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Over the last couple of years, I have discovered one pepper that really manages to produce excellently and taste great with no care: the regular old cayenne pepper.
A plant-based diet may prove best following the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, according to a review published in The Permanente Journal.
Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. I just don’t pay much attention to growing them since I always end up getting obsessed with growing something new and exotic. Once you plant these guys, they’ll last multiple years and keep fruiting for you as climate conditions allow. For making salsa, jalapenos excel in juiciness and good raw flavor; in brutal heat and smokiness, habeneros are king.
Researchers investigated long-term lifestyle choices and their impact on health risk factors such as heart disease, bone health, and obesity that influence overall survival.

Breast cancer survivorship: a comprehensive review of long-term medical issues and lifestyle recommendations.
Instead of planning peppers into my garden, I usually realize sometime in late spring that we haven’t planted any, then pop a few in for the heck of it. Five plants will provide you with tons – plant more than that and you may need to start your own hot sauce brand. There are also proven benefits to consuming hot peppers, such as improved circulation and Looking Cool When Around Your Peers. As the shift to chronic disease management for cancer develops, long-term therapies increasingly include lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise to increase adherence and effectiveness.
They’ll keep producing in the heat and through the summer when tomatoes and almost everything else gives up.
I piled mulch over four of last year’s plants some time in December, then uncovered them in the spring.

Several studies showed that a whole-foods, plant-based diet lowered BMIs and improved breast cancer survival by eliminating foods that promoted cardiovascular disease and cancer cell growth. If you have a lot of humidity (like I do), you can stay safe from mold by putting them in a dehydrator to dry instead.
This article suggests that a wellness index consisting of healthful eating, activity, and weight management works best for optimum long-term care without added side effects.

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