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Next, we have finished our high quality Pocket Survival Kits, suitable for those who wish to take a minimalist approach to survival gear, but still want items that provide the best chance of survival in an emergency situation.
If you would like to take a look at these, and many other survival kits, please see our Survival Kits selection to the left.
Categories: ** Monthly Specials **, Basic Survival Kits, Blackout Survival Kits, Survival Kits. This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. All items are packed securely in our Elite Multi-pocket Hikers Backpack which contains extra space available for your personal items. The food and water in this kit will comfortably provide you with adequate nutrition for 72-hours without access to additional supplies.
Solar-powered outdoor light fixture is ideal for the home or remote locations with its hassle free installation and secure mounting bracket.

Self-contained and weather proof unit with a highly efficient polycrystalline solar panel that charges the 4400 mAh Li-ion battery. The Compact, Basic and Standard Survival Fishing Kits now come with new labeling and several with added items. Both the Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin and the Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin include NATO and U.S. You might also wish to take a look at our expanding line of Adventurer Survival Equipment items. It is packed neatly into our Children’s Hiking Backpack that comes in the original red or camouflage.
It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.

Just install the light where it will receive good direct sunlight throughout the day, then at night you can enjoy the safety and security of this green, outdoor, lighting solution. You simply will not find a compact kit that is better stocked with high quality survival gear.
However, we altered one of the attachment points to make them even more versatile than before. All three include items specifically chosen to maximize your chances of catching fish in a survival situation.

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