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American Blackout is a 2013 dramatic documentary illustrating what might happen in the event of the majority of America’s power grid being compromised or shut down as a result of cyber-terrorism. In broad strokes, American Blackout is a piece of non-fiction establishing how some American citizens with cameras and devices would respond to and record events around them if all their electricity was taken away from them. The television movie walks through the motions of different individuals, groups and families surviving the eleven day long ordeal of a nation deprived of infrastructure due to a loss of power.
Before addressing the stories within, the concept itself needs clarification; the majority of the United States of America has control of its electricity managed through computer systems and networks that if accessed by someone of proficient enough skill can be shut down via hacking or reprogramming so the systems at best stop running and at worst destroy themselves where overloads and whiteouts are possible. The movie bounces back and forth between these main stories, news reports as events unfold, individual people making passing comments about their experience and vague text stating facts relevant to the story at large.
The teen vlogger, VJ, is recording his take on events while living as a home body for the most part while his mother is out working through the disaster as people need medical attention due to traffic accidents, reduced power at hospitals and riot victims.
Gemma, a woman in New York living with her boyfriend through the blackout, is panicky and understands little to nothing of events while her boyfriend argues, fights and injures himself to keep the two alive.
The father of Hank Jr is an emergency prepper, someone who spends time and money preparing for emergency situations in case the worst comes to pass, and along with Hank Jr, his sister, mother and the sister’s boyfriend they go to a compound meant for sitting out the blackout until power returns. Molly, the daughter of a married couple that is expecting a son, is recording the hospital visits and birth of the new boy during the whole of the blackout. The final story of the four college students starts with Andrew recording the other three and getting them to talk so the can keep calm through events. In each story there is relatively decent performances all around with the focus on the actors who hold each group together so that any shortcomings in supporting roles are glossed over, though VJ is the weakest character and is acted the worst of all.
Cinematography is standard, though some shots are tense and clearly taken over by a professional as none of the characters in these shorts would realistically hold the camera in such a way to frame the shot as well as they do in cases like the Han family stand off or Gemma’s capture at the end of her story.
The plot holds up well enough as the whole movie is meant to be a cautionary tale of how something like this is possible and that response might vary, so being prepared for the worst in some fashion isn’t unreasonable even if events only last at the same extreme as long as two weeks time. Where the movie fails is that it feels more like a shock and awe piece set up for scare tactics to express the importance of preparing for disasters with not much in terms of real data to explain the why and how of things. As a movie it is recommended for its ability to engage and draw on a possible event to give thrills and chills but as something to base a well thought response to such an event it would be wiser to seek out more informative data and work up to a proper response from there. A group of cooks at an asylum for the criminally insane get locked in with the inmates during a massive thunderstorm. George (Rupert Evans), Max (Kenny Doughty) and Ricky (Joseph Kennedy) together form a struggling rock band in Washington State during the late eighties. Once the small and surprisingly inept staff is dispatched, the surviving member’s actions fit in right along with their situation.
The meat of “Asylum Blackout” is a well paced, engrossing gorefest that may prove too gruesome for some but it well worth the viewing if you have the stomach for it. While the ending was good and makes “Asylum Blackout” a movie worth watching I will concede that it doesn’t make it a can’t miss film. Alexandre Courtes Anna Skellern Asylum Blackout Darren Kent Dave Legeno Eric Godon Jerome Fansten Joseph Kennedy Kenny Doughty Richard Brake Rupert Evans S. Tags Alexandre Courtes Anna Skellern Asylum Blackout Darren Kent Dave Legeno Eric Godon Jerome Fansten Joseph Kennedy Kenny Doughty Richard Brake Rupert Evans S.

