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It’s that magical time of year, where we all stay up way past our bedtimes so we can get super sweet deals for holiday goods! We got a huge response from the ROBLOX community, and you guys helped decide which stuff got into the sale.
We don’t want to spoil all the surprises of what you can get in the sale, but here are some hints to whet your appetite.
There will be a big discounts on items like the oh so fly Commander Crow’s Wings, and other high priced hats and gear. Plus, five packages will be available at a discount, plus one previously not for sale package will be put on sale! Check out the Black Friday Retail Order Form for incredible savings on all of your favorite Seacret products. Imagine shopping at one of North America’s largest factory outlet malls on Black Friday for Midnight Madness!   Travac Tours will be offering a special shopping excursion to New York’s Woodbury Common on November 22nd for Midnight Madness!

Travac will also be stopping at the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown New York.  The Galleria features over 140 specialty stores.
Day 2Today a shuttle will be available to take you to the Galleria at Crystal Run Mall, with stops at TJ Maxx and Target.
And while your friends and family might be lining up for Blu-Rays and video games, you can stay inside all toasty and warm for the ROBLOX Black Friday Sale.
Over 60 items will be discounted, put back on sale, released for the first time (ie new!), or made limited during the sale, which runs through Monday, December 1.
Pacific time with the doorbuster release of a special robot dino helm that will only be available from 4 a.m. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get high end Seacret products for amazing prices!
In addition, we will also stop at the Carousel Center in Syracuse.  The Carousel Center houses most of the major department stores.  Take advantage of the new duty free allowance increase as of June 1st (from $400 to $800 per person) and shop til you drop!

As an independent agency, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with high quality tours and travel arrangements at an excellent value. We have earned a reputation in the travel industry for providing uncompromising attention to detail for our customers.
And keep checking the blog over the next few days, we’ll have more clues on which hats and gear you can expect (and maybe even hints on when you can get them). Shuttles will be available tonight for Midnight Madness shopping at Woodbury Common, your Tour Director will advise you of departure and return times.
Any other nationality other than Canadian persons must identify themselves to the booking agent for verification of documents required.

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