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Featuring Games, Food and more!Monster Parade every night at 7PM Sharp through the Monster Midway!
Fall is a time for harvest, but we won’t be harvesting corn, the night stalkers will be harvesting their favorite food… it’s you, good luck!After several years of employment the local company laid off many loyal employees.The loss of the jobs took on a bigger effect than originally thought. The first of its kind in North Carolina, Stuartism art work is phenomena. Prepare to put on your glasses and take a wild ride through the all-new dimension of horror.
All of it – the history, the whimsy of pumpkin picking and bobbing for apples, and the ability to make yourself feel more alive by stepping outside of your comfort zone.
Don’t miss it! The monsters parade through the Midway lead by The Casket Car, Eddie, and Dawn the Snake. When Blackbeard’s ship was found, little did they know the horror that would be unleashed by disturbing its final resting place? Without a guide, you must continue on your own without disturbing the occupants that live there. It is a must see event!Infestation exploits any phobia you can think of – bugs, spiders, and snakes, just to name a few. We love the adrenaline rush we get from performing on stage and we love the adrenaline rush we get from extreme haunted houses.Extreme haunted houses provide a safe environment to test your physical and mental limitations within the realm of a fictional immersive theater experience. The experience will be different for each person, whether they fear the dark, close quarters, or maybe lions, tigers, and bears.
Try to find your way out…wait, there’s a big metal door, open it!!!! The new founding fathers of America introduced an American tradition to build a better America by cleansing our nation. We have attended many extreme haunted houses (including the infamous off-season events of Blackout Haunted House) and we have never been placed in any real danger.That being said, we are both women in our early 30s (one of us is even a mom) and we take our safety very seriously. We do not sky dive, bungee jump, or participate in events like the Tough Mudder extreme obstacle mud run because we are unwilling to risk our safety.Extreme Haunted houses like Blackout and Freakling Bros create the illusion of an out of control experience, but the reality is that every moment is precisely planned and monitored. As you go through you will be wearing a black hood which blocks all sight and gives you a claustrophobic feeling. The actors are trained to handle different scenarios and many have backgrounds in stage combat and professional wrestling.
This illusion allows you to push your boundaries and face your darkest fears in a safe environment where no real harm will come to you.
They do not have a safe word and all participants are aware of that fact before they enter. No one enters an extreme haunt against their will.The psychological aspect of these experiences allows you to project your deepest fears on the subject matter, which can be very personal and unsettling, so it is perfectly understandable that survivors of abuse like Ms.

Sylverne might find the thought of these simulated experiences appalling.Extreme Haunted Houses are not for everyone. I sleep just fine after visiting an extreme haunted house, but I can’t watch horror movies like Hostel, Silent Hill, or the Saw franchise because they give me nightmares.
So, I believe that it’s inaccurate to suggest that extreme haunted houses exist solely because our society has become desensitized and dead inside. Everyone is different and it’s important to know your limits before you participate in any kind of extreme activity.Extreme Haunted Houses are what you make of them. We find it very empowering that we are able to withstand the simulated violence and horror scenarios that others cannot.
The adrenaline rush you get from playing the role of the lone survivor in a simulated horror movie comes with a sense of accomplishment and pride for having challenged your fears. Standing up to our fears makes us feel powerful and we’d like to think that in some small way our experiences in extreme haunted houses might help us to remain calm in dangerous real life situations. It’s make believe, but when it’s over you return to your life with perspective and a deeper understanding of who you are.In the future, we encourage news publications and journalists writing about these events to contact the haunt owners directly or speak to someone who actually participated when it comes to the content of these shows. There are numerous theatrical tricks that can be used to create illusions and the haunt owners can discuss how they safely create the moments that feel very dangerous. TRILOGY OF TERROR Las Vegas, NevadaGates of Hell Attraction: 17+, Extreme, Violent, Sexual Undertones, Uses Electricity, Must Sign a Waiver, Rated-R.
Blackout Haunted House has developed a cult following for its extreme brand of immersive horror theater.
Creators Josh Randall and Kristjan Thorgeirsson are infamous for obliterating the traditional rules and limitations of haunted attractions and bending the genre to encompass darker, more extreme, scare tactics.This was the seventh Blackout event that I have attended. Forked paths require a choice be made and create the illusion of being in control of your fate.
After signing a waiver, all audience members must walk through the experience completely alone. There is even some cleverly devised entertainment to enjoy, while you nervously wait to enter the house.
It has reached cult status among its fans and given birth to crazy urban legend hoax theories. A lesson I learned last year the hard way.I arrive at the secret location exactly on time and a peaceful feeling comes over me as I relinquish control to Blackout Haunted House.
I must read the last paragraph out loud for a video waiver.I am instructed to walk down the street.

I walk cautiously, afraid I will miss something, when Blackout co-creator Josh Randall appears at my side and in his intense way gives instructions and hands me a cell phone and an envelope.
I take a deep breath and enter the warm balmy room the hotel AC is working tirelessly to counteract.I follow instructions. I figure I can use all the help I can get and toss it back quickly before I follow the final instructions. It continues and I can feel it growing nearer.I am surprised when I suddenly feel weight on the bed in two different places.
The weight moves until I am sandwiched between two bodies audibly breathing at the same pace. The warmth and deep breathing feels sensual at first but quickly grows hostile and claustrophobic as the breathing gets increasingly faster and closer until there is simultaneous hyperventilating on each side of my face. The breather on my right accidentally clocks me in the head.Disoriented, I am lifted up and held in a seated position.
Arms pull me from the bed and I am standing on the floor moving toward the other side of the room.
I am led into what I assume is a corner of the bathroom and a voice tells me not to move.I stand perfectly still for a few moments and then I hear a sickly voice. I follow the instructions and pull back the shower curtain revealing a dirty and naked young woman lying in the tub. She mumbles additional instructions to give her a pill (Tic Tac) from a pill bottle and a swig of water. My head is lifted up and I am instructed to open my mouth and two fingers press through the plastic allowing me to breathe.
Then there is a face very close to mine and it says in a hurried and intense way, “It’s Never Over! I dress as quickly as my arms will allow and stumble out the door clutching my socks in my hand.
Then I make my way back onto the warm NYC street and try to wrap my head around what just happened.Final ThoughtsI have really mixed feelings about this event.
I understand how that could be effective for male participants who are afraid of becoming aroused in front of a camera, but from a female perspective it was a bit boring.

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