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The following eight stories are all true accounts from survivors of natural disasters and tragic accidents that illustrate just how enduring the human spirit can be. On October 13, 1972, an Uruguayan Air Force plane carrying a team of rugby players and their families crashed in the Andes. Eventually, after an avalanche and with more than half of their party dead, two of the young men hiked for 10 days across the mountains to alert authorities.
This is the story of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, two climbing partners who had just reached the top of a 21,000-foot peak in the Andes when disaster struck. Yet Simpson survived, and managed to crawl his way back to base camp to Yates before he climbed down the mountain. Nick Ward set off on the 600-mile course of the UK's Fastnet sailboat race in August 1979 with perfect weather. In 1993, Judith and Michael Sleavin and their two children set out to sail around the world.
Somehow, after forty-four hours in the water with a broken back and paralyzed below the waist, Judith survived. In August 1914, explorer Ernest Shackleton and a crew of 27 men set sail for the South Atlantic to try to set foot on the Antarctic continent.
For twenty months they were marooned, and would attempt two near-fatal escape plans before their final rescue. The book is accompanied by the original glass plate negatives from the journey that were stored in hermetically sealed canisters and somehow survived months on the ice floes. In the book, Krakauer recounts the events that lead up to his decision to participate in the Everest expedition, as well as the actual expedition where eight climbers died, including Krakauer's own guides Rob Hall and Andy Harris. Author Yossi Ghinsberg met three other backpackers in Bolivia, and they journeyed into theA  Amazon rainforest together. But after a freak rafting accident, Ghinsberg was separated from his travel buddies, and forced to survive with only a knife, a map, and his survival training. Are you tired of having to use two different enchanting tables when you want both low and high enchants?
Step 2 Platform #1Counting four blocks from the right and one block from the front, you will begin making a 3x3 square out of any material you would like.
Step 3 Sticky PistonsYou will now place a total of 7 sticky pistons on top of your small platform. Step 4 RepeatersUsing a total of 7 redstone repeaters, you will want to place them on the ground level. Step 5 Redstone DustNow, use a total of 14 redstone dust to attach all of the repeaters to each other. Step 6 "L"Looking towards the back of your setup, to your right, you will want to place down an "L" shape. Step 7 Redstone TorchUsing one redstone torch, you will place it at the end of your "L" you just created in the last step. Step 8 Some Redstone PreparationLooking towards the front of your layout, you will need to place another 4 blocks.
Step 9 More Repeaters!Standing in the little gap between your "L" shape and the raised block, you will want to face the back of your setup.
Step 11 Last Bit of RedstoneUsing 3 redstone dust, connect the two torches on the "L" shape.
Step 13 Platform #2Using the blocks you just placed in Step 12, continue making a platform. Step 14 BookshelvesStart placing your bookshelves down to prepare for the placement of your enchanting table.
Step 15 Block BreakageBelow your enchantment room, head over to the redstone dust that will later power your button.  There will be two blocks that you need to break down there, otherwise your button will break one of the sticky pistons.Use the image below as a guide for which blocks need to be removed!

