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Here we are in the midst of a huge scandal about electronic monitoring of Americans' every communication - a vast invasion by machinery - and suddenly an earthquake near Mt. This Sunday night there might be a few things vying for your attention – it’s Game 4 of the World Series, the Packers face the Vikings, and there’s a new episode of The Walking Dead. In addition to sports and the undead, the National Geographic Channel is debuting a movie about what happens when the lights go out.
American Blackout chronicles five groups of people during a ten-day power outage caused by cyber criminals.  How realistic is this scenario?
Although “American Blackout” may seem like an extreme example, many areas of the country have already experienced blackouts (like the Northeast blackout in 2003 that lasted up to 3 days for some areas) or other places like California that experience controlled blackouts (when a utility company shuts off power to an area).
Thanks to this joint effort, CDC is providing tips on how everyone can get prepared by getting a kit, making a plan, and being informed. A wise man once said, ”Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” Okay, so that wise man was Albus Dumbledore, but the point is if the power is out, it’s best to be prepared. Comments listed below are posted by individuals not associated with CDC, unless otherwise stated. Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments. On Sunday night, National Geographic aired a show called "American Blackout," which was a fictional, and very cynical, portrayal of how Americans would respond if there was a prolonged power outage due to a cyberattack. Americans, National Geographic opined, would quickly devolve to a looting, violent gang of thugs committing plenty of "gun violence" within 24 hours of a power outage.
Despite the common rhetoric lamenting a lack of funds by Congress to explore the danger, Americans can be assured that their tax-dollars are being spent profusely to examine the possibility of an attack on the nation's power grid, as reported at
While there seems to be an uncomfortable level of coordinated fear-mongering surrounding a potential attack on the nation's power grid perpetrated by National Geographic, Americans would certainly be wise to connect with neighbors to devise a plan should there be an extended power outage. Interestingly, the federal government, as well as the mainstream media, have often portrayed "survivalists" as extremists, as documented by best-selling author James Wesley Rawles on his Survival Blog.
Renee NalTampa Conservative ExaminerRenee Nal is a political junkie and driven prolific writer. Hillary wins big, Trump cruises to victory, as New York primary comes to an endIn the days leading up to the New York primary election, the consensus was that Donald Trump would dominate on the right, and Hillary Clinton would be victorious on the left. Long before Zuck, Bezos, and the rest of the nouveau riche oligarchs made their dot-com fortunes, there was only one tech billionaire: Howard Hughes. Of all these accomplishments, though, the thing that Howard Hughes enjoyed more than anything else was movies. Dissatisfied with the movie selections on KLAS-TV, the local CBS affiliate, the former studio head purchased the station so that he could dictate the programming schedule. Refusing to settle for silent movies, Hughes did what he always did when confronted with a problem: he designed his way out of it.
According to the salesman who sold Hughes the stereo equipment for this early home theater system, the project was a success.
Heavy rotation titles included The Sting, The Clansman, The High Commissioner, and the first five Bond films. In the billionaire’s final months, aids reported that the turgid action-adventure film ran through the projector over 150 times in an endless loop. Apparently Colby has only recently come across The Daily Prep , and is relatively newer to prepping as well. In addition to the fun parties, the trick or treating, haunted houses and costumes, it can be a dangerous time of the year as well. Considering that since 2000 there have been more than 60 wide-scale power outages, including one in India lasting two days and affecting 670 million people, and it might not seem so far-fetched.
Kiger of National Geographic describes some of the ways the electric grid is vulnerable, including an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, a solar flare, a grid failure, and a cyberattack. In fact, for quite a while, he was the world’s only billionaire, and proud of it, too.

