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JBC Tools, Inc., a leading provider of soldering and rework tools, announces that it will officially launch its new range of innovations in Booth #1303 at the upcoming IPC APEX Expo, scheduled to take place February 28 - March 1, 2012 at the San Diego Convention Center in California. JBC will showcase the new TFT station that allows access to the menus by touching the screen to change parameters, ensuring total soldering control.
An intuitive user interface enables quick access to the main menu for viewing and changing parameters. JBC also will showcase the New PH Infrared Preheater that heats PCBs from below, allowing hand soldering to be completed much faster and at lower soldering tip temperatures.
More than 80 years experience has placed JBC at the technological forefront of tools for soldering and rework operations in electronics. A bead of solder paste is applied to the pads, followed by placement of the SMD onto the pad and seated into the paste.Next, a brief preheating of the bottom side of the PCB is made. It's elementary: A solder joint made at the bench with the same materials and processes used in premium production conveyor ovens will be the same. Home>Electronics>Soldering Irons and Accessories > New Xytronic Nichrome Digital Soldering Station- THE BEST!

Standard features include sleep mode and hibernation, in addition to the standard features  that JBC soldering stations are known for. Additionally, users can obtain information about the power supplied to the tool and temperature of the tip in real time. This is where we usually launch our new products as it is one of the most important meeting points for the electronics market in U.S. Innovation, efficiency and reliability are the key features of a wide range of products that have been designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements.
Solder wets and wicks up to the lead's toes, heels and sides with production quality fillets. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.
Apart from the typical applications, the TFT station incorporates some additional applications such as power and temperature graphics, clock, calendar, calculator, note book, alarm, unit converter , etc. For subsequent work on the same type of board, the use of the thermocouple is not required, greatly reducing work time.

JBC’s global organization of local offices and a distributor network spanning five continents enables the company to provide quick and efficient service. Also, the station permits connection to other devices including digital thermometers and the Ethernet using the RJ-45  connector, enabling software updates, monitoring of the equipment and remote control of all the stations connected to the Internet. It's just the best available.Glossy silver solder joints- the nichrome element heats up very, very fast and gets heat into the joint much faster than standard ceramic elements. Solder to the back of pots in a flash, solder to output jacks with no trouble- all of the tough Guitar-related tasks- simple due to this brilliant soldering iron.It comes with everything you see.

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