Step 18 Play AroundPlay around with your button, push it a couple times and make sure everything looks good. Step 19 Cover It UpUsing this tutorial, you can add awesome enchantment rooms to your current library. Questions for the Audience:Were you able to follow this tutorial without confusion?How are you with redstone? Amalia, I am working on my enchanting room, and when I hit the button the pistons go up and then immediately back down like you described. Unless you have prior experience as a Navy SEAL or Green Beret, or happen to be Bear Grylls himself, you’ll likely need a survival book to sharpen up your survival skills. Remember, a fixed blade knife, and a fire starter are worth their weight in gold in a survival situation, but, like other survival tools, are worthless if you don’t know how to use them. You’ll notice the lack of zombie survival books on this list, and for good, probably obvious reasons.
Written by a former paratrooper and US Special Forces demolition officer, Rich Johnsona€™s The Ultimate Survival Manual ($19) features in great detail over 300 essential survival skills you will hopefully never need to use, such as how to survive a wildfire, how to successfully jump from a moving train, swimming through burning oil, how to predict the weather from plants, or how to cross a fast-moving river.
With input from some of the best trained soldiers in the Navy Seals, French Foreign Legion, Green Berets, Delta Force, and other elite units, the Special Forces Survival Guide delivers easy to understand, step by step instructions on how to implement survival skills such as how to build a shelter, start a fire, navigate without a compass, and how to craft your own tools and weapons.
Bushcraft and wilderness survival are interchangeable terms and are important when it comes to bugging out for 72 hours or for when you’ve become lost and alone in the woods for more than a few days. While you may not be a pilot who has bailed out of a billion dollar jet at mach 4 behind enemy lines, this survival handbook covers that scenario, along with realistic ones such as surviving threats at sea, in the tropics, in the desert, in the arctic, or in your very own backyard, and how to survive the psychological threat of torture and imprisonment. Based on the research of over 400 officer-involved shooting reports, Tactics For Armed Encounters discusses techniques for surviving in real life situations involving armed assailants, and how to prepare for, plan for, and react to those incidents. The Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide focuses on survival long after the emergency or disaster, and delves into long term survival topics such as finding and growing your own food off the grid, first aid and medical treatment, home defense, and strategies for building a new society after the current one has collapsed. For those new to survival books, the Survival handbook touches on the basics, because its those basic survival skills that will keep you alive longer that anything else.
A bug out bag is a collection of items necessary to effectively evacuate and survive for at least 72 hours during an emergency, and this book will show you how to build one to suit your needs. How To Stay Alive In The Woods is an easy-to-understand survival guide for those who frequent the great outdoors.
When the grid eventually goes down, not only will your smart devices cease to function, but there will also be an economic and societal breakdown, and secondary disasters and pandemics. When disaster strikes and the entire system breaks down, there may not be any hospitals, physicians, or medicines immediately available to you and your family. For ten weeks, the 45 people on the plane lived in the shelter of the wreckage without food and waiting to be rescued. The book follows both men's feelings of abandonment, guilt, and ultimately their enduring friendship. But within 48 hours, the deadliest storm in the history of modern sailing had thrown the race into chaos and claimed the lives of fifteen sailors. After awaking to find the life raft gone and his crew either dead or deserted, Ward was forced to survive the night on the boat alone as the storm raged on until his legendary rescue.
But a freighter off the coast of New Zealand altered its course by ten degrees and collided with the family's boat, killing everyone but Judith. This book follows the painful and gripping true story of the night of the fatal crash, as well as the aftermath as Judith confronts her PTSD and the tragedy of losing her family. They had come within 85 miles of their destination when their ship, Endurance, was trapped in an ice pack and crushed, leaving them stranded on the ice floes.
With his feet rotting due to the intense storms and insects and animals to contend with, this is his personal account of how he stayed alive in the rainforest.
He was living on an inflatable raft after his sloop capsized, somehow managing to stay hydrated, spear fish, and keep his deteriorating raft afloat.

The sticky pistons should be facing upwards so that they will push and pull the floor out from our enchantment room.Do not put sticky pistons at the front center or in the direct center of the platform. Looking at the side that has your staircase and the empty space, redstone dust will not be placed at the center repeater. You do not want to place this torch on the ground though, it will be placed on the side of the wool block.You will notice this redstone torch powers your sticky pistons so that they are stuck in an upright position. If you've followed the steps (especially Step 15), everything should work perfectly!Once you hit the button, the sticky pistons will push up really quickly and will actually release the blocks, leaving them raised. The wiring is pretty compact, so you would only need to worry about having underground room to work with! Included in the survival manual are photos, illustrations, lists, and diagrams for easy reference.
Army Special Forces officer Mykel Hawke is, without a doubt, an expert on survival techniques.
Navy SEALS are some of America’s most elite warriors, who are also highly trained in self preservation and that of their team.
A blizzard began, and Yates was forced to cut the rope that bound him and Simpson so that he would not be pulled to his own death. 3 repeaters will go on both the left and right side, and you will only need to place 1 repeater at the back center.
This "L" shape will be resting against the right wall, and will be 3 blocks by 2 blocks big—but only 1 block tall. It will also be sitting on the wool block that is 1 block above ground level. This repeater will not receive a delay of any kind. All you need to do for this step is place 1 redstone torch on the right-side of the raised block (right meaning, standing at the front of your setup, looking right). Place the second-to-last redstone dust needed to complete the project on the wool block directly to the left of the top repeater. The reason behind this is because sticky pistons need to register at two ticks in order for them to hold onto the block. I used cobblestone as my main building material, but that shouldn't be affected by gravity. Suggestion, could you put a materials list on the text step by step, instead of just on the video. Watch the full video guide below, and check out the step-by-step written instructions after for more details.
Torches or other light sources can be placed at all corners, except for the front right (this is where a lot of our redstone will be going).
This redstone torch will invert the power so that the sticky pistons do not remain in an upright position.
This dust will be later connected to our button.And the final redstone dust!  Place it directly below the raised block so that it connects to the lower repeater.
Not to mention, you don't need to put bookshelves there in order to get maximum level enchants! Navy SEAL Survival Handbook provides the reader valuable information of weapons and tools, making shelters, signaling, finding water, and hunting for food—complete with 150 color photographs for easy interpretation.

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