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The displayed shipping price is for '1' GoPro Hero 3 3+ 4 Case Desert Sand Camo Waterproof Housing. The first 2 are a close-up of Optimus Prime’s grill, and a group shot of the four of the autobots. UPDATE: We now have posted some of the toy prototypes and some concept images after the jump.
Yuszirr, I agree with Lilly, ahaha i think the movie was effing amazingg, but maybe cause ive never seen any of the cartoons, just 14. This article is about the Decepticon in the 2007 film, for the almost-identical Decepticon in the sequel, see Grindor. Blackout acted as an electronic warfare jamming station for Megatron when he assaulted the command ship of a hostile alien species. During the war on Cybertron, Blackout preferred to sow confusion and disarray before he attacked, rather than engage in direct confrontation & risk being killed. Half an hour after his death and before his body was dumped in the sea (in the film), Blackout was briefly turned into a rampaging Zombie by Starscream. Blackout had spent thousands of years searching for Megatron and the All Spark under Starscream aboard the Nemesis.
The Decepticon infiltration unit under the command of Starscream, including Blackout and Barricade, landed on Mars, hot on the trail of the Autobot Bumblebee.
Later, after being lured into a trap intended for Bumblebee, set by a group of impressively equipped humans, Blackout, along with Starscream, attacked the organization's bunker and attempted to remotely hack into their main server, but failed after they disconnected their local systems. On Cybertron, Blackout fought alongside Megatron, until his master ordered 'this loyal hound' to assist Starscream's unit in keeping Optimus Prime's forces busy, while Megatron pursued his destiny. Making planetfall on Earth in Afghanistan many years later, Blackout attracted the attention of a military vehicle of the local creatures. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. Blackout flew into the airspace of US SOCCENT Forward Operations Base in Qatar and refused to identify himself, prompting base commander Colonel Sharp to dispatch two F-22 Raptors to escort the Decepticon into their base. Once he landed, Blackout jammed the control towers' radar and communications and was surrounded by the soldiers stationed at the base and was ordered to power down and disembark his crew, or deadly force would be used. Evidently, after the attack, Blackout flew back to the United States, as he was in the vicinity when Frenzy reported the discovery of All Spark's location and Starscream ordered their forces to mobilize.
Blackout withdrew from the battle for a few moments, but returned as Optimus Prime and Megatron fought. His remains were dumped and submerged in the second deepest part of the ocean - the Laurentian Abyss - along with his fellow dead Decepticons.
Note: The possible period of time that Blackout acquired his vehicle mode in the movie appears to contradict the origin of his vehicle mode in both IDW's Prime Directive prequel and the second Target-sponsored prequel comic. Blackout and Scorponok were sent to the SOCCENT Base to destroy the human military installation there and download information from the military servers on the location of the All Spark. Blackout arrived at Hoover Dam, where his scans failed to detect the energy signatures of Megatron or the All Spark. During Megatron's battle with Optimus Prime, Blackout attempted to assist his master by charging Prime. As Jazz retrieved Sector 7 vehicles for Optimus Prime, he happened upon their helicopter, which to his surprise turned out to be Blackout.
Blackout made his presence felt again as Bumblebee raced back to Tranquility carrying the All Spark with him. First arriving under the command of a low-ranking soldier, Blackout was sent out to destroy the communications arrays in the Qatar SOCCENT military base.
Soon after, Blackout encounters Ratchet, who appears at the base to stop the Decepticon from blowing the heck out of everything.
Dropping off some bombs for Brawl to set, the Decepticons attempt to blow up the Dam to simultaneously release Megatron and thaw him out, but are thwarted by Jazz and his drone clones. Blackout arrives just in time to be blasted to slag by an All Spark powered Starscream with a single blast. A much smaller and highly simplified version of the character, Legends Blackout features limited articulation and detail, with the helicopter mode not being a particularly faithful recreation of an MH-53 Pave Low (the placement of the fuel tanks, in particular). Blackout transforms into a reasonably accurate Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low heavy-lift helicopter. During transformation, Blackout's (mind-numbingly delicate) Automorphing gimmick is activated when the user swings down his legs, which in turn flips the gray chest section his head is mounted upon up and into position, and lifts his back assembly and locks into into place behind his head. In robot mode, Blackout appears closer to his original concept art, back when he was called "Incinerator" (seemingly also the basis for his Nintendo DS appearance). An interesting side note is that the two hard points located on Blackout's shoulders, intended to support his abominably large weapon, are actually the same size as the Mini-Con Powerlinx plugs on most Unicron Trilogy figures. This mold is retooled as Evac, for the AllSpark Power refresh of the movie toyline and later redecoed into Whirl. Ignoring the vast difference in scale between Scorponok's two figures while linked to Blackout takes some imagination. This package, based on their first appearance in the film, features an unchanged Voyager Blackout packaged with an unchanged Deluxe Scorponok, which was exclusively available at Toys "R" Us stores. This Voyager class Blackout repaint is exclusive to the Lawson Japan convenience store chain, with the purchase of the movie DVD.
