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This large Carnivore lives in the swamps, forests, tundra, and sometimes the Pacific Northwest. Black bears have powerful limbs and are equiped with short claws that enable them to break apart logs, climb trees, and collect grubs and worms.
Kermode, glacier, and cinnamon bear all refer to particular color phases of the American black bear.
Adult males usually weigh from 150 to 650 pounds (68 to 295 kg), and females from 100 to 400 pounds (45 to 181 kg).
Females typically produce their first cubs at 3 to 7 years of age, depending on their general level of nutrition. American black bears are omnivorous, and feed on a wide range of foods, depending upon availability. American black bears are highly adaptable in forested habitats, living in both arid areas (such as the Chihuahuan Desert) and moist forests, from sea level to 6,560 feet (1,981 meters). Black bears with white coats are called Kermode bears, and are found along the north-central coast of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory .
In celebration of Black History Month, we decided to dedicate our quotes this week to some seriously inspirational quotes from some of our favorite African-American women throughout history. As we all know, the curly hairstyles work perfectly on the black women for their naturally thick fine hair. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Anyway, I was going on and on about our commitment to this good deed and that great thing our company does when someone in the group finally asked a question and a lively, stimulating discussion ensued.
I got an earful from these folks about the importance diversity plays in a company’s health, vitality, profitability and reputation. At first, I found that hard to swallow, but as I thought about it, I could see the reasoning. The argument is that in order to be completely socially responsible you must take in many other factors including race.

Hi Perry- To your point on the role diversity plays in the much broader CSR field, I must agree that it plays an important part, but it remains a single part of the larger conversation.
Having grown up in New Orleans during the 50s and 60s, I recall that there was a great deal of anger within the Black community and in many respects it was justified.
They would normally be seen close to towns and suburbs where they can access food from storage buildings or cars.
Possible ancestors of the black bear include the extinct Ursus abstrusus and Ursus vitabilis known from fossils found in North America.
Adults will grow to an average of 45 – 75 inches in length (114 cm to 191 cm), from nose to tail. Along with your cool outfits, a right hairstyle will create a quite fashionable and trendy look for the wearers. They will also look well with other hair textures and can be suited for both men and women. Quite a feat that Cadbury was doing, though their efforts, if I remember correctly, were Christian based: an attempt to help people attain a spiritual level of existence by, may I say it?
In the colder parts of their range, black bears seek refuge in their den for the winter where they enter a winter sleep.
But in the west, their color is more variable and can be black, brown, cinnamon or even a light buff color. Although black is the predominant color, chocolate and cinnamon brown color phases are also common.
Black bears in many eastern populations are larger than their western counterparts due to their access to fruiting trees like beechnut and oak.
But what better way to celebrate Black History Month than by borrowing the words of some of the world’s most amazing women? The same reason theres women’s history month becuause we were not given the same rights as men. If you want to have a stylish hair look, the black curly hairstyles could be your perfect choice with their classy and chic styles.

For women, the fabulous black curly hairstyles will definitely create the head-turning effect for them in any occasion.
I answered the question by – generally – saying that diversity is of course important, and CSR was a very broad field where diversity is a part of the conversation, but a small one compared to other issues, such as supply chain monitoring, reporting, environmental stewardship and investor relations for example. Indeed, one gentleman insisted and several assented,hat CSR has its origins in the American Black movement of the 50s and 60s! When approached by humans Black Bears rather flee than attack, with that being said they are still dangerous. Their dormancy is not true hibernation, but during their winter sleep the refrain from eating, drinking or excreting waste for as long as seven months. Longevity in the wild can be over 30 years old, though females stop reproducing in their mid-to-late 20s. Cubs are born in the den in January and remain with their mothers until they are 16 to 17 months old. While men can wear a shoulder-length black curly haircut to let the curls frame the both sides of your face.
The CSR movement took off when activists and companies began collaborating together to achieve common goals, something the early civil rights and environmental movements had difficulty accomplishing given their combative stance against the government and “big” business.
Although some black bears may be colored like brown bears, they two species can be distinguished by the fact that the smaller black bears lack the dorsal hump characteristic of the larger brown bears.
At last, you can also make a full use of bright color to make your hair look more wonderful. Whether you’re getting married, have natural hair, relaxed, short or long, check out some of the hottest hair trends and hairstyles to kick off 2015.

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