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Freedom · Liberty · Awareness & Preparedness · News & Opinion -- Please consider disabling adblock to support this site! I get a LOT of emails and messages asking about gear or book recommendations so I thought I’d start up a new project here on Graywolf Survival so I can help a LOT of people instead of just one at a time. I will need to jot this down as my new friends over at our local mountain climbing group are survival junkies and are known to tough it up by going the survival way. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!
Well, you’re in luck, because the best Bug Out Vehicle money can buy is none other than the UNICAT Expeditionary Vehicle. When the time comes, the UNICAT Expeditionary Vehicle is what you want parked in the garage. This entry was posted in Vehicle and tagged bug out vehicle, High End Bug Out Vehicl, prepper vehicle, survival vehicle, UNICAT Expedition Vehicle by lledslinger.Bookmark the permalink. Communication throughout an emergency circumstance is of the utmost value, so I wished to share the best survival communication equipment offered today. These are simply some of the questions I have when thinking of communication during an emergency circumstance, and it’s something we must all think of.
Understanding ahead of time about an emergency situation improves your possibilities of survival in any scenario.
I asked the local prepping neighborhood what the very best emergency communications item was and they informed me by far HAM radio. I have actually offered you a couple of choices below which I discovered to be very adequate. CB radios are considered short array communications and great deals of truckers still use them.
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This case is waterproof and buoyant, large enough to hold a survival kit, small enough to pack everywhere you go every day. Of course, a lighter is the easiest way to start a fire, but a striker is a must-have backup.
It has plenty of storage space and can carry enough supplies to keep four occupants going for more than three months. This super cool Bug Out vehicle has it all to provide you with the best transport for making your getaway. Since I’m a hubby and dad, I am enthusiastic about emergency situation preparedness and survival.
You should know what’s going on in your nation, neighborhood, and within your community. They air typical and emergency climate information, and they also report natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks, or amber informs. Everyone in the past would utilize them to chat with buddies or truckers going through town. Numerous of them have multiple NOAA stations and have a variety of networks to communicate on.
It’s a monster of a vehicle, built on a truck chassis, and will literally take down anything in its path.
A standout of this awesome vehicle is its amazing all most 2000 mile range, thanks to its 2×120 gallon gas tanks. It has a 110 gallon freshwater tank as well as an RO watermaker that allows you to decontaminate and desalinate water from virtually any source – these features will keep you from running out of water. The UNICAT treats us to ultra modern, comfortable living quarters that boast a full kitchen, bathroom, shower and private master bedroom. Being prepared for an emergency should be a top concern for any individual, and with this page I want to assist you with one aspect of survival, communication.

Having one of these in addition to a regular radio is excellent for emergency situations because they automatically tune to the weather condition band and you will not miss an essential statement. A few of them even have hand cranks so that they will not need electrical power or batteries. Most people know truckers use them, but fail to understand how they can be useful throughout an emergency.
It’s imperative you have the best survival vehicle so you can leave to save yourself and importantly, survive in extraordinary conditions. You can drive through anything with this monster truck, whether its road, desert, rugged terrain or water up to 4 feet. There’s also a military-grade first aid kit ideal for most minor emergencies and a full set of tools for practical safety purposes.
You don’t have to worry about the living interiors twisting or breaking because UNICAT vehicles have a proven three point kinematic attachment system that enables chassis flex.
With its impressive build and features, it is guaranteed to keep you alive and well when disaster strikes. The UNICAT comes in different models, customized to provide you with a survival vehicle how you like it.
It offers the best security you can get, with extra cylinder locks and retractable bolts to secure the doors, as well as theft-proof windows. You won’t have to worry about electricity as the UNICAT features roof-mounted solar panels to power the vehicle. There’s also global communications equipment in addition to a top-of-the-range entertainment system to entertain you when you need.

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