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You can now purchase my natural products, such as salves and magnesium lotion, through my on-line store. Also, I would like to thank in advance those of you who choose to purchase through affiliate links on my site. Hang it in the window and arrange the extra material at the top to block as much light as possible (that’s why you made a pocket with two lines, rather than just one line). There is but one singular solitary bridge to paradise, a bridge that was built at the very moment of creation. So what is the bridge that will lead us to remember the truth, and more importantly, lead us to the paradise and true reality that every human being chases after? Michael Berg recently explained that the founder of the Kabbalah Centre, Rav Ashlag, revealed this secret bridge to us. The bridge is our ability to know, with complete conviction, that the only true and genuine reality is paradise. The bridge to paradise is defeating every obstacle that prevents us from perceiving and experiencing the paradise that is already here. The true purpose of the technology given to Moses was to weaken our ego and strengthen our certainty so that we can build a bridge and get the hell out of this reality.
The degree of doubt that we experience when facing obstacles is the degree of difficulty we have in conquering an obstacle. The only way to change is to use the tools; to use the learning and to walk this insanely challenging path by overcoming doubt.
This is what the prayers, the holidays, actions of sharing and the Sabbath accomplish for us. But without the knowledge of Kabbalah to power up Passover, without the tools of Kabbalah to fire up the engines, Passover becomes a tradition, a family get together that accomplishes zero in terms of the meaning of life. This is why I have taught my own kids the following truth: If you are not quitting the path of Kabbalah at least once a week, or better yet, once a day, you are not growing.
And once that ego is weakened and transformed 100%, perfect certainty becomes our  natural state of consciousness.
Then the most important thing we need to do is build our certainty and help others to do the same.. Yes, a feeling of self importance ( ego) instead of trusting in the Creator and it’s sovereignty over all things is what leads us to doubt in all aspects of our lives. All Returned Merchandise must be in the original condition and with the original packaging. Please take a moment to read the delivery notes as they explain how and when your order will be delivered. Under the distance selling regulations you have the legal right to cancel your order within 7 days of receipt of the goods.
When calling the Internet Customer Helpline please state your name and order number, our stock department will ask a few questions relating to your purchase and then issue you with a Returns Authorisation Number which you must write on the outside of your package when sending the goods back. The product you wish to return must be in a saleable condition and in its original, undamaged packaging. If you are returning an item due to a fault, in accordance with our refunds policy, we will also refund the delivery charge.
Items that require a small amount of self assembly, for example curtain poles, must be returned unassembled and with original packaging. Where you are returning an item within the seven day cooling off period, please note we will only refund the value of the product and not the delivery charge. Saleable condition is defined as the way in which you would expect to find the product in a store and be happy to proceed with a purchase. We suggest that all products are viewed in their original packaging when deciding if the design and colour are suitable before opening the packaging. We suggest that all parcels sent to us using the post office are returned using recorded delivery for your protection.

You will be getting a product or service that I believe in and at the same time I will be blessed by your support.
He was given tools to eradicate the ego so that we can puncture the curtain and eventually tear it down completely.
He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg.
For a moment I thought my head was going to explode and had to stop and process before continuing. Awareness and consciousness is the only way to eradicate the ego and therefore bring true clarity, peace and love into our worlds! Polyester curtain liner with acrylic backing has hook and loop fasteners that allow for easy installation and removal from one of our Ring-Top Bamboo Panels (O997, O998, or O999).
