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American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack ' told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. Experience an American Blackout in this immersive interactive site that leads you through a catastrophic blackout over ten days. See the trailer for American Blackout, the story of a national power outage, told by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. We've helped to write a letter for you to send to your officials as well, just fill in the blanks and get the right addresses online.
We have the unique opportunity to be able to spend 2 hours on Lake Purdy with the Lake Purdy Rowing club on August 1st from 2-4pm! None of those events produced a power outage produce nearly as total a zone of blackness as depicted in the image shown above. The original picture is a composite image of nighttime North America which someone has manipulated with an editing program to darken the northeastern area. Pictures such as the one displayed above are not simple snapshots; they are composite images formed from multiple pictures taken by a variety of satellites at different times. Satellite images are usually date-stamped with times corresponding to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) rather than a particular local time zone. Our site covers many of the items currently being plopped into inboxes everywhere, so if you were writing to ask us about something you just received, our search engine can probably help you find the very article you want. Choose a few key words from the item you're looking for and click here to go to the search engine. We do reserve the right to use non-confidential material sent to us via this form on our site, but only after it has been stripped of any information that might identify the sender or any other individuals not party to this communication. In an impressive display of multitasking and standing for what is right, nearly 400 websites have joined together in a blackout against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, leaving leaving everyone with little left to do but go outside and celebrate Earth Day. The goal of CISPA, as is stated in the bill, is to make it easier for the US Government to better handle cyberattacks by allowing companies to volunteer their user data.

Digital advocacy groups like the EFF and the sponsors of the bill couldn’t be more opposed in their feelings regarding CISPA. While 400 websites is an impressive number, it pales in comparison to the effort made to educate regarding SOPA. As always, there’s a number of ways you can get involved if you feel CISPA does not have your best interests at heart. This is designed to counter the negative impact the #trollfortruth campaign will inevitably have on our movement. It doesn't matter if he was innocent or guilty, he still deserves the same rights the rest of us enjoy.
Make sure to tag everything you do online with #blackout and make a commitment to avoid news media for the day, regardless of the link bait they'll put in front of you. You can actually make the biggest difference by encouraging your elected officials to put pressure on ours. It's hard to believe but physically mailing a letter is still the right way to reach your representatives. Writing and sending letters is still the only official way of asking your elected officials to look into something on your behalf. Petitions gathered over 7 million signatures against the bill, as well as an opposition rally in NYC to help raise awareness. The bill allows any company the ability to take the information you have given them, whether it’s browsing habits or posts on private forums, and share it without your knowledge or consent.
The EFF, and the hundreds of websites who have rallied behind them, feel that the wording of the bill is too vague and allows for far too much information to be shared by companies.
Not only is the effort missing the support of massive websites like Google and Wikipedia, there’s a lot of effort spent incorrectly comparing CISPA to SOPA. After that, simply print out the letter we've helped to write, put it in an envelope to your elected officials, slap a stamp on it, and walk it out to your mailbox.

The more the news media can shovel down your throat, the less brain power you'll have to think things through and on your own. While SOPA was killed shortly after the seemingly internet-wide blackout, a new bill that many feel has very similar language has already passed the House. If only used in the spirit of the bill, which is to help detect and prevent cyberattacks, this probably wouldn’t be a bad thing.
Representatives Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger disagree, and feel that CISPA is all that stands in between hackers from a foreign nation and the private data of US citizens.
While yes, the two bills have some similar themes there’s an overall difference in the use and application. You can reach out to the senator that represents you, or reach out to all of them if you feel so inclined. Our movement, along with the #blackout campaign, is the best way to ensure justice for Jahar is had.
CISPA, as this bill is commonly referred to, looks to place the power to share your personal information in the hands of the companies who run the websites you use most often. There’s been no real middle ground for these two sides to meet on, leaving the EFF and their supporters with little other choice than mass education through website blackouts.
SOPA gave the power to shut down any website suspected of piracy, and go after users if necessary.
Besides, it wouldn't hurt our movement if they missed out on a few thousand hits to their articles. CISPA is all about the users and whether or not companies will voluntarily hand over your information.

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