This redeco of the Voyager Class Blackout toy appears to be based on the same plastic color layout and paint mask as the Japanese Lawson exclusive "Version 4500X" redeco of Voyager Blackout, down to the improved paint on the Scorponok mini-figure.
Unlike some of the early "Premium Series" toys, Blackout was available as a mass market release. This three-inch figurine, as with all Titaniums, is partially made of die-cast metal and plastic, sculpted holding his rotor-blades as a hand weapon.
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Whatever your requirements, Classic Blinds Letterkenny have the solution, a home consultation service available and free measuring and fitting we are confident that you will find exactly the product to enhance your home or place of work. Chocolate Blackout Cake usually consists of a chocolate cake, split, with pudding between the layers as well as on the outside of the cake, and then covered in the cake's crumbs as a decoration. This version, which I found on the Food Network website, replaces the outer layer of pudding with two layers of ganache. For the cake, I used my go-to chocolate cake recipe, One-Bowl Chocolate Cake, from Martha's Cooking School, which couldn't be easier or tastier. In better days he was always to be found looming powerful and silent behind his leader's right shoulder.
He would only go into ground battles under cover of loud noise and pyrotechnics (which he himself caused with his devastating sonic shriek emitters). To protect himself, he used an army of drone troopers (presumably Scorponoks) to draw enemy fire.
While Starscream was hoping not to find Megatron, Blackout was working against him in hopes of restoring the former leader. Starscream claimed that Prime and Bumblebee were killed by indigenous worms, while the alien ship was destroyed when it fell into a cavern.
Blackout scanned a USAF MH-53 Pave Low helicopter in Afghanistan, but was not detected by the humans and destroyed the other helicopter leaving no witnesses making his planetfall a clean one just like his two comrades. Arriving soon after Brawl delivered news of Megatron's location, Blackout and Starscream witnessed the successful Autobot launch of the All Spark. Witnessing the ease in which Wreckage destroyed the carrier, Starscream pondered that Megatron would have been able to subjugate these beings if he was able to. In this story, Blackout immediately leaves for Qatar after the attack (2007), whereas in the Movie itself, he assumed the form three months before attacking the SOCCENT base.
One of the Raptors reported that Blackout had the registry number of 4500X on his vertical stabilizer, the number of the helicopter Blackout had scanned and destroyed three months earlier in Afghanistan. Seeing no reason to hide himself any further, Blackout transformed under a hail of automatic weapons fire from the shocked humans.
Blackout was the last to acknowledge the order, then rallied in Megatron's name, perhaps to remind Starscream who his master was.
Megatron's order of "Decepticons attack" must have been music to his ears, and he followed his master's commands wholeheartedly. The pair were successful, though Blackout's escape was briefly interrupted by the arrival of a squad of human jet fighters. Seeing as he was certainly not destroyed with by that single punch (even if that came from Optimus).
He chased Bumblebee through the streets until he was intercepted on a rooftop by Ratchet, who put an end to his menace for good. Their heroic attempts are for naught, as Megatron escapes anyway, while Blackout and Barricade retrieve his weapon chip. Even though the robot mode sports an attempt to emulate the movie character's chest design, this does not involve the use of obvious fake elements of the helicopter mode's cockpit, unlike other Legends Class toys of movie characters. An aft "cage" compartment can be opened to release a small PVC figurine of his partner, Scorponok. Another, less impressive automorph is in his legs - If you pull his knees down, his shin armor pops out a bit. The entire rotor assembly on his back can be removed and converted into a gigantic fan weapon, to vaguely represent the hand-held rotor-blade weapon he wields in the film, also seen on the Titanium figurine (see below).
Getting the gears back into alignment is a veritable nightmare, as so many other parts shift and move as you attempt to manipulate the respective pieces. Since Voyager Blackout was gang-molded with the miniature Scorponok figure the single release came with, this means that the set contains two Scorponok toys in different sizes. He is redecoed in a more realistic color scheme for vehicle mode, 4500X markings and a drastically changed plastic color scheme in robot mode (many parts once black are now silver or the same colour as his helicopter hull).
As a matter of fact, both toys were almost identical, minimally minor differences and packaging aside.
His rotor blade can be detached and inserted into his left hand to represent the hand-held rotor blade seen in the film, just like the Voyager class version. Interestingly, Blackout has a more unique sculpt to him; the weapon is sculpted as it was briefly seen in the movie, but on the wrong hand.
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Upon discovering a vessel similar to Megatron's alternate mode, Blackout became convinced that Megatron was nearby. Blackout, unconvinced, challenged Starscream, but was seriously damaged, and had to be taken back to the Nemesis.

