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June 17, 2015 by Good Samaritan Leave a Comment Coconut oil has been used in natural healing for centuries, but did you know that coconut oil can help you lose weight?
November 7, 2014 by Good Samaritan Leave a Comment I noticed our neighbor limping this morning. March 1, 2014 by Good Samaritan 1 Comment A few months ago my Bob Beck type magnetic pulser arrived. November 29, 2013 by Good Samaritan 1 Comment A big bad combination of things has emerged into this enormous challenge leading up to today in the 21st century. If you look at the nutrition data tables for your favorite vegetables or animal foods, you should see that cruciferous vegetables, land animals and some sea food such as scallops are supposed to have a lot of sulfur.
We bought our Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator in July, for my unbearable back pain which used to plague me day and night, and also the pain which occasionally appeared in the form of a tension neck syndrome and arm syndrome - all these pains have disappeared after I had been wearing the magnetic pulse generator for a few days.
It has been so long since I have owned one of your miracle devices, and I have gathered a lot of experince. What led me to buy one was a terrible ear infection so severe, I spent nights awake in excruciating pain. Later through the years it was successfully used for chronic strep throat, migraine, indigestion, tooth pain, nerve inflammations and much more! I too belong to the enthusiastic crowd of clients who have read your interview in the newspaper. Therefore, I would like to order an additional Bio Medici for my daughter who is also aware of its capability.
In reference to your interview in the newspaper, I would like to tell you about my experiences with the Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator. Seven years ago, when I was 70 years old, I began using the Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator for the first time. I had noticed the first indications of a painful disfiguration of the joints in my fingers.

Through prevention of the "old age symptoms" I am physically and mentally fit and my memories, despite my age, outstanding. Lower back pain can be alleviated with Bio Magnetic Therapy by helping to relax the back muscles and increasing the blood circulation. Bio Magnetic Therapy for pain: The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device treats more than 60 health problems. There is an ancient form of healing called Ayurveda that uses coconut oil for a wide variety of health issues, including coconut oil for weight loss.
Magnetic field strength is in the micro-telsa range that is more in line with the human body's own energies.
Caution is also advised in those cases where your symptoms should first be examined by a doctor or when additional treatment is required which must not be delayed. Given my extreme joint pain, I had been facing a choice between life in a wheel chair or having artificial knees.
And I would love to convince others of the remarkable healing powers of the bio magnetic therapy and his powerful magnetic stimulation.
My attending physician diagnosed it as "old age symptoms" and suggested that I learn to live with it.
Friends and acquaintances, who have not seen me for a long time, ask me: How do you do it ? Our body is supposed to be made up of some x% of sulfur, and since we are not creating sulfur in our bodies, this sulfur has to come from elsewhere, the food, the air, the water, the drinks.
The treatment with the Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator has done me a world of good.
But unfortunately, in the 21st century, the sulfur cycle is broken, and because of global pollution and urban living, our body’s requirements for sulfur has increased tremendously with supplies of sulfur curtailed because our soils have been depleted of sulfur from over farming and the use of sulfur deficient fertilizers. When I think back, I wonder what would have become of me today without the Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator.

My high blood pressure levels has turned out to be what can be considered normal values at my age (67) after 20 years of suffering from high blood pressure.
They refuse to believe that I do not color my hair as it grew back in its natural color, dark-blonde. To alleviate the pain I had to take so many pills, that it eventually affected my stomach and I could no longer tolerate even regular food. But I figured, if it doesn't help, at least it won't do me any harm and promptly ordered a Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator, based on an ad in the newspaper. I had to take two kinds of stomach pills and was at the point where I no longer could eat fruits and vegetables. My husband also owns a Bio Medici, and it has completely cured his sever back pain and pains in knee.
However, since I applied the Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator, I am, once again, able to eat everything.
After only two weeks of application, the pain and the swelling of the joints in my knuckles were gone. For 10 years he suffered from ulcerative colitis pain and then, after using the special setting, his problem was brought under control within a week. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for developing this wonderful device, and we will warmly recommend its use to others.

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