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Almased is more than a means of losing weight — it’s an innovative food product that does a lot for your metabolism.Experience the feel good diet! The highly active yoghurt cultures have a positive effect on your intestinal flora, strengthen the immune system and help with digestion. On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016, Dietetic Interns from Pasco County Dietetic Internship had an exciting opportunity to tour the Almased headquarters in St. The tour began with a short presentation hosted by Almased’s nutritionist, Jamie Luu, RDN, LDN, and HR administrator, Robin Hinton. As a girl, I find myself riled up and frustrated sometimes when I hear guys talk about how bitchy girls can be. Take, for example, a recent project that a fashion designer reached out to me about on Kickstarter.
With the link came the image above to the Kickstarter campaign video, and on the campaign page itself were more photos of 3 very different body typed models. Women questioned how the swimsuit could possibly do what it claimed, because the girls in the pictures were way too skinny to model anything that a “real woman” could wear. I have not been so severely unhappy with myself since the summer of 2009, when I weighed nearly 100 pounds more than I do right now.
Looking back, I wonder how that belief is any worse than a company thinking I’m lazy and will steal all the morning donuts if they hire me cause I’m too chunky to fit in to an office chair in my interview. It is almost funny to me, as I type this from my room in Bali, where all my girlfriends are tiny little adorable waifish Asian girls that make me look like a gargantuan albino Sasquatch with a Twinkie problem. If we have society, men’s sex dreams, magazines, advertising, Hollywood, and a plethora of other stresses tearing us apart at our stretch-mark laden seams, why are we further cutting each other down by hating other women? She seems like a sincere genuine girl who loves surfing and traveling and hates having to constantly adjust her bikini top every time she moves more than 2 inches from staid upright position.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t admire the hell out of her for chasing a dream and doing what it takes to make that happen. And it hurts my heart a little that anyone would rather focus on what a couple models on a page look like than the fact that this girl is trying to make something happen.
And I also agree that typically, any type of anger or judgment comes from insecurity…I try to remember that about myself. That makes me so sad Christy, I wish that this were a more exciting and happy experience for you.
Being in SE Asia I might be the only person not wearing a bikini on the beach (I have a basic black tankini) so I get where your friends are coming from. As for the arm fat, considering the *ahem* situation we were in he shouldn’t have been saying anything to me but extremely grateful and wonderful things about me and my body. It’s easy to fall in to the trap of cutting other people down to make ourselves feel better. I will say, for bitchiness I also think there’s a certain level of intention that has to accompany as well. Just over three months after the birth of her daughter Honor Marie, Jessica Alba donned a bikini while vacationing in Mexico this week (click here to see the picture). Her trainer Ramona Braganza revealed last month that Jessica had already lost 25 pounds of pregnancy weight. For me, exercise was put on the backburner for those first many months while I tried to get used to life with a baby. Of course, I’d love to have a personal chef and a trainer, but I prefer to spend time with my daughter than be in a gym.
And then of course there is the celb’s personal chef and personal trainer, housekeeper, etc, etc.
I lost my weight right away while nursing but my baby had colic and had to be held all the time.
I told my cousin I would have rather had post pregnancy weight and hemroids (I didn’t get those either) than go through colic again. When you are exhausted from sleep deprivation, keeping up with housework, and perhaps getting back to work, who is thinking of hitting the gym? I hope her and her baby are healthy and happy and wish them well… isn’t that what matters? Non-celeb mothers during their first three months after having their babies don’t really think of having to lose all that weight so quickly.
The first month, babies tend to wake up every 1-3 hours to feed, and have not got used to the world outside their parents womb, so it takes extra amount of effort to make sure they feel secure. The second month, their baby is still not on a routine, and still takes extra effort to make sure your baby is secured, during this time walking, getting some fresh air is good for baby and mommy. 3 months, their baby is just starting to get into a routine, and being a little bit more independent from mommy.
After 3 months, mothers usually start extending the amount of time on physical activities, but not a priority. So again by no way is losing so much weight so quickly through hardcore dieting, and extreme workouts empowering or inspirational to new mothers.
My son is 9 days old and I have lost 24 pounds already and I dont do any working out nor have I stopped eatting as much because I breast feed. Seven months after giving birth, I’ve already lost a lot of weight but I still look like I’m 3 months preggo! I don’t discount self-esteem issues, but at some point every ADULT needs to stop making excuses for their life or weight or job or whatever not being what they want it to be. I don’t know if Jessica has help or not besides her husband, and I would never try to duplicate HER health routine. All you that are hating on Jessica for reaping the benefits of her hard work and maintenance, vigorous schedule before, during and after baby, seriously need to get off that computer chair and take a walk. I personally felt sexy through out the pregnancy- maybe not all the time (when your bent over a toilet sexy really isn’t an issue)- but seeing my hubby appreciate this little life we made together was really my oysters.

