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Best micro soldering iron, View micro soldering iron, BEST Product Details from Shenzhen Jinliyang Technology Co., Ltd. Hand-built in California, our line of Acoustic pickups and preamps can help you capture the natural warmth, richness and resonance of your instrument. Throw on a Black Winter hoodie and a red pickup necklace or choose from an assortment of shirts for your next gig. Like a lot of things in guitar wiring, the type of solder you use attracts a reasonable amount of superstition regarding tone.
Like a minor cast member in the movie Total Recall, soldering can make you wish you had three hands. Other equipment I like to have to hand: tweezers, needle-nosed pliers, a solder pump and some solder braid.
The tip of your soldering iron should always be clean and shiny before you use it to do any soldering. It’s important to note, though, that making the iron completely clean of all substances is what makes it go dull. When you turn your soldering iron off, it’s likely that it will go dull again as you let it cool. If you’re switching pickups, rather than wiring a new guitar, then your first job with the iron is going to be removing the old wires. Here’s a video demo showing how to de-solder a wire from a lug, and clean the lug ready for future use.
The backs of pots are commonly used as grounding points for other components in the guitar.
Once you’ve done this and you have a nice roughed-up surface, you can also tin the back of the pot. Learning to solder is an essential skill if you want to be able to repair your guitar on the go.
This entry was posted in: The Tone Garage and tagged guitar, how to solder guitar, Soldering, Soldering iron. Do stick to the 40w suggestion — like a sharp knife, more watts actually makes everything safer and easier.
I find it amusing that the loaded pickguard in the video tutorials is using Dragonfire pickups, not SDs. If I need to, I’ll hold the (small) spool of solder with my teeth and the wire with my left hand and iron with my right. My first and last soldering endeavor was with my electric guitar, and I’d have to agree it is significantly easier than many people might think.
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You’ll need to know how to protect your guitar, how to solder to lugs, how to de-solder wires, how to clean contacts,and how to solder to the back of a pot. If you want to avoid this, you can continuously wipe it on your sponge until it is completely cool, which will stop the thin coat of rust from forming. Twist the strands together, apply the iron to the wire, and then when it’s hot enough, take a little solder to the wire as well. Poke the wire through using your fingers, or tweezers if necessary, and bend it so that it holds steady. However, soldering to a pot can be difficult, as the large amount of thick metal is capable of absorbing a lot of heat without getting hot enough to melt solder. Often, I will tin all the ground wires together, wrap them in heatshrink, and take a single wire from there to a pot. I’ve played guitar for a long time now and always had to pay a guy to do the wire repairs. I had all the tools already but thought it would be cool to have them packaged, NIB, y’know?
Electric soldering iron head can't use how long, will be oxidized, the oxidation of the soldering iron head is not easy to welding components, but can only change, this soldering iron tips resurrected cream can help you bring your soldering iron back to life. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment.
Yes, soldering can be an amazingly complicated and difficult skill, when we’re talking about tiny printed circuit boards and incredibly sensitive components. You can use it to hold your work in the desired position, leaving your hands free for the task at hand. So, before you do any soldering, put rags or thick card all around the guitar and make sure they’re secure. If this still doesn’t help, you can melt some flux-core solder on to the tip and then wipe it, which will work, or you can clean it with flux, or a specialised soldering cleaner.
I like to do this by getting a grip on the wire I’m removing with some pliers first, and applying just a little tension. You put the braid on the contact, apply heat to it with the iron, and then when the solder melts it soaks into the braid.
Then you can just heat the wire and the pot, feed some solder into the join as before, and you’re done.
This means only a single solder join to the pot is necessary instead of several, which makes things much easier.

Being able to quickly reattach it instead of taking it to a tech will save you time and money – and you might even enjoy it. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. After national testing, it has been proved that the inoxidizability of its surface is aboue 5 times of the traditional ones',and its service life is above 10 times of others' in China . But inside a guitar, we have quite thick wires, which connect to nice big terminals – usually in the form of looped lugs. A useful tip is that you can apply a tiny drop of solder to the tip of the iron, which, when pressed against the component, will mold itself to the component’s shape and transfer heat much more quickly. Apply as little solder as possible here – the aim is simply to hold the strands together and provide a surface that solder will readily flow to. More often, though, you’ll just need to get the bulk of the solder off, and this is more easily done with a solder pump. When this happens, spread the solder around with the iron and you now have a tinned surface that will be easier to solder to. You can also find solder lugs that you can sandwich between the pot and the guitar, and solder to those. Coincidentally sent them an email, recently, to see if they would lift the ban after all this time, at least 10 years. This is a piece of thick card big enough to cover a decent area of the guitar, with a hole cut in it the same shape as the wiring cavity. However, you need to be aware that letting a blob of solder stay hot for a long time will oxidise the solder and ruin it. You can solve both of these problems by giving the back of ┬áthe pot a thorough going-over with some fine grit sandpaper or a wire brush. And most of the components we use are very difficult to damage – in most cases, the worst possible result of a mistake is that we need to unsolder something, clean it up, and do it again.
If after a few seconds you find you can’t get the job done, remove the heat and regroup. Well yes they did, they still have a giant bug up their ass and I’m no where near finished about telling people not to do business with those clowns, ever.

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