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Energy in Europe is being threatened by the crisis in Ukraine, and uncertainty on oil and gas supply has led British energy groups to expect more power outages. The Philippines is touted as the social media capital of the world, making sites like Twitter and Facebook an effective means of disseminating information to the public. With threats of power outages this summer as power plants shut down, the Philippines can also tap on social media to alert the public on when and where brownouts may hit. In GE’s system, which it plans to patent in the US and Europe, social media will be used as a source of real-time data to know where and when brownouts will take place. The posts with hashtags can then be monitored, collected and used by electricity providers to keep track of their service. Tapping social media can help the energy firms to invest little while speeding up response times. Canonisation of popes John Paul II and John XXIII has got Catholics showing their devotion to the extreme. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.
Young people from that era, on the other hand, may have not-so-drastic memories of that not-so-distant past. If there was a positive outcome from brownouts, it can be said that the forced disconnection made people bond more. Time to break out that acoustic guitar and work on your chords or sing songs to pass the time.
Before the advent of the Internet, music enthusiasts relied on chord books or ‘song hits’ to master their favorite songs on guitar. These days, young people that want to learn how to play the guitar or any musical instrument only need to type a quick search on YouTube and choose from hundreds of tutorials. So when a blackout occurs, how about giving a little tribute to the era when blackouts broke out, and play some Eraserheads songs and Extreme’s More than Words? Yes, pusoy dos is a classic blackout pastime and if you actually don’t know how to play, this is a good time to learn. You can have a great time playing cards even without any betting involved, but another great option is to play board games.
During a blackout, just be mindful of the small pieces and even the play money that comes with the games. Get everybody screaming and hugging each other with tales of the ‘white lady’ that roams the twilight hours of Balete Drive, the anguished souls of the workers that allegedly got buried in when scaffolding gave way during the construction of Manila Film Center, or the restless souls of foreign missionaries stationed in Baguio City who were killed during World War II. This year, Metro Manila barely escaped going through another period of rotational blackouts. It is key to prepare and really instill energy efficiency and safety measures in the household. Should blackouts occur again, make sure that the household observes safety precautions, and might as well take the opportunity to disconnect and take a break from hectic schedules and routines.
If you have enough electricity, be sure to explore the following activities with a friend or family member:Nearly everyone deals with power loss from time to time. A brownout does not cause problems because of a decrease in electrical current, but an increase. Man if electricity was lost I would not be able to catch up on sports on ESPN, which would be a shame because I love ESPN!

Purposeful, complete interruptions in power to certain areas in order to stabilize the power grid during times of peak usage are known as what?
But global energy firm General Electric (GE) has noted that social media may be used to warn people and prepare them for power outages — an idea that could be used in the Philippines. Filipinos have actually already used social media in disasters, and used the concept to co-ordinate relief efforts in areas hit by typhoon Yolanda and typhoon Pablo. Data will come in the form of posts with relevant hashtags like #poweroutage, #powerout or #noelectric. The social media output helps the electricity providers identify and locate problematic areas in their service lines and address them. But more than that, it empowers the public to monitor how energy providers are serving them. Homes stocked up on big boxes of Guitar matches, candles, flashlights, batteries, and some families eventually purchased generator sets. The constant shut down and sudden power surge of electricity took its toll on many electrical appliances. Families that were used to having meals in front of the TV set got to catch up and have meaningful conversations.
Jingle Magazine was a popular choice at the time, serving up chords and lyrics of popular classics and Top 40 hits.
There are nifty applications like Ultimate Guitar and the popular Garage Band, to help out would-be musicians. You wouldn’t want candle wax dripping on them, accidentally stepping on these small tokens (ouch!) or the play money catching fire (yipes!). Gather your friends, set the mood with a solitary candlelight and share some classic tales usually reserved for All Soul’s Day.
Unfortunately, certain areas of Mindanao still go through 2 to 3 hours of rotational blackouts due to limited supply of energy in the region. But taking into consideration factors such as the area where you live, incoming typhoons and natural disasters and their gravity, as well as power plant maintenance shut downs, the likelihood of experiencing power outages remain likely. Bunu indirmek icin lutfen bu sunuyu herhangi bir sosyal aglarda arkadaslar?n?za tavsiye edin. Under Voltage Protection (UVP): Dusuk Gerilim Korumas? Over Voltage Protection (OVP): Yuksek Gerilim Korumas? Mutlaka gereklidir! Whether it's a problem with the power grid or a bad storm, you're likely to lose power at some point in the future.
A decrease in voltage causes an increase in current need because of a decrease in availability. Moms would snap at kids to not open the refrigerator door, kids would eventually sleep in their sweat under mosquito nets, and despite the popular notion, it was difficult to have a good meal under candlelight.
Food was going bad inside refrigerators that were not cool enough, and preparing meals was difficult.
For some of the adults, it was a time to have a couple of beers and a dish of salty, garlicky peanuts to go with rounds of pusoy dos, and have discussions about the brownout scenario with neighbors.
It has since been immortalized in song by Raimund Marasigan of Sandwich with the lines, “Sa Jingle Magazine natutong mag gitara” from the song “Betamax”.
These timeless board games are good at killing time and encouraging some friendly competition between players.

