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When you turn on your fog lights othey are still highly visible through the blackout covers .
Children enjoying a skate at Nathan Phillips Square during the 1965 blackout, with light provided by city parks trucks. Despite the occasional person envisioning city landmarks as Japanese movie monsters and passing thoughts that saboteurs were at work, Torontonians took the blackout that struck the city during rush hour on November 9, 1965 in stride. People leaving work downtown were greeted by streets littered with marooned streetcars and trolley buses. I was at work at Toronto International Airport and when all the lights went out it seemed rather like fun. The Cork Room at Bay and Wellington streets, a longtime watering hole for the Toronto Stock Exchange. Many commuters unwilling to wade into traffic and transit chaos rode out the blackout by knocking back a drink or two.
Also enjoying the blackout were 200 children who continued skating in Nathan Phillips Square thanks to a Department of Parks truck which used its headlights to illuminate the rink. In the days that followed the blackout, government officials on both sides of the border wanted to determine who to pin the blame on. Every Saturday, Historicist looks back at the events, places, and characters that have shaped Toronto into the city we know today. Geared for low-income students, the proposal consolidates and simplifies existing OSAP grants and programs. Ever noticed that on that back of the Camaro there is nothing that will set you apart from other sports cars??
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The bottom line: Tritonal and Steph Jones have put together a full work of visual and sonic art, and it deserves to be appreciated. Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. World War 2: Women in a civil defence unit paint white squares along the kerb to facilitate night-time driving in London.

While the power outage didn’t leave as large an impact on Toronto as it did on New York City, nor was it celebrated annually like the 2003 blackout, it made for an interesting evening for local residents. With too many busy intersections for Metro Toronto police to handle, citizens took traffic control into their own hands. Despite candlelight illumination and a lack of air conditioning that created thicker-than-usual clouds of cigarette smoke, downtown bars enjoyed brisk business. Inside the new City Hall, the emergency power was switched on, but not before Mayor Phil Givens’ wife was temporarily trapped in an elevator for several minutes. Givens had a short wait compared to Bathurst Street resident Evelyn Solomons, who was trapped with her two-year old daughter Wendy while riding an elevator up to her second-floor apartment.
Supermarket shoppers who waited in line to have their purchases checked by flashlight and rung up by hand were stuck in stores when the automated doors wouldn’t budge. As the Telegram noted, “no one seemed to care if the female guests turned up with smeared lipstick or the men wore mismatched socks.” Actors rehearsing a play at the Poor Alex Theatre tossed aside scripts they couldn’t read and improvised their lines, which they felt improved their performance. In his review of local radio coverage, Telegram entertainment editor Jeremy Brown found CFRB was the best source of information, as the station “answered every question that came to my mind, in a relatively dispassionate, full, responsible manner. Ontario Hydro found their American counterparts tight-lipped about their initial investigations, which led to Ontario Premier John Robarts musing about cutting ties to the American power grid if remaining connected would lead to future problems.
Her soft and airy timbre perfectly matches the subtle beats and rich orchestration laid down by Chad and Dave.
While I haven’t quite figured out my hypothesis for what this might represent, it looks pretty bad ass. When anyone listens to a song, or watches a music video on Milk Crater, we make a donation to Direct Relief International - one of the leading medical relief charities in the world. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.
Joe Clarke, who was driving through downtown Toronto during the Great Northeast Blackout of 1965.
For trains stuck in between stations, TTC crews were dispatched to guide passengers out of rear cars toward the nearest station. After witnessing two near-fatalities, teacher-in-training Pat Conroy pulled over at Finch and Willowdale avenues to keep traffic flowing. One of our men phoned in to inform us New York was out and as we had a plane over here we had to hustle.

A stranded Ontario Hydro official who asked his wife to pick him up waited over an hour because she had to wait for someone to manually open the garage door of their apartment building. Restaurants with gas stoves continued to serve customers, with some take-out counters reporting a 40 per cent increase over usual Tuesday night sales due to people who couldn’t cook at home. CFRB’s backup power kicked in with barely a disruption to its signal, and its traffic reporter Eddie Luther quickly surmised from his helicopter that the power outrage wasn’t an isolated incident.
Robarts might have wished he had kept his mouth shut when Ontario Hydro admitted during a November 15, 1965 press conference that, ironically, measures it had installed to prevent a mass blackout had initiated the outage. Despite the delays, passengers remained calm and treated the situation as just another rush hour nuisance. At the Don Jail, electrically operated locks clamped shut for half-an-hour before emergency power kicked in.
For families who could, there was the option of pulling their barbecues out of storage, allowing kids to enjoy a late-season grilled hot dog. Telegram television columnist Bob Blackburn found coverage from the US stronger than that found on local stations—CBC ran a pair of bulletins, while CFTO preferred to scroll information across the bottom of the screen than interrupt regular programming. It wasn’t until the emergency lighting came on that we had the chance to find out just how widespread it all was.
When the two-hour ordeal was over, she vowed it would be a long time before her next elevator ride. Boiling frankfurters or other edibles over a fire wasn’t an option for some homeowners, especially in Scarborough and North York, as the outage knocked out water pumping stations, leaving residents in areas where pumps lacked backup power with little-to-no water pressure.
Ross Strike noted that the incident was a blessing in disguise—“We’ve been alerted that further study is needed so that maximum safety can be developed.” While preventative measures were put in place to prevent another blackout on the same scale, we know based on what happened in the summer of 2003 that they haven’t always worked. The following day, police chief James Mackey criticized people who acted like Conroy due to the risks of directing traffic.
It was dangerous.” Mackey’s statements were condemned by EMO officials, who were impressed by the initiative taken by Conroy and others and believed they deserved honours.

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