These printed panels feature innovative triple weaved fabric construction allowing you to have a single layered, unlined & thermal insulated blackout curtain. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. There are different delivery options throughout the UK and Ireland please see the list below. We will only deliver outside of the UK and Ireland if we are contacted directly and the customer is willing to pay the extra delivery cost. Should you experience any problems regarding deliveries, please contact our Customer Order Hotline on 0044 2890 606826, further contact details are available in the "Contact Us" section. Cancelled items must be returned in perfect condition, unused and with the original packaging. The overall condition of the returned product will be considered when making a refund, when the product(s) are delivered until the time of return we must expect a level of "Reasonable Care". If you return a damaged or faulty item from an order consisting of more than one item, we will only refund you the cost of the faulty item. Should the packaging be opened then the item is returned we are still happy to offer a full refund so long as the product and packaging are in saleable condition. If you live near one of our retail outlets you can bring the goods, fully packaged and in a re-saleable condition with your order confirmation email and the shop will return the item free of charge for you. I receive a small amount of money from the company, but it doesn't cost you a penny extra!My girls have been waking at the crack of dawn, lately. Each time we diminish our ego, we puncture another pin hole and more light falls into our space. The tools of Kabbalah have a purifying effect, a washing away of the layers of negative consciousness that enslave us.
Many people can talk Kabbalah and be utterly brilliant in terms of their intellectual grasp. For instance, Passover is not about the liberation of the ancient Israelites from Egypt thirty-four centuries ago.
He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science. DEFINITELY THOUGHT PROVOKING AND LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS INFORMATION BEING “LIFE CHANGING”!!!
MORE opening up and exposing our ego to others so we can eradicate it and help others to do the same!
Our exclusive printing technology allows us to bring you distinct patterns that will compliment any room and decor for years to come.
Working days are defined as Monday to Friday apart from Bank Holidays or days of National Holiday.We will endeavor to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, however, in the event that an item is temporarily out of stock we will contact you as soon as possible.
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Please allow a week after leaving the item with the store for it to arrive at our Head Office. This project literally takes only a few minutes (unless your sewing machine turns into an evil torture device, which mine did for the first curtain. So the memory of true reality and the awareness that our world is just a dream has been erased from our minds the moment before we left the womb. Any doubt, anxiety, fear, worry, pessimism, self-interest, selfishness, greed, anger, rage, or any other emotion that subtracts from our happiness, these are all the Adversary. Any authentic blessings in our life right now, are a result of the pinholes that we have made in the curtain from this life, or past. This path and the learning of Kabbalistic wisdom is a step-by-step process whose singular net effect is the peeling away of reactive, ego-driven emotions.
Makes more sense to spend as much time as possible building that bridge so that we never again say goodbye to anyone. It is a gateway to help us ponder on what state of slavery we find out souls in TODAY, this minute, this second! If you know that you will be at work during the day and that no-one will be available at your house to sign for your order at the time of delivery then please give your work address as delivery address. It is our certainty in knowing that we can overcome the obstacle, no matter what, that allows us to overcome that obstacle no matter what.
In the language of Rav Ashlag, transform Desire to Receive (ego) for the self alone into Desire to Receive (ego) for the Sake of Sharing! We would also greatly appreciate a phone number that DPD can contact you on should they need to confirm an address or delivery time. As many of you know, I’m also not crazy about my little sweeties being exposed to unnecessary chemicals. If you doubt and worry and sweat all the obstacles, then what’s in your head is what will come to be (Read that again. Certainty beyond Logic means that you have the ability to see, perceive and know that any obstacle, no matter what, can be overcome.
So the only way we can get there is to have what Michael Berg and Rav Ashlag call, certainty beyond logic. It’s knowing the obstacle or pain is an illusion that we are supposed to expose and unravel. It doesn’t mean they accomplished a single thing in terms of the meaning of our existence. In other words, instead of worrying about making my own dreams come true, i use my gifts, talents and power to make OTHER people’s dreams come true.
It means you know that there is no such thing as darkness or pain within the blazing Light of the Creator.
Such a person can still be full of ego, their self-righteousness and ego-centricity simply cleverly disguised and hidden. By connecting to Passover, or the Sabbath, or prayer or just plain actions of sharing with people, we awaken an actual force, a ray of Light that permeates our consciousness and literally peels away layers of ego and, in turn, the doubts in our mind.
Once you complete the payment for the item we will contact you to let you know we have received your order.Step 5. Wait until we contact you by email letting you know that your item is available to collect.
The curtain is the ego—all those negative thoughts and selfish motivation that compels us into action each day. They were expecting to become smarter, wiser, more clever and seriously knowledgable in the sexy secrets of Kabbalah.

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