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Have you thought about how you’ll be able to complete important tasks during power blackouts? Blackouts were in recent news after a minor one occurred during Super Bowl XLVII causing a delay in the game of over 30 minutes. A power outage darkened the Superdome in the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday night, an unnerving experience for a stadium that had been the refuge of last resort for many when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. The 34-minute outage seemed to halt the Ravens’ momentum, coming almost immediately after Jacoby Jones returned a kickoff for a touchdown to start the second half.
Ulman had just left the deafening Mercedes-Benz Superdome to call his wife back home so they could enjoy the Jones touchdown together, and she knew more about the outage than he did. For some spectators, the incident recalled the week that people were trapped in the Superdome with no power for a week. The blackout’s primary cause was a software bug in the alarm system at a control room of the FirstEnergy Corporation in Ohio.
A power inverter, which turns DC current from your vehicle into AC current for electric gadgets, is the next best thing to a generator.
An inverter to power a tablet or laptop will cost you roughly $25, but there are much bigger models ($100 and up) that can run power tools and appliances such as heaters.
During a power outage, LED flashlights and lanterns have a huge advantage over incandescent models. A tip regarding filling your bathtub is to ducktape the bathtub drain to prevent any precious water from seeping away over the course of the blackout. A blackout limits many of life’s little pleasures (such as microwave ovens) but you can still enjoy a hot meal if you have a gas grill and a full tank or two, or four. If a blackout lasts long enough, even a well-prepared family will want to give up and get out. So make just-in-case arrangement with friends or relatives who are willing to take you in, and also make sure you are available to your family and close friends. If you wait, you might find that phone and internet connection becomes a lot more difficult as cellular lines become overwhelmed by other mobile users. A couple of days without power in the summer can cost you a few hundred bucks as food spoils in refrigerators and freezers (unless you have a well stocked freezer chest).
You could try and buy a few bags of ice (along with everyone else) after the power goes out. Even if you don’t plan to go anywhere, your car is a critical part of your survival kit. It is your emergency transport, your charging system for cell phones and maybe even the only heated space you’ll have. If phone and internet systems go down along with the power grid, a battery-powered radio may be your only source of weather and emergency information. If your only heating source is an electrical heating system, you won’t be able to warm yourself if a blackout occurs during the winter. When Hurricane Sandy hit last week and the power in my lower Manhattan apartment went out, my first thought, as I dug around for candles and LED lamps was “Well this will be a fun little off-grid adventure!” I naively harbored some romantic notion of the coziness of eating dinner and playing board games with my family by candlelight, and even actually enjoyed the first 24 hours without electricity for the chance to disconnect. Fortunately, as a clean tech writer and editor, I am lucky to have bunch of solar charging devices just kicking around my apartment, and that was the first place I turned to for a bit of renewable energy charging juice.
The Nokero SunRay Pro Power Panel is both compact and lightweight, and its panels are able to provide a full two watts of power – this is enough to charge several phones in a matter of hours.
With the threat of climate change causing more devastating hurricanes and natural disasters in the coming years, I would highly encourage everyone living in a potential disaster area (and between earthquakes, storms, flooding, tornados and hurricanes, that is just about everywhere on the planet) to think seriously about what you would do if your electricity went out for a week or more, and make some plans to be prepared for it. The marathon is one of the largest in the world, with more than 47,500 runners, most of whom travel from out of town to the city for the 42.2-kilometre run. New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg cancelled the event because New York was still trying to clean up after having been hit by a devastating storm. Superstorm Sandy hit the Caribbean and the eastern coast of Canada and the United States last week. The storm did massive damage to New York and New Jersey as well as more than a dozen other states and provinces.

