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First-person parkour a la Mirror’s Edge and zombie apocalypse survival horror collide in Dying Light, the next ambitious video game production from Dead Island and Call of Juarez developer Techland.
To that end, free-running will play a major role in traversing what appears to be a South American flavored open world.
Matt is a fair-minded reviewer and lover of games of all platforms and types, big or small, hyped or niche, big-budget or indie.
One of my biggest complaints with survival games in general is the player’s complete lack of regard for anything around him. Survival games have to incorporate reasons to let other players live and not simply kill them on sight. As alluded to already, there has to be more to do in a survival game besides killing zombies and other players. There is definitely a fine line to cross when incorporating PvE into a game so very focused and driven by PvP. For myself, get the combat, crafting and building right first, then add some rewarding PvE elements. I’m not saying there needs to be an actual PvE mechanic where players actively seek out killing the zombies and animals in the world, just that those environmental elements must be dangerous to provide a reason to survive (not go out and hunt). Other MMOs with FFA serves seemed to have the attitude of always killing other players with choosing not to attack being the exception. It is more exciting to kill or get killed in an environment where killing is the exception as opposed to killing or getting killed in an environment where it is the rule. I think there should be some dedicated PvE servers, or at least some servers with PvP flagging or some other severely punitive PK penalties. While your idea makes sense on a certain commonsense level Keen, I just think that players will end up getting non-consensually fingercuffed between strong NPC’s and strong PvP groups. I think PvE servers would be popular and likely have a more mature community, and if griefers don’t like it well then join a PvP server and forever hold their piece. It's an extremely ambitious premise and there's no telling, for now, whether Undead will be able to deliver on it.
The mixture of open-world zombie action and base building will bring State in direct competition with DayZ.
With PSVR and Nintendo NX Coming Up, What Is Microsoft’s Plan To Keep Xbox One Relevant? Epic Games is busy these days and more open to sharing information about their upcoming title Fortnite.

As CEO and founder Tim Sweeney states to Polygon, “We’re building Fortnite, which is a bigger and way cooler game than we imagined. The studio has 90 staff members working on the game and development will continue after release based on fan feedback. For those worried about whether Epic will adhere to the same gritty, visually riveting games that catapulted it into the spotlight or not, Sweeney says that, “We’re also in the early development stages of a game that will continue the Epic tradition of pushing high-end, leading-edge graphics. Two things in particular aim to set Dying Light apart from the Dead Islands and Left 4 Deads of the world. With infected hunters in pursuit, players will need to improvise unrestricted routes and paths through alleyways and along the rooftops, parkouring their asses off to escape and make it through the night unscathed.
We’ll find out if they deliver the goods when the game launches in 2014 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, published by Warner Bros. He is responsible for maintaining the day to day operation of the site, editing all staff content before it is published, and contributing regular news, reviews, previews and other articles. But that doesn't mean he will let poor games slide without a good thrashing when necessary! And by that I mean they exist in a limited quantity, and you could in theory actually kill them all.
In the real world animals (including people) avoid combat because even if you win you can sustain severe injuries. There's no shortage of zombie games out there but State of Decay looks interesting enough to set itself apart from the pack. DayZ, a popular zombie mod for Arma 2, will allow players to construct bases when it becomes a standalone game this fall. Though announced way back in 2011, Epic has only now begun to tell just what kind of experience we could be in for. Players will need to scavenge their surroundings for supplies and craft weapons to send those zombie bastards back to hell. First and foremost, is a day-night cycle that promises to dynamically change how players approach the game as the sun goes down and the moon takes to the sky. After a short stint as US Site Manager for AceGamez, Matt assumed full ownership over VGBlogger, and to this day he is dedicated to making it one of the top video game blogs in all the blogosphere. Kill that player immediately because he has stuff you want — the goal is to get stuff. Seeing a zombie should terrify the player so much that if another player runs by the two of them desperately want each other’s help.

Base building is a really cool idea if given the proper attention and fleshed out to be a meaningful and rewarding goal.
What the player is having to survive against can still include other players, but if the environment isn’t a huge part of survival then the game is simply PvP. But for now the PvEnvironment is pretty strong and the Monsters can be a real challenge if you are not prepared.
In order to keep their group of survivors alive, though, they'll need to continually raid nearby settlements for supplies. Dynamically generated content will ensure that the struggle for survival stays unpredictable. In the footage, players dispatch zombies with firearms, explosives, automobiles, and even their bare fists.
We have a combination of a great building game, an action-combat game and with some [light] elements of an MMO. By day, players will need to gather supplies and use the advantages of light to fight back for the sake of humanity. Communities can form around the idea that players go out and find things and trade amongst themselves. Now imagine an axe could mean a disabled limb for a long period of time, or significant bleeding, or potential infection. Throughout the world they'll also encounter other playable survivors who can join their team. At its core, State is an action game and it'll sink or swim depending on how fun the combat really is.
But once the world is enveloped by the darkness of night zombies will become more aggressive and an even deadlier predator will emerge, thrusting players into a true fight for survival until the break of dawn.
Make it so that in the short term their may not be a huge incentive to cooperate, but it being the only long term option worth pursuing. Maybe only allow a single character per server and make it either permadeath or very long respawn.
Have an end goal of eliminating the zombies, with shorter term goals like establishing a safe haven, building to a fortress, that kind of thing.

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