I am about a week and a half away from my due date and I am just happy to have had a healthy pregnancy!
Still very jelous (even if it is unrealistic!) about the celebs hott bods so soon after having their little ones.
With the Almased diet plan, the body’s metabolism improves which has a positive effect on important bodily functions. Those who also do endurance sport and follow a sensible diet can minimize dreaded long-term metabolic disorders.
With Almased you boost your metabolism and ensure cell regeneration, meaning you’ll feel like being active and be full of energy to take on your daily tasks. The complex production method preserves the delicate active ingredients so that they can release their full force later on. The natural enzymes in the liquid, natural bee honey from protected nature reserves in Mexico have a prebiotic effect and settle the stomach. During the presentation, Jamie spoke about Almased’s history, what Almased is, and how Almased can be incorporated in a diet plan, as well as Jamie’s role as a nutritionist at Almased. The same way I think a lot of guys can be jerks sometimes, I find that women can be pretty bitchy. Having seen a couple things I had Tweeted about my slightly more active lifestyle here in Bali (meaning not in a bar drinking bourbon Thursday-Sunday nights and eating White Cheddar Cheez-Its Monday-Wednesday nights) and my unfortunate near miss involving almost losing my swimsuit bottoms in the pool (best fad diet ever, this whole massive-leg-infection-emergency-knee-surgery-rack-body-with-antibiotics plan I went on), Christy reached out to me about a new bikini she had designed that was specifically made to stay in place. One with an average body, one fit and big-busted, and one so toned she could probably hold her own in a Thai street fight.
Completely bypassing the whole this-woman-designed-a-swimsuit-to-fulfill-a-need-she-saw-and-is-trying-to-build-a-business-now-to-help-other-active-women-what-the-eff-are-we-doing-with-our-lives aspect of my posting. How I looked , how I felt (tired, lethargic, sore when wearing pants that squashed my stomach at the waistband), how other people in society saw me (the 23-year-old I dated last summer (Ladies, special note, if you are over 30 and single, get to dating a 23-year-old who is a little more mature than my 23-year-old (you are welcome!)) asked me late one night why my arms were so toned on top and so “floppy” underneath).
Heck, she could be sitting on the beach pointing and laughing at every chubby woman in a one-piece while injecting ephedrine straight into her blood system. Rarely are haters motivated by any REAL outward hatred, it is a projection of something they are struggling with.
I remember seeing your tweet asking women not to hate on skinny girls, but I didn’t realize it was in reply to your share on our campaign! I understand if women don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini and I realize our product is not for everyone.
Starting any business is hard, but having to deal with bitchy commentary makes it even harder.
I mean, think of what we could accomplish if we weren’t always trying to undermine and overcome each other.
I am late to the game on this but so happy to hear that you’re recovering from your knee surgery. Having no scale for the past 6 months I had been tracking measurements and took some today for comparison (and cause I need to buy new lingerie as well, none of these bras come close to fitting any more!).
Whatever happened to all those interview articles where guys SWEAR they aren’t getting hung up on how a woman looks in bed, they’re just so excited to be there? Here you'll find travel adventures and motorbike wrecks, advice on writing and editing, posts on knowing your voice and owning it, and a bit of banter thrown in for levity.
I understand that a celb’s body is a huge part of her business so she need to do whatever she can to loose the weight. I don’t think women should hate on her because she has the extra resources to lose weight. I think it has alot to do with the media making it like she should be gloified for losing weight. NORMAL women, who during the first three months or so of their child’s life are spending a great deal of time and energy on nighttime (and daytime) feedings, diaper changes, and trying to maintain some semnolence of normalcy by preparing meals, doing laundry, etc. Closeness of a mother is a must, and it’s really not healthy to be taking your baby outside to often at such a fragile state. Still consider that at this point a mother is still not thinking of hitting a gym, especially when BF.
Mother and baby can go for walks, mom has some extra time to fit in a little bit of 15-20 or even extra half an hour excersise in. I like Jessica Alba and everything but really dropping calories like that and working out that much and thats all she has lost? But I would try to find a health routine that fit in with MY lifestyle and the lifestyle of my family.
She has kept herself up the right way and should be able to vacation freely in a hot bikini wherever she pleases without the critical eye of those who can’t do the same. If they couldn’t afford personal trainers to guide them, nannies to watch their babies, maids to do their laundry and clean their house, and personal chefs to cook their meals where would they be?!?!?!
I am in better shape now that I was before I got pregnant with my daugther because I worked my butt off. The best way to lose weight with a smile on your face is also to reduce the cortisol level in the blood. Jamie explained the rising popularity of meal replacements in the market today and how important it is for dietary supplement companies to employ nutritionists, who can help individuals use meal replacements as a part of a weight loss solution and teach individuals how to build healthy long-term eating habits. In fact, I often find myself nodding and agreeing that I don’t spend as much time with girls as guys because I had been too privy to mean-girl bullying (as grown ups, ladies, come on now!) in my years.
