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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. It's an odd thought about Sam Mill's Blackout, which deals with censorship, but her book would itself have been at risk of being banned in South Africa in the 1960s merely because of its title. Children are encouraged to take 'Behaviour Pills' to be docile and accepting about their lives.
Her latest book, Blackout, was published in February 2010, and has been shortlisted for the Manchester Book Awards. I suppose I should clarify here that I don't think that pretending to be a man will help you get published! You’ve written a lot about the subjects of terrorism and mind control, in its various forms. I think terrorism is interesting because it's obviously very topical, and also because the media tends to write about terrorists in terms of stereotypes, so it's worth digging deeper and giving the subject matter more thought. I've spent the last nine years working on a quirky literary novel called The Secret Quiddity of the Will Self Murders. The result, in Mills's book, is a "slow, simple, dull generation who never question anything". How true is it that the non-gender-specific diminutive of your first name helped you get published? Obviously publishers buy plenty of books by men and women and the quality of the book is the important thing.
Also, we live in an age when people don't care about issues in the way they did in the ’60s (well, so people who were young in the ’60s keep telling me).
Are you worried that they'll distort the story or do you have a degree of creative control?

But I wouldn't have sold it to the film-maker, Ufuk Gokkaya, if I hadn't felt he understood the book. I think that the different branches of writing – poetry, non-fiction, fiction, children's books – are like different musical instruments.
You might be great at playing the piano, but that doesn't automatically mean you can play the violin. It was obviously aimed at male readers, and studies show men are less keen to buy books by women. However, being female can define what publishers want and expect you to write, in some circumstances, and how your book is marketed.
But the moment we started chatting about the book I knew we were on the same wavelength, and I think we're going to keep working on projects together – he has his eye on turning Blackout into an animation, which I think is interesting. I feel that Louis de Bernieres is his modern-day equivalent in that respect – his writing is so intelligent and so passionate. I am a passionate reader, and as a result I've become increasingly hard to please! Joseph Heller's Catch 22 was banned in the 1970s by certain states in America and those theatre-goers who see a production of the Wild Swans at the Young Vic in 2012 may reflect on the fact that they are seeing a work of literature that is still banned in China.
There was a time after the Bridget Jones phenomenon when if you were female and put a book out, whatever the content was, you ended up with a pink cover. But I love the feeling – that happens only once every so often – when you pick up a book and you know you've found something special. Anyway, the novel is different from my other 'crossover' books: this one is definitely aimed at adults. A lot of serious female writers got labelled 'chick lit', and chick lit was unfairly demonised.
It is the literary equivalent of Being John Malkovich, only Will Self is the object of fascination. It is told by five different narrators, all of whom are fascinated by the author in weird and wonderful ways.

I've also enjoyed meeting various actors along with the producers and seeing if they're right for the part.
He is on constantly shifting ground as he decides who is telling him lies and who is telling the truth. Recently we were actually approached by a fairly well-known actor and he is just perfect for Jon, which is exciting.
In my twenties, I discovered The English Patient, which is my favourite novel – I think it's the most beautifully written book I've ever come across. Club; another section is set in 2042, when Will has died and a lesbian journalist is investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. Even Harry Potter (by supposedly encouraging children to try magic) is deemed dangerous enough to be banned. People who have read it either love it or hate it. Anyhow, after spending nine years on the book I could have not have chosen a more difficult time to finish – recession, risk-averse publishing climate etc.
He has to break a code written secretly into a copy of Paradise Lost to work out what is going on. But nevertheless I have finally had an offer from a publishing house so it will make it to the shelves – hopefully next year.  And I'm working on another young adult novel.

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