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Standing Stone was taking great steps towards preparedness before immersion into the preparedness workshops. An award ceremony will be held at Standing Stone Brewing Company Wednesday, March 19 beginning at 5:30 pm. Attendees created contingency plans for how their business will continue to operate if negatively impacted by a disaster.

The brewery had created an active safety committee, retrofitted their building for seismic activity, and purchased generators in preparation of a power outage. This marks the first business in Ashland to take a proactive approach to become disaster-prepared in terms of processes for employee and public safety and business continuity.
Since attending the workshops, they have included digital scheduling and employee contact procedures, video archiving of property in case of damage to quickly and easily replace, and changed their brewing operations to include having 420 gallons of clean water immediately available for use in the event of a disaster similar to the flood in 1997.

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