By being a swashbuckling business tycoon: Hughes filed numerous patents, speculated in real estate, launched an oil industry monopoly, built an aircraft and aerospace empire, and won military contracts. At age 11, when his classmates were reading comic books and trading baseball cards, Hughes built Houston’s first radio transmitter. In the 1930s, he produced landmark films like Hell’s Angels, The Front Page, and Scarface. Since age 14, when he took his first flying lesson, Hughes had been exposed to the piercing drone of airplane engines. As the former president of RKO Pictures, he owned an extensive library of feature length movies in the form of 16mm reduction prints.
Until the mid-’70s and the introduction of Dolby Optical Stereo Sound, most movies were projected with a mono soundtrack.
Bell & Howell projectors were more expensive, but they weren't nearly as reliable or dummy-proof as a Graflex. Audio trivia: the Altec A7 was the only speaker approved by the Research Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, making it the global standard for movie theaters. McIntosh amps had such a reputation for quality and durability that they were specified for sonar systems on U.S. The hi-fi scam known as audiophile cables didn't exist until Monster Cable began foisting them on gullible consumers in 1978. The neon sign on the roof of the Silver Slipper casino pointed directly at the Desert Inn penthouse windows. Recently, a couple buddies and I got to do just that down at the North Springs Shooting Center in Price, Utah.
In order to make sure viewers have information about how to be prepared in the event of a blackout, CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response and National Geographic Channel worked together to provide important personal preparedness messages that will appear during the movie. We generally eat everything from scratch and since my refrigerator din’t work, I had to buy already made food. There are millions of people with out job’s and a lot of home less in the first place.
Later, after securing a controlling interest in RKO Pictures, he embarked on even more film projects including The Outlaw, a scandalous picture that pushed the boundaries of on-screen censorship and made Jane Russell a sex symbol. Emaciated, with freakishly long hair and nails, the wheelchair-bound eccentric moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, where he rented the top two floors of the Desert Inn for his residence and business headquarters. Star Wars and Close Encounters (both ’77 releases) were the first two blockbusters to capitalize on this new optical 35mm release print format. We’ve consulted with Roger Tolces, the man who helped Hughes source his epic sound system for the Desert Inn hotel suite, and put together a simple punch list. Made by Singer, the company known for it's bulletproof sewing machines, the Graflex 16 was the default projector for public schools, government agencies and the military. A recent search turned up 7,163 different films, many of them made during Howard Hughes' Hollywood heyday. After ordering 350 gallons of banana-nut ice cream from the Baskin-Robbins factory in Los Angeles, Hughes quickly switched his allegiance to chocolate-marshmallow. Because the volatility in our currency market is a very real threat that can cause utter financial ruin overnight. I find its hard to be prepared when you can hardly keep your head above water in the first place. Renee has lived and traveled around the world, having a special place in her heart for Africa. He kept a private screening room at Hollywood’s Samuel Goldwyn Studios through the 1950s.
For entertainment, and to distract from the chronic pain that racked his body (the result of a 1946 plane crash), he continued to watch films around the clock in his penthouse suite.

Even with the volume blaring, the tinny sound of the small TV speakers wasn’t loud enough for Hughes to decipher the dialogue.
Having already purchased the Desert Inn, Hughes didn’t have to worry about noise complaints. It has exceptional build quality, doesn't chew up film, and the spring belts are easy to replace. In fact, at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the DOE emergency PA and sirens are still powered by Macs. 79), "[Hughes] had become an emaciated physical wreck, who had taken to storing his expended urine in Mason jars he kept in a closet." Was this a manifestation of undiagnosed OCD or a hoarding issue regarding precious bodily fluids? During one marathon session that would put today’s Netflix bingers to shame, he camped out in that darkened room on Santa Monica Blvd. According to ex-girlfriend Katherine Hepburn, this physical disability dated back as early as the 1930s. Although his system flirts with the audiophile realm, it was really about blasting the living bejesus out of those horn speakers. Part of Altec's "Voice of the Theater" residential line, the Valencia was a scaled down version of the iconic A7. Introduced in 1968, the MC2505 was the debut of what would become the signature McIntosh look: black glass front panel, brushed aluminum knobs, and those sexy blue output meters. As a germ phobic and fervent anti-communist, with an interest in high-tech machinery, Ice Station Zebra was ideal escapist fare for Hughes. According to the scietific data, though, they would be hard-pressed to prove it in a double-blind experiment. Pass on the musty eBay offerings, and order a new cineaste-approved matte cloth Da-Lite ($110). Hughes would later dispense with windows completely, blacking them out like a Londoner during the Blitz.
There's even a nice selection of RKO titles, including Adventures of a Rookie (1943), and the classic Of Human Bondage (1934). Sprawled in a chair, often nude, he remained transfixed for days at a time, sipping milk and nibbling chocolate bars.
If Hughes wanted to replay a scene, he simply called the station and ordered a studio technician to rewind the footage. The plot involves a American Naval hero (Rock Hudson), a Cold War Soviet villain (Ernest Borgnine), lots of military hardware (helicopters, subs), and takes place primarily in one location: the Arctic Circle, a pollen-, bacteria-, virus-, FBI-, and paparazzi-free zone.
More than enough power to make those efficient Altec horns scream late into the desert night. It provides a sharper image than the old glass beaded screens, perfect for repeated viewings of Ice Station Zebra. This served two purposes: protection from government surveillance (and The National Enquirer), and making his Vegas lair the perfect pitch-black screening room.
The guy who sold this crazy movie projection system to the world’s richest man is now a professional bug sweeper.
If you can't find Ice Station Zebra, eBay usually has the next best thing: a Technicolor print of Avalanche, a "game of survival at a luxury ski resort," starring—no joke—Rock Hudson. When he finally emerged from that cinematic cocoon in the spring of 1948, he looked gaunt, pale, and withered, a harbinger of the tabloid train wreck yet to come.

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