Somehow thinking that those skinny and fit girls were in the wrong made me feel more in the right.
Or shopping in completely different stores than everyone else because regular clothes don’t fit you.
I haven’t owned a bikini since I was approximately 12 years old and my huge rack wouldn’t fit into those cups if they were goblets.
I have plenty of friends who won’t be caught dead in a bikini and I can completely relate!

I made a friend’s husband delete a photo of all of us on the beach in Vietnam because I was nervous about a bikini shot of me getting posted on Facebook. Somehow ingrained in our precious little girl minds by society and just about any other source kicking around. Maybe she is not raising this baby on her own and she has a staff who takes care of her, but she has the same body as everyone else – it takes time to recover. But, aside from Sarah Jessica Parker, I have never heard a celb state that her money was what made it all possible. When they have colic some people say to stay away from dairy, citrus, caffeine, spicy & anything that will cause gas (beans, salads, certian veggies). Along with the sleep deprivation, other factors involve such as keeping the house together, and making sure errands are done so on so forth.
Those who BF know that it takes more of your time BF your baby, because they need those calories to grow. During the 1st three months a mother should not be worried about losing all that weight so quickly when BF or FF.
Plus, with my last two, I had c-sections and there was no way I was working out until after 6 weeks!
Whatever technique works and whatever strategy works to lose what you need to, then go for it! The same people who say, well I don’t have time to prepare nutritious meals for myself, will come at you guns blazing if you said you let you kid have the occassional gogurt or worse yet at lunchable for snack…how dare you not prepare a nutrious snack!!!
The interns seemed to appreciate the role that Jamie has at Almased in educating clients on how they can use Almased and can add foods back into their diet after a period of using Almased.After the presentation, Jamie answered several questions, while conducting a short demonstration of Almased’s Choco Shake. Swimming against the current in a genetic pool that rivals the dirty water of the Charles River, being uber-fit is really my only hope against illness at a very young age.
Really what Christy said in her comment is sage advice – treat others as you would want to be treated.
Have to say, having experienced this just yesterday, it’s all fun and games until you almost lose your swimsuit bottoms in a riptide like I almost did yesterday at the beach!
Allowing her to hire someone to take over baby care while she worked out hours a day and while she rested up from these workouts.
Other mothers do not have assistance of their husbands, so it’s safe not to just assume that all of them do. It’s important to focus on keeping a good healthy milk supply, and giving your baby the security they need during this time. I wouldn’t have with my first one, either, she was natural, but I bled so much, that would make working out difficult also, yuk! So if you prepare nutrious snacks for your baby or child, why not add a little extra for yourself to take to work.
She’s trained for this role all her life which is why she could bounce back so easily. Not with an Almased diet: it actually reduces stress!Almased gives your body a lot of the things that are missing in food today. The Choco Shake was quick and easy to mix, and called for 8 Tbsp of Almased with 12 oz of unsweetened almond milk and a dash of cinnamon. I gained it all back over the next few months but it was kind of neat to suddenly have my clothing hanging off of me. I lost the 41# I gained in just over 3 months, and I didn’t deprive my body of calories, or do any workouts besides walks to the park.
They’ll just tell new mothers eat healthy, get as much rest as you can, and BF your baby as much as your baby needs. I, on the other hand, was not blessed with a tiny physique or fab six pack before I got pregnant.
It’s easy to make excuses or get angry because a celebrity has resources such as a personal trainer, but in the end we only make excuses. She lives In Hollywood Land which doesn’t wait for pregnant woman to loose weight slowly.
Vitality, good mood, immune defence and anti-aging – all this is influenced by a healthy diet.
All the interns and supervisors had the opportunity to taste the Almased Choco Shake, and they were surprised by how delicious Almased tastes!Later, Robin guided the interns on a tour around the office and facility, introducing the interns to members of the Almased team. I’m a mother of a 5 month old and I know how it feels to be a full time mommy, wife and work all day. Lastly you can lose weight by being a full time mom with a full time job and eating healthy.
Some people just lose the weight easier than others naturally and some really want it and therefore put in A LOT of hard work. I am breastfeeding and had my babay the same week as Alba, my second baby actually and am also working out and on a diet. Almased helps, for example, with amino acids as well as active lactic acid bacteria and lactic acids during renewal of the intestinal mucosa, increasing your immune defence.
The interns learned more about Almased’s products and services, as well as aspects of Almased’s operations.
3 months later I fit in to most of my clothes and only have about 15 lbs left to lose (from 35) and I breastfed very shortly so I didn’t have the luxury of burning 500 calories a day from breastfeeding alone. Almased also impacts the hormone HGH – the body’s own “fountain of youth”: HGH reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, promotes muscle growth, improves memory and even tightens the skin!

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