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How To Choose The Best Wilderness Survival Knife: In a wilderness survival event, choosing the best quality wilderness survival knife is the most important tool you can have. In a wilderness survival event,  choosing the best quality wilderness survival knife is the most important tool you can have. How To Choose The Best Wilderness Survival Knife: When Searching for the Best Wilderness Survival Knife it is important to be cautious when choosing the right knife. How To Choose The Best Wilderness Survival Knife:: Is the Machete the best wilderness survival knife?
In any survival situation, a good knife is undoubtedly the single most important piece of survival gear to have with you – however, choosing the best survival knife can present a few problems. There is a lot of important information that is essential to know in order for you to make a good decision and be able to choose the best survival knife for you and your circumstances.? Size, weight, blade length and blade material are just a few important bits of essential information you must consider before buying a new survival knife. If you see a situation where you may well be lost – then your knife must be capable of performing bushcraft skills like hunting and skinning. Having different knives that perform some task better than others will increase your chances of survival if you find yourself in an unforeseen situation.
Remember, your survival knife is one of your most important, if not, THE MOST IMPORTANT, items in your survival kit or a bug out bag or emergency rucksack.
For a full review of essential knife characteristics that you must know before buying a survival knife, see my full article on  Knife Blades, Materials and Design – it is a follow on article from this page. Please see my full Survival Knife BUYERS GUIDE comparison chart for a list of some of the very best survival knives – the chart enables you to see what knives rank best for different condition, price, blade length etc.

Your wilderness survival knife is important for hunting, making traps, cooking, wood cutting digging, defense, etc.
Stealth – Your goal in a collapse is to remain undetected and people are naturally attracted to gunfire.
Knives with only partial tangs are weaker when subjected to unusual stress, which is what they might be exposed to in a survival situation. They are not very functional in a survival situation and tend to have weak tips that can be broken off.
Many so-called survival knives tout their hollow handle, in which emergency items can be kept, but a hollow handle will be weaker than a solid one in most cases. They are more for show than anything because of their aggressive looks but are too heavy and not very practical for survival chores.So what options make the best wilderness survival knife? The lanyard hole is great for putting a rope through so you can attach your knife to your wrist or another piece of gear. The best choice of steel for a survival knife would be one which is not too hard as to be brittle or difficult to sharpen in the field, but hard enough to keep a decent edge on it.
You want a sturdy point that can take plenty of abuse, but still be used for finer survival chores.
A drop point blade is probably the best option for a multi-purpose wilderness survival knife.
What really sets this knife apart is the design of the blade and edge, which is quite different from most.
Although a folder can make an excellent back-up knife, your primary survival knife should always be a fixed blade, preferably with a full tang.

This gives you enough strength for heavy duty jobs while still be effective at slicing and smaller tasks. SRK stands for Survival Rescue Knife, and the design speaks to discerning knife owners who desire a versatile knife which is capable of withstanding tons of abuse. Other than a few exceptions, I would ALWAYS recommend that anyone looking for a quality survival knife needs to get one that is full tang.Straight Edge vs Serrated EdgeWhich is better, a straight edge or a serrated edge for a survival knife? If you find yourself constantly using rope (such as on a boat) you may want to consider picking up a knife with serrations. If you do not need to cut much rope then its up to you which would work better for your personal needs. If your survival knife has curves or is not even pointed at the end it will be much less effective should you need to lash it to a stick for protection or spear fishing. These can be designed to break glass (usually more pointed), or to be used like a hammer, or both. Many survival knives come with these included on the sheath, and trust me they are useful. While the sharpener will keep your blade tuned as long as you have it, the flint will give you fire.
Gerber has two knives that include these, they are the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife and the Gerber LMF II.

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