Choose a comfy spot, put something heavy over loose papers and don’t forget to have some cold drinks and snacks handy.
Keep a closer eye on small children, apply insect repellant if necessary, and make sure they are in light clothing.
Given all of the electronic devices we're surrounded with in today's world, it's hard for many people to conceive of a life without electricity.From time to time, though, we do have to go without electricity.
If using candles, make sure they are placed in a container that can safely catch dripping wax. When a bad storm hits, for example, it's not unusual to lose power for an extended period of time if lightning strikes a transformer or strong winds knock down power lines.When electric power is interrupted completely, we call it a blackout. Discuss with an adult friend or family member what you should do in case of a power failure.
That term should be self-explanatory, especially if you've ever been reading at night when the power goes out. Unless you were reading by candlelight, you likely found yourself in the blackness of total darkness when the lights went out.Sometimes, though, interruptions are temporary and only result in a reduction in the amount of electricity rather than a complete loss of power. If the voltage halves to 55, to maintain 550 Watts it'll need a current of 10 amps, 55 x 10 = 550.
If you don't have enough emergency supplies on hand, head to the store to get a few!Where does your power come from? During a brownout, your lights will usually dim and may flicker on and off.Brownouts can also cause major problems with electrical products, especially high-tech items like computers and televisions. Some products can even be permanently damaged by fluctuations in electricity levels.Brownouts have a wide variety of causes. Talk with an adult friend or family member who can help you trace your electricity supply backward from your plug-in to its source.
If you need to, feel free to call your local utility to ask them questions about where your power comes from!Up for a challenge?
Many people experience brownouts in the dog days of summer, when temperatures soar and air-conditioning units work overtime to try to keep people cool.When power companies foresee high usage during the hottest days of the year, they sometimes create brownouts on purpose. By reducing power to certain areas temporarily, they alleviate the strain on the power grid and allow electricity reserves to build up.Alternatively, power companies might also institute rolling blackouts with the same goal in mind. Did you realize that power utilities have emergency plans in place to supply power to those who need it, such as hospitals and nursing homes? Rolling blackouts are complete interruptions in power to certain areas in order to stabilize the power grid during times of peak usage.
They're called rolling blackouts because the power company will restore power to one area while it cuts power to another area, rolling the blackout over its entire service area until stability in the power grid can be maintained.So what should you do in case of a brownout? Since brownouts are caused by a lack of electricity, reducing power consumption will help end a brownout sooner.
Also be sure to turn off electrical appliances, such as computers and televisions, to prevent them from becoming damaged.

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