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Christian groups a€?violently offendeda€™ about Adult Swima€™s a€?Black Jesusa€™ TV series Jesus Christ is alive and kicking it with his followers in Compton, Calif., in Adult Swima€™s new comedy series. Conservative Christian groups are outraged that Adult Swim is messing with their Messiah by giving him a filthy mouth and dropping him off in Compton, Calif. Actor Gerald a€?Slinka€? Johnsona€™s portrayal of the Christian deity doesna€™t sit well with One Million Moms, a conservative Christian activist organization. A conservative Christian pastor in Illinois followed suit with his own message for Turner Broadcasting, the company behind Adult Swim.
Despite the backlash, fans on the showa€™s official Facebook page seemed excited about the debut. The film, directed by neophyte Qasim Basir, stars Evan Ross, Nia Long, Roger Guenveur Smith, Dorian Missick and Danny Glover.
Pulled between his strict Muslim upbringing by his father (Roger Guenever Smith) and the normal social life he’s never had, Tariq Mahdi (Evan Ross) enters college in a state of confusion. I caught up with Basir to talk about Mooz-Lum’s controversial subject matter and the making of the film. Want to read more articles like this one? Subscribe to EURnewsletter.Got A News Tip or Video You Want to Share? Recent PostsBrother-In-Law: Prince 'Worked 154 Hours Straight' Before he Died WGN's 'Underground' Renewed for Season Two Mavis Staples on Prince: ‘He Did Everything He Promised Me’ (Watch) 16,000 on Waiting List for Spot at London's First Nude Restaurant! Get up to date black entertainment news and thought provoking editorials from the most insightful and knowledgeable sources online.
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Nerd Boy - One of our most talked about black comedies on social media, Nerd Boy is a classic.
Hurricane In The Rose Garden - Our best performing black romance movie at Walmart with a comedic twist. The Pastor Jones Collection - The Pastor Jones movies are best know for their uplifting stories and christian lessons and morals. Incomplete - Released this year, Incomplete has amassed a huge audience in a short period of time.
The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep - This new release has created impressive social media buzz and sales before the release date.
Deceptions of Love  - This African American thriller had one of the fastest growing number of views when the trailer was posted on our YouTube channel last year.

Waters Rising - With over one million views, Waters Rising is in the top 5 free movies on YouTube and one of our best selling  top 10 black action movies. Da Block Party Collection - This collection of classic black comedies is constantly being mentioned on social media by people reminiscing about the days they used to watch it when they were younger.
The group has called for a boycott of the show and its advertisers, blasting a€?Black Jesusa€? for making a a€?mockery of our Lord.a€? They want to make sure the show is never aired. Most people won't get it but to those who do, I hope this show will have people think twice about how they are living their lives,a€? Gray wrote. New relationships with Muslims and non-Muslims alike challenges his already shaken ideals, and the estrangement with his mother (Nia Long) and sister troubles him. Anyone who reaches back and deals with things in their past and childhood, I think, have issues and I certainly did. One, there is an unbalanced media portrayal and has been for the last decade about Muslims. There are certain people that do certain things in the name of Islam, which they have basically hijacked the religion. Within that time I have written about entertainment, travel, medical, sports, politics and more. From black celebrity news and gossip to the latest in the political world, health and international affairs, you can trust the EUR to provide you with the latest information and opinions on today’s biggest stories.
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We'd like to take a moment to look back at our top 10 favorite and best selling black movies. Their customs are different, but when love calls, beautiful African American Sade accepts Dr. Hundreds have commented on how the movies speak to their hearts and bring them closer to God. With Milon Parker as the director, producer and LGBT icon, the film has garnered a mass following of devoted fans. Deceptions of Love is about newlyweds, Morris and Venice who start out with the best intentions of a marriage made in heaven. This spectacular, live-filmed Gospel Musical stage play celebrates love relations through humor and drama.
They have become all time Maverick Movies favorites which is why we are giving them the number 1 spot. One Million Moms and other conservative groups are attempting to organize a boycott of the show and its advertisers. At the end of the day, it turned out to be one of the most therapeutic things I’ve ever done.
Nerd Boy tells the story of DeDe who is an emotional wreck after her boyfriend, Stix gives her the boot. It was because of these faithful audience members we chose the Pastor Jones Collection for our top 10 African American Films. This movie, with African American LGBT themes, tells the story of Roni and Bri who fall into a forbidden love, where lies and secrets lead to the end of their relationship.
Filled with phenomenal musical performances by talented cast members, including rising star Tony Grant (Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married"), Nei-Ce Knight-Preuitt, Ricke Vermont and Bridgette Bentley.

We are demanding an IMMEDIATE retraction of this show and a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the Christian Community at large.a€? Adult Swim via Youtube a€?Black Jesusa€™ stars comedian Gerald a€?Slinka€™ Johnson as its main character.
They are things I tucked away and didn’t really deal with until the writing of this screenplay. The people I’m around are very open-minded and very enlightened about the world and issues.
I’ve worked on high profile campaigns for Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson, as well as for individuals.
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Each movie tells the story of a troubled character and the Pastor's sermons that help them rediscover themselves and God. She has a wonderful husband, beautiful home, and successful career but she is frequently distressed. Bri tries desperately to move on and forget her past love with Roni, but, she’s in for an unexpected surprise when secrets are revealed.
Two brothers from the Desire Projects in New Orleans just before the storm, are leading a destructive life, and then just barely surviving Katrina, realize how precious life really is. Dealing with the incident it showed me how it’s dealing with some of my personality traits today.
2010 was about getting it done – editing, music and then started showing it at the Urbanworld Film Festival. Sade doesn't know the Nigerian customs, but Joseph’s mom is not going to let her naive daughter-in-law live down her mistake. She feels that her family is not whole as she reads one negative pregnancy test after another. She has taken residence; body and spirit and it proves to be too much for the happy couple. A demand for a grandchild causes unbelievable turmoil in the household and is cause enough for a storm.
Not until she befriends a self-assured man who believes a child could satisfy her emptiness, does she realize her life is Incomplete. Obviously there are some people that have done bad things, but that’s not because of Islam. There were a few more festivals like the one in Chicago International Film Festival and the Cairo International film festival. And, if something goes down here, Muslim people are afraid too and they don’t want to be hurt too.

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