When Ant-Man was announced people cheered because one of the most iconic comic book characters was coming to the big screen.
Thanks to the fine folks at Sideshow Collectibles, we got our hands on this awesome set to review. Okay, the Ant-Man Black Out suit is really cool, but you can’t deny the spotlight for the original. Something that took us a bit to figure out were these small pieces of plastic that were in little bags that came with the figures.
If you can get over our fear, then these would make a great addition to your collection or anyone else’s.
Their story ends when Gemma alerts looters to their presence and the camera is shut off as Gemma is dragged out of frame.
Including some tense scenes between Jason, the boyfriend, and Hank Sr the story ends with a stand off at gunpoint against looters and Jason receiving a call letting everyone know the power is back. After a car accident and an emergency delivery by the father the family becomes separated, then the house burns down causing the mother and children to leave and seek shelter where they eventually meet up with the father. After losing Ken in a failed attempt to escape the elevator through the vents and Lance dying from exhaustion and dehydration the story ends with Dee and Andrew surviving to see power restored. Blissfully we are never subjected to a random live performance of piss-poor music intended to convey their talent and, therefore, the tragic loss to the music industry their deaths would mean.
The first achievement from Cortes is actually making a movie rather than an extended music video, coupled with good performances from the entire ensemble speaks to a promising career for Cortes. The remoteness of the asylum makes them isolated and plays throughout the story, the time period means a lack of cell phones and other technology that we take for granted today and affects how simply they become trapped with no way to communicate to the outside world. Any poor decision they may make stems from character flaws or emotional distress rather than a slimsy pretense to move the plot forward or place the characters into a contrived situation.
There was only one point of detraction that interferes with this being a memorable experience; the ending lacked a certain strength that makes great movies stick with you long after they’re over.
The real payoff here is in the movie as a whole that’s well made, well acted, a fantastic entry in the horror family and you won’t leave wishing you had that hour and a half of your life back. The first thing you may notice is that these don’t look like your ordinary action figures. We didn’t realize what they were until we looked at the official images from the Sideshow Collectible website.
If you do get it, you have to take the figures out of the box to really appreciate the work that went into making them. We are vulgar, debaucherous, and funny bastards that pilfer the internet (or interwebz, if you like) for the news you need so that you don't have to. To pay for studio time they all work at Sans Asylum, a large concrete block of a building located in a very remote area.
More than one of the actors you might actually know from their other films but won’t likely notice until the credits begin to roll. Once the power goes out the electronic doors simply won’t open and the staff is locked inside along with the inmates.

Instead I fell right along with them in their plight; cheered their successes and lamented their losses, even some of the inmates themselves warranted some emotional attachment. Not to say that the ending was bad, it actually has a nice twist; rather that many of the early moments of the film seemed to lead to red herrings.
Other than the lean on the Black Out figure, there are a couple of things we’d like to mention. So if you’re a serious collector that is all about having figures that are life-like, then these might not fit your bill.
Once a storm takes out the power, everyone finds themselves locked inside the asylum as the inmates start running loose. This proves to be a great set up as the movie never succumbs to cheap cliches of crazy asylum inmates.
It’s not Pete’s fault, he’s a nice guy, just don’t forget that they are still in an asylum and there’s danger around every corner.
Certain situations didn’t pan out and particular character traits had no bearing on the outcome as they all served as little more than red shirted fodder. You’ll also notice that the arms are longer and the hands have also been exaggerated.
Up close, the paint scheme really accentuates the fine detail in the craftsmanship that goes into making these figures.
They’re the little hoses that attach from the back of the helmet to a small pack on the back of the figure. They may be disturbed and unstable but are never shown to be overtly climbing the walls or banging their heads. There would have been far more power at the climax if these elements affected the outcome but sadly, the ending chose to roll on its own. Of course, the first thing you’re probably thinking of are the figures they give out at ballparks to the first 1000 people who show up. Some of them are even capable of coherent conversation while others are confined to simple provoked outbursts that remain inside credulity. Those figures are usually made out of cheap plastic and the head bobbles so much that it could practically fall off the moment you try to make it shake. These figures are nothing like that.
It was slight, but because the other figures were stood still with no problems, it was something that needed to be noted.
If you don’t have a fancy case to show them off, then you could always leave them in the box.
To tell you the truth, even though we had to take them out of the box to take pictures of them, we didn’t want them out too long for fear of anything happening to them or even getting the slightest bit of dust.

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