Because so many people lost their homes, possessions and even their lives (about 90 people were killed in the storm), Mayor Bloomberg made the difficult decision to cancel the annual marathon.
The power has come back in millions of homes but as of the weekend there were still millions more who haven’t had power since Sandy hit.
New York skyline when half the city was in blackout due to a power failure during Hurricane Sandy.
1) The New York marathon is a massive race, requiring many police officers, fire fighters and even the U.S. 3) More than 30,000 people travelled to New York to take part in the race; they rented hotel rooms (which are particularly expensive in New York City). 4) The marathon brings more than $340-million to the city (the money that visitors spend on hotel rooms, food and other expenses). How does what you learned in this article compare to what you already knew about the storm? Since a storm can last for a few days or more, there can be more than one storm happening in the world at the same time.
Author: Joyce GrantJoyce Grant is a freelance journalist, editor and author of the "Gabby" series of picture books as well as "Tagged Out," a middle-grade sports novel.
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30 million people were affected when the electricity went off, cascading from Ontario to Buffalo to New Hampshire and on through to New York City where at 5:40 pm the power failed, plunging the city into darkness. Blackout: Using a candle for a light passengers look at another passenger sleeping on the floor of a stalled subway train during power failure. As the sun rose on November 10, 1965 power was mostly restored to the city, But for those eerie 14 hours, New Yorker’s who never gave a dynamo a second thought, came to  realize how dependent we are on electricity. A week later, after an investigation, the cause of the massive blackout was determined: a single faulty relay at an Ontario, Canada power station. One fallacy that needs to be cleared up is that nine months after the blackout city hospital officials saw a drastic increase in births in New York City.
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The Ravens had led 28-6, but the previously sluggish San Francisco 49ers went on to score two touchdowns and a field goal in the third quarter. The storm sent 30,000 residents to the dome, where they sweltered in fetid conditions when the stadium’s roof was damaged and the electricity went out. Operators were unaware of the need to re-distribute power after overloaded transmission lines hit unpruned foliage. Some stores may stay open, but they probably won’t be able to process credit card purchases.
But one of the better ideas is to fill locking freezer bags (or water bottles) with water and keep them in the freezer. One way to guard against losing body heat is to store wool blankets, which retain more body heat than other blankets available. However, it may not be a viable (or legal) option for you if you live in an apartment or an urban area.
These require gas, diesel, propane or solar power to operate, and provide you with electricity when your power company can’t. As the grid finally sputters back to life, it may create power surges that can destroy electronics.
Don’t forget to put them back outside in the morning so you can recharge them in case power does not return.
A look back at the newspaper's most iconic images Daily News' most iconic images As the Daily News celebrates its 96th birthday, we look back through our archives at the newspaper's most iconic photos taken throughout history.
However, when my gadget batteries started to die one by one, the water dried up, the food in the fridge started to spoil, and contact with the outside world began to shut down, the novelty started to wear off and the reality of the situation finally began to hit me.

I probably have at least 10 different solar power chargers in my apartment and I brought them all out on my windowsill in a desperate attempt to try to charge my mobile devices. You can juice up your phone and other gadgets while the panel is in the sun, meaning you won’t have to worry and waste time waiting for the panel to charge up a separate battery before you can start to draw power. Emergency mobile gas stations are going around the city, distributing free gas to people (up to 38 litres per person). Trains, elevators, traffic lights and all electric ceased to function as many New Yorkers were literally stopped in their tracks. The bad relay caused a series of escalating line overloads which weakened the entire electric system of the northeast. The theory being a lot of New Yorkers had nothing better to do during the blackout than procreate.
It’s easy to take these simple things for granted when you have electricity, but you need to be prepared to do them without power. What would have been a manageable local blackout cascaded into widespread distress on the electric grid. When they thaw, you will also have clean drinking water – excellent for an extended emergency! You can buy a temporary, portable generator or get a licensed electrician to install a regular one directly into your home’s electrical system. First my computer battery died, then iPad, then finally my phone, and I think I never fully realized until that moment how much of a lifeline these mobile communication devices are. Out of the 10 odd solar-charging gadgets that I happen to have lying around, only one of them would generate enough charge through my window on an overcast day to charge my phone, and that device was the Nokero Pro Power Panel.
Because of this, I’m eternally grateful to Nokero and seriously won-over by the high-quality of their products.
With a handy USB port, nearly any device (including my busted old Blackberry) can be connected to the panel, and if you have a Sony, Nokia, and Samsung phones you can easily attach one of the included adaptors to quickly get your phone up and running. For $39 for this handy little solar gadget charger brings some serious peace of mind, and it’s also great for more mundane everyday uses such as camping or just charging your phone on the go. The myth was created by a series of articles in the New York Times August 10 -12 that pointed out that there was a report of increased births by area hospitals.
My double-page opener, 'By the Light of the Silvery Moon,' was a milestone in news-picture publishing, in that I double-exposed the film to include the moon in my frame.
At the time, it was the second most widespread blackout in history, after the 1999 Southern Brazil blackout. Nokero had graciously sent me the power panel the year before as a product sample, and I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t happened to have this nifty little gadget in my house. Might be a good thought for holiday gifts this year – after all, what’s more useful and appreciated than disaster preparedness gadgetry!?
Each year, the first tropical storm of the season is given a name that starts with A, the second storm is given a name that starts with a B, and so on.
Later analysis of the figures showed that the birth rate was not much different during the same time period for the previous five years.
The outage, which affected everything from mobile phones to traffic lights, occurred across much of northeastern United States and Canada. The blackout affected an estimated 10 million people in Ontario and 45 million people in eight U.S. The Nokero packaging claims that the photovoltaic panel in the Power Panel is 30% more energy efficient than standard solar panels, and the evidence of that was clear to me, as this device was the only thing in my house that could draw enough charge through a window to breath life back into my sad little phone. Nokero also makes ingeniously designed solar powered LED lamps which are great for camping, emergency and disaster situations, and just general low-footprint, cutting-your-energy-bill, being-green-at-home applications. The letters Q, U, X, Y, and Z are not used because there are few names that begin with these letters.

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