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Black Friday falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA, while Cyber Monday is the following Monday.
Both days see retailers selling products at massively-discounted prices, with sales held by online and brick-and-mortar stores. While there are South African stores which take part in the annual sales, the best specials are usually held in the US. If you are thinking about importing some sweet deals from the States this year, here’s the foundation for the process you will need to follow. Many US stores, like Amazon, allow you to ship to a South African address and use a local credit card.
Some online stores will not sell to non-US residents, though, and can detect if you are accessing their retail site from outside of the country. When using a mail forwarding service, look out for the option to have your address listed in a US state that does not charge sales tax. Once you have set up the necessary services and transferred money into your virtual credit card service, you can start shopping online in the US and placing your orders.
Once you have ordered your Black Friday deals, you will enter the NYBox address for them to be shipped to.
You will receive a notification from NYBox when your package arrives, after which you must instruct it where to forward the package to and which courier to use. Before your courier can clear your order through customs, you will first have to pay duties and VAT on the items, as well as a disbursement fee. Registering for an importers code should help speed up any issues at customs, particularly when bringing in multiple devices for personal use.
A user-maintained wireless network, which covers over 2,500 square kilometres, provides users with free bandwidth to use for a variety of services.
Eskom’s board has approved a new fleet renewal strategy based on the economic viability of a station as opposed to a purely age-based decommissioning of power stations. Jefferson Graham talks to consumers about what tech gifts they want for the holidays, on #TalkingTech.
The biggest day in the shopping calendar always brings bonkers gaming bundurus, and we're here yet again for Black Friday 2015 to guide you through all of the best PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita deals in the United States and the UK. This article will be refreshed regularly in the run-up to Black Friday, so make sure that you bookmark it and come back to it often for updates on all of the best deals.
You'll find all of the deals from dozens of major US and UK retailers below, but if you just want the juicy stuff and don't care where you shop, then we've included all of the most sizzling deals below.

The PS4 is dropping to $299.99 at most major retailers in the US starting Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.
From Tuesday through Saturday, GameStop's selling the gorgeous Aqua Blue PlayStation Vita Slim system for just $169.99. As reported earlier in the week, Best Buy's selling the PlayStation TV at an outrageously low $19.99 at the moment.
There are very few PS Vita sales in the UK this year, but Zavvi is sticking a PlayStation TV in with its 500GB PS4 bundle for ?299.99. As an American centric phenomenon, the bulk of the best Black Friday deals happen to be available in the United States. Amazon likes to do Black Friday a little differently to everyone else, offering a series of lightning deals right the way through the holiday weekend. As the biggest specialist retailer of games in the United States, it's no surprise that GameStop has the most deals up for grabs.
Meijer may not be a household name, but it's preparing a triple-pronged attack on this year's holiday shopping season.
If you don't fancy braving the crowds at your local mall or shopping centre, then why not do some spending on the PlayStation Store instead?
Target will be kicking off the busy Black Friday weekend early – on Thursday, 26th November to be precise.
Saving money on gadgets without braving the Black Friday crowds: that's what Cyber Monday is all about. There are four desktop deals listed in the Black Friday ad, two towers and two all-in-one (AIO) PCs. You should also ensure that NYBox does not repackage your goods into boxes which may get flagged at customs.
If you're in the market for hardware, software, or even accessories for any of Sony's flagship formats, then you'll find all of the greatest offers embedded below. Do let us know in the comments section if you happen upon a scorcher – we'll be updating this list regularly for your money saving pleasure. This also includes copies of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Assassin's Creed Syndicate.
Stock up on turkey and get ready to brave your local mall – the savings are going to be bigger than ever this year. We've included all of the deals and their associated time stamps for your easy perusal below – just be sure to add to your basket as quick as you can, because stocks will be limited.

It'll then be re-opening on Black Friday proper at 08:00AM, and it's got some big door busters lined up. Not only are PlayStation hardware prices plunging at stores across the country, but there are also tons of software and accessory bargains to be had.
It'll be opening stores from 06:00AM on 26th November, 27th November, and 28th November, with different deals available each day.
However, all of the offers will be good through Saturday, 28th November – assuming that stocks last. While it doesn't have any of the Apple products popular every holiday shopping season, the newly combined retailer doesn't lack for deals on plenty of other tablets and PCs. Check out CNET's 2014 holiday gift guide for expert advice, reviews, and recommendations for you and your family. The Black Friday prices do indeed provide additional savings, but in some case the savings may be less than $50 compared to what you can get right now. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. But if you're aware of a bundle or badass saving that we've missed, then we need your help – just drop it in the comments section. The excellent Gold Wireless Stereo Headset will also be available for $59.99 from the aforementioned date. If you're looking for somewhere to play Persona 4 Golden, then that extra piece of hardware should serve you well.
You'll find outlets open from Friday, 27th November – but of course, there's always the website, too. It's worth noting that Meijer is offering a $50 gift card with purchases of the same bundle on Thursday, 26th November only. A new trend for 2015--Black Friday deals are starting as early as Monday.Where do the #talkingtechLIVE panelists go to get great deals?

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