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Donna DiegelProvidence Holidays ExaminerDonna Diegel is a published author, freelance writer, pastry chef, recipe developer, former caterer and party planner. Feng Shui expert, Laura Carillo, on peace in designThe essence of the house can be manipulated with color, furnishings, texture and lighting. Check out three fruity cocktails to get you in the mood for springIt's finally springtime, and the cold winter months are a thing of the past. Subscribe to the Chrissy's Deals - Sales and Deals Examiner above to receive Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales into your inbox. Chrissy MorinSales & Deals ExaminerChrissy Morin is learning to enjoy being an empty nester who loves to keep everyone informed on the latest celebrity news, best deals, yummiest food and what's trending on the internet.

Prince and the fashion revolution: A look at the style iconWith news of legendary musician Prince passing away today, the world is mourning the loss of an icon. Coachella Vibes: 3 Men's Outfits For Under $60Are you ready to vibe out in the desert sun, place all of the life's problems aside and have the time of your life? But there is another dimension of organization that you may not have great knowledge about: Feng Shui.
27, Target will offer 30 one-day-only special deals available exclusively through Cartwheel, Target’s new digital savings program. Currently living aboard a 40-foot sailboat as a galley slave without her 10 burner restaurant stove and 30 quart mixer, she needed an outlet for her creativity and fell into food writing as a result of severe creative withdrawal.

Donna is also a sci-fi addict, absolutely adores cheesecake, coconut and lime, and is very proud of her blog, Spatulas & Corkscrews.

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