his affliction; Teda€™s a guy who works for reasons Ia€™m not capable of accurately describing. But when he finds himself in a showdown with one damn intimidating werewolf, hea€™s forced to grow at an exponential rate, leaving behind the innocence of childhood; replaced by the stress that comes with life or death experiences.
However there is some semblance of humanity in this unlikely adversary and that helps to dull the impact of his crimes.

In spite of having a wife and adopted son, Irving is totally smitten with Sydney, but they both run afoul of the FBI when they are caught by Richie Dimaso in a small sting operation. It'd be akin to a Manhattanite awaking one morning to find New York City’s yellow cabs had all been painted fuchsia. Nowadays, the company manufactures all manner of single-use dinnerware, cutlery, and beverage receptacles. Made of thick, molded polystyrene, the Solo party cup could be squeezed in meaty frat-guy paws, dropped to the ground by tipsy highschool cheerleaders, and mercilessly battered by Flip Cup contestants—all while maintaining shape and functionality.
It was revealed that family members and c-suite executives at Solo had received ridiculous pay and perk packages. According to Healy, making any change at all to a sales juggernaut like the party cup spurred great trepidation at the company.
These are films that focus on American Indians and their cultures as part of the story's central theme - famous films like Dances with Wolves and The Last of the Mohicans are widely known, but this list also includes lesser-known films like Smoke Signals and Skins.
I think we have all experienced something like that, and I know this is an issue my daughter will eventually go through. Happy to toss character emphasis in the dumpster in exchange for (often) hokey special effects, and dismal performances.
However, Jack doesna€™t need a pulse to deliver some golden lines, and the flesh hanging ragged from his mangled face doesna€™t hinder the laughs in the slightesta€¦ quite the opposite, in fact. The truth is, when you look at the series as a whole, Lucian is arguably the most polarizing character to be introduced. Maybe ita€™s just the fact that ita€™s Michael Pare handling another transfixing and emotional taxing role. Through it all, Marty sports an upbeat personality and a resilience rarely seen in young characters.
However, by the time the final act rolls around, Lowea€™s dedicated his powerful presence and murderous tendencies to little more than complete carnage.
Ita€™s those frequent moments of vulnerability that makes Dave one of the subgenrea€™s truly memorable figures.
Hea€™s also extremely handy, hits the bottle like a champ and shows little fear in the face of a flesh-eating monster determined to silence the handicapped youngster whoa€™s discovered his true identity. In exchange for not being prosecuted, they are forced to work for Dimaso to entrap dirty politicians and even dirtier mobsters until things swing wildly out of control. Its products are found in supermarkets, convenience stores, coffee shops, and fast food restaurants across the globe (as well as in the White House Situation Room).
A leveraged-buyout firm seized control and helped clean house, and operations have since begun to stabilize.
Will the same, subtle nudge still induce the elegant mid-air somersault that results in a clean landing? Some of these rank among the best war movies ever produced while others are heartfelt dramas who also have a place with the best costume drama films. Hilarious, determined, courageous and extremely charming, Marty Coslaw is a timeless character, and one that deserves to be recognized as a truly iconic character. Marsha is a solid 10 across the board, engaging every time she slinks into frame, and paralyzing in her beauty when the garments come off.
Can Saige find the courage to lead the fund-raising effort to start an after-school art program and save her friendship with Tessa? The man endures quite a bit, but whether he actually survives or not is a detail that will go unnoted due to the sizable chunk of genre fans who still havena€™t seen this little treasure.
Show me the uncle willing to whip me up an ultra-bad ass motorized wheelchair and gift some wicked fireworks. Rest assured, youa€™ll probably cheer for his presence, as his sparky attitude is really quite infectious. Some color theory holds that red signifies concepts like energy, passion, and emotional intensity, while blue is linked with tranquility and depth.
Their braves, teepees, art, tomahawks, and skill with hunting buffalo are all veritable icons in American Indian movies.
It's no small wonder then that they continue to find their way into Hollywood.This is meant to be a list of all the greatest movies about Native Americans of all time, but if you feel we've left out any of the best Native American movies, please feel free to add them to the list yourself in the hope that they will receive enough votes to become the top Native American films of all time.

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