When Starscream tells the Decepticons that their mission is to find the All Spark, Blackout reminds Starscream that they must also find Megatron. Blackout restrained Starscream from going after it, the pair nearly coming to blows when Blackout launched Scorponok from his chest. Activating his heavy machine guns and energy cannons, Blackout made quick work of the soldiers closest to him, and topped it off with a powerful energy wave against the rest of them.
Instinctively, the soldier recorded images of Blackout, the Decepticon indulging this brief moment of curiosity by looking straight back at the human. He attempted to block ladiesman217's path as the boy was trying to get away with the All Spark, before he was attacked by Ironhide. That's got be the most humiliating thing for any of the characters in the videogame, losing to somebody a third of his size.
Blackout fired a pair of missiles and fought off a squad of Autobot sports car drones that were defending the installation. Curiously, the instructions on the back of the card show how to transform him from his alt-mode to his robot mode, which is the reverse of the rest of the Legends Class packaging; basically Grindor (who came as an exclusive with Bumblebee) but black.
A button on the very end of his tail can be pressed in a geared action to rotate his rotor blades.
Because of the size of his rotor assembly, Blackout is also much shorter than most Voyager-class figures despite his bulk, barely taller than a Deluxe figure. Swinging the legs down locks the back assembly into place for robot mode, but simply swinging the legs back does not unlock it, with the user being required to actively separate the parts by hand. Additionally, the mini-Scorponok figurine has been repainted in metallic colours and detailed to resemble the deluxe-class toy (and the movie CG design, of course). Blackout himself has an altered leg & foot design as well as having the main rotor-blades on his back excluded, matching it up more with the fact that instead of using his tail rotor, he uses his main rotor as a multi-purpose melee weapon, echoing the game render. Perfect for summertime in Ireland or anytime, anyone with young children will really appreciate Blackout Blinds when you are trying to get children to settle down at night or maybe for that little lie in at the week-end. Once you have chosen your window dressing Classic Blinds guarantees a fast efficient delivery service from our factory to your windows. With such a variety of choices available today, from roller blinds, through to aluminium or wood venetian blinds, plantation shutters, verticals or pleated blinds, there is something to suit all tastes. Blackout is not happy with the lack of progress Starscream is making towards finding the missing Decepticon leader. However, the Autobots arrived in the Ark to investigate the ship, and Starscream ordered the Decepticons to wait while he investigated the alien ship. Fortunately, Starscream calmed down, and after witnessing Megatron leave the planet himself, the group took on protoform transition forms and followed. Starscream's unit then attacked the nearby air base where Blackout scanned and adopted the form of an MH-53J 'Pave Low' helicopter, then easily hacked into the files of the human computers. Blackout then activated a chest-mounted laser cannon to put the fleshling out of its misery, but he was struck by a grenade fired by another soldier, and the human escaped.
The Autobot threw a car at Blackout, who fired his laser cannon to destroy the vehicle and knock Ironhide over.
Underestimating the fighting spirit and desire for vengeance of the humans, Blackout tried to finish them off until Captain Lennox, using an abandoned motorcycle, charged at him and fired a sabot round into his crotch (ouch), as F-22s pounded the Decepticon with missiles, extinguishing his spark. By attaching the Deluxe-class Scorponok to his underside, the rotor gimmick also spins Scorponok's claws. His articulation is limited to his shoulders, head and waist, and he comes packaged with a movie-style Decepticon symbol display base.
Using natural wood, sleek aluminium or subtle soft fabrics, the choices are almost endless. Growing impatient, Blackout convinced Frenzy and Bonecrusher to join him in an attack on the Autobots.
When Starscream ordered the Decepticons to destroy the ship, Blackout demanded answers, which Bonecrusher and Barricade agreed to. Inside, he found files on something called 'Project: Iceman', which he suspected was related to Megatron. Enraged, Blackout ejected Scorponok from his back and sent his minion to track the fleeing soldiers. He flew ahead of ladiesman217, attempting to use his rotor weapon to kill him, but the human managed to dodge this attack. He then followed the newly-revived Megatron to Mission City, where he engaged in a final showdown with Ironhide, who had just punted Scorponok.
Blackout is openly mutinous and will challenge Starscream's leadership at any opportunity, not for his own sake, but to better serve his ultimate goal of finding his lost master.
Blackout, Scorponok, and Frenzy ganged up on Optimus Prime, but he managed to defeat them, forcing Blackout to call for a retreat. However, Ratchet was able to force Scorponok off the Ark, and Blackout, still healing, sped to his rescue.
After the base's destruction, Blackout headed towards Qatar, intent on attacking a similar military base there to access the information they needed. Blackout then turned his attention back to the base, obliterating it, leaving no survivors.
Blackout has a sneaky side and uses his symbiotic companion Scorponok's small size to great advantage. After Prime headed to investigate Bumblebee's disappearance, Starscream ordered them to attack, and Bonecrusher was given command.

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