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Eton Corporation makes some of the most recognized and highly regarded emergency radios in the industry and continues the tradition of award winning design by introducing the American Red Cross Blackout Buddy 2 pack. As a high school Physics teacher, I am intrigued by the idea of having students take pictures of, and analyze, very fast phenomena.
Great, Aggressive Look in Minutes The factory taillights on the 2009 to 2014 F150s certainly don't look bad, but they aren't anywhere near as cool as this set of F150 Smoked LED taillights from Recon Lighting. Update: In just over 12 hours Chris had a tracking number and a replacement taillight sent to me from the vendor. Only had them for a few days but love the way they look and work, very bright, only thing is the brake light part of the leds isn't much brighter than the regular running lights, I have a t gate light bar and it's bright as well but there is a lot more separation in lumens between running and brake lights.
Amazing best money spent completely changed look very clean no junk fast delivery thanks great product!!!!!!
Just received my order for the Recon LED tail lights and have to see the quality was excellent as well as the fit.
These tail lights are a really nice addition to my truck, I have also installed the smoked third brake light.

Fit and finish; These tails seem to not sit as flush with the body as the OEM but it is not an issue.
I had a little difficulty fitting them, lining up the pegs with the factory mounts, but again not a big issue. I need to know how many led reverse light bulbs each tail light uses since they r sold separate.
Single lights are available, however, you will need to call us directly to put in a custom order. This new flashlight plugs into any open outlet for easy accessibility and is a culmination of Eton’s experience in creating quality products that are ready to use when you need it most.
In her years doing this, she has tried many products and seen many more she liked the looks of. If you are looking for an easy low cost product to transform the look of your vehicle this is it! When there is a blackout, rest assured that the Blackout Buddy will automatically turn on, shining your way through any room or dark hallway.

Most guys will put brush guards and toolboxes on there truck, but buy these lights to really set your truck apart from them. The customer service provided going through stage 3 goes above and beyond from the time of order to the emails to be sure you are satisfied with your order. Great packaging , one light had a smudge on it what looked like maybe glue smeared or fogging . I had read guys saying u couldn't tell a big difference between the brightness of the lights when braking vs just running on but that is not the case at all, I followed my wife in the truck and looked for my self during the day and night and it is obvious when applying the brakes. The Blackout Buddy is perfect for kids rooms giving them the comfort and security of knowing they aren’t alone in the dark.

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