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The US has been voted as the most significant threat to world peace in a survey across 68 different countries. A global surveyA conductedA by the Worldwide Independent Network and Gallup at the end of 2013 revealed strong animosity towards the USa€™s role as the worlda€™s policeman.
The US topped the list, with 24 percent of people believing America to be the biggest danger to peace.
The threat from the US was rated most highly in the Middle East and North Africa, those areas most recently affected by American military intervention. Latin America expressed mixed feelings towards its northerly neighbor, with Peru, Brazil and Argentina all flagging the US as the most dangerous country. After its numerous threats of a strike on Iran, many countries voted Israel was the biggest threat to prosperity. The survey comes two months after the first government shutdown in 17 years in the US which cost the country an estimated $10 billion.
The American governmenta€™s credibility was dealt a blow earlier this year when President Obama made a call to strike Syria following a suspected chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on civilians.

Co-founder of GraniteGrok, my concern is around Individual Liberty and Freedom (and how Government is taking that away from us). 2 Huge Drug Bust At Texas 1 Drug Offender Arrested Arizona Border Guess What New Gov Uncovered that Chicago Dems were giving to the rich America’s Biggest Threat?
Anti-American sentiment was not only recorded in antagonistic countries, but also in many allied NATO partners like Turkey and Greece.
Pakistan came second, with 8 percent of the vote and was closely followed by China with 6 percent. Moreover, the survey showed that even Americans regard their country as a potential threat with 13 percent of them voting the US could disrupt global status quo. Depuis des decennies, nos politiciens n'ont fait que distribuer de la richesse, trop souvent a l'avantage des groupes d’interets sans en avoir pour autant favoriser la creation.
Des politiciens qui ont gere pour gagner la faveur populaire et satisfaire les groupes d’interets sans voir les consequences economiques a moyen et long terme.
I heard the rain is finally going to let up around here and Mother Nature is going to bring us a pretty nice day.

Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and North Korea came in joint fourth place with 5 percent of the vote. Certains sujets, pour stimuler une pensee de bonne gestion economique et donner de l'espoir a la future generation du Quebec.
Thirty-seven percent of Mexicans and 17 percent of Canadians view their neighboring country with suspicion on the world stage.
A surprising 13 percent of American respondents rated their own nation the biggest threat to world peace as well. Canada and Australia came in second with 7 percent apiece, while 38 percent said they were happy exactly where they are.

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