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ReviewsThere are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?Disclaimer: These are user reviews. The iron clean mouth is the new generation of iron clean tool, smokeless, is tasteless, non-toxic, does not have the pollution, it is one kind of ball color environmental protection tool auxiliary.
A soldering iron is widely used in installation, repair, and production work in electronics assembly. While tip tinning and tip cleaning are both very important to keeping your soldering tips in their best shape, there are a few general “best practices” that can help contribute to the life of your tips and of your iron.
While not entirely necessary, if you have the choice you should use distilled water on cleaning sponges.
Whenever you are starting a new project double check your components and solder wire and make sure they are compatible. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to Iso-Tip's feed to get future articles delivered to your feed reader. This BEST BST-813 50W 220V External Heated Style Lead-free Handheld Soldering Iron US 2-plug can meet your needs conveniently. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. This BEST BST-813 60W 110V External Heated Style Lead-free Handheld Soldering Iron US 2-plug can meet your needs conveniently. When you can, it is best to use the lowest needed temperature as it slows down the rate of oxidation, reduces the thermal shock when wiping the tip on a damp sponge, and can help prevent heat damage to the components you are soldering. Near the tip of most soldering irons is a heating element and as it heats up and cools down it will expand and contract.

If you use incompatible solder then you may need to overheat your iron and parts to get the job done, which can damage both.
We just recently got in a new guy who apparently knows a thing or two about soldering, but hasn’t tried one of our irons before. They always complained about how quickly they run out of power and how they are very bulky or just plain cheap; but does that hold true to every cordless iron? It is similar to the others, but it heats and disperses solder much better than the previous two.
Made of high-grade stainless steel material together with special process, the tube is of high quality and high strength, anti-oxidative and anti-corrosive, uneasy to distort and get rusty. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. If it changes size drastically many times there is a possibility that the sleeve around the heating element could become stuck and either be too large or too small for its tips. If you are using non-distilled water then all of the minerals and contaminants in the water will be left behind, making your sponge dirty. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer of the parts and solder to find out if they will work well together.
So I told him to grab one of our Quick Charge #7700s along with a few other brands of cordless soldering irons, play with them, and see what he thought. As Joe suggested, I grabbed a few different brands of cordless soldering irons on the market, including ISO-TIP’s Quick Charge #7700 to see what was good and bad for myself. I grabbed a fresh set of batteries, tossed them in, and heated the solder with a cordless soldering iron record of 15 seconds!

Now what these AA battery operated soldering irons all have in common is that their tips aren’t good for sensitive electronic work.
Besides, lead-free soldering iron head is safe to health and friendly to environment, also it is fixed to the tube firmly.
Dirty sponges must be replaced more often as the contaminants could hurt your soldering tip.
If you start using these on your fragile electronic components, the electricity can surge through the tip and fry all your work. I would have to say that if you only have 15 bucks to spend on a one time application, and you don’t really care about damaging delicate electronics, then buy a big box of AA batteries and give something like the RadioShack cordless soldering iron a whirl. However, it did have some integrated rubber grips on it which made holding it a lot easier.
Fortunately, ISO-TIP’s tips are isolated, meaning that our tips will not only keep your electronics safe, but they will heat up faster and more efficiently (due to their ceramic core) than your standard soldering tip. If you actually use the iron and want it for years to come, and the flexibility of a wide selection of tips is important….
They’re professional grade cordless soldering irons that have been an industry leader for 20 years.

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