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LOW LEVEL FRONT RACKThe custom front rack is designed to carry any type of survival gear you may need. LET THERE BE LIGHTThe front holds two BajaDesigns HID lights that cut right through the dark of the night. SUPERWINCH MOUNTEDA 4,500 lb SuperWinch is fitted on the bumper with a synthetic rope that adds to the arsenal of uses for this thing.
WALKER EVANS CUSTOM SHOCKSAll of the weight embraced from the custom front rack and bumper needed some support, so a set of Walker Evans 2.5 shocks are used on the front.
MASTER CRAFT 3G SEATSWith their own build in suspension system, these MasterCraft race seats add lateral support and comfort. MOUNTED TOMAHAWKMounted on the ceiling you’ll conveniently find an United Cultry M48 Hawk for quick, easy access. HMF DUAL EXHAUST: BLACKOUT EDITIONThe Polaris RZR XP 1000 HMF Dual Full System is available in the Performance Series. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email.
Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. The most interesting thing about the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge is the diversity of projectiles and velocities. Therea€™s no universal a€?bettera€? or a€?worsea€? when it comes to caliber comparisons, there are only apples and oranges. What puffs up my bloomers about the Blackout is the huge ballistic range from the same carbine, short barrel rifle, or AR platform pistol. You can do all sorts of things in between, like move a 125 grain projectile at 2,200 feet per second. Figure 1 Note how the ribs in the magazine index on the case mouth for the .223 rounds on in the bottom magazine. Ita€™s an interesting caliber that allows one to do a lot of customization for the job at hand. Where things get really interesting is at the heavier end of the projectile scale, when velocities are in the subsonic range. While you can get a bolt rifle chambered in 300 AAC Blackout, using it with the AR platform is where things get really fun and exciting. I could write lots of useless subjective stuff about recoil of this round, but trying to put the physical impressions of my shoulder into the written word probably wouldna€™t mean much. While accurate, as these figures are drawn from the Cartridge Comparison Guide, you most likely arena€™t going to a€?feela€? twice the recoil with an AK than an AR. Some people are of the opinion that the 300 AAC Blackout is the perfect solution for short barrel suppressed rifles and only shoot those rounds.
The list of skills that would be useful in a survival situation is a very long one, and it’s nearly impossible for a single human being to be adept at all of them. Start going to the gym and set ambitious goals (check with your doctor first, to make sure you can do this, but try to push yourself to the limit.
Watch YouTube videos of people caught in flash floods, earthquakes, house fires, etc., and try to put yourself in their shoes. Anyone can make a spear or a primitive hammer with their survival knife, but what about more complex items such as stone tomahawks, grain grinders, spear throwers, or returning boomerangs? Most survivalists aren’t doctors, because becoming one involves dedicating your entire life to it.
To get your feet wet, one of the things you can do is to learn about herbal medicine and home remedies. While we see non-preppers as naive, non-preppers see us as crazy militia members hunkering down in the woods or stocking MREs in bunkers. Diversity – a group of people will have a diverse range of skills, not to mention more food and survival items.
Prevention – desperate neighbors who know you prep can become desperate enemies when their bellies are empty.
How do you convince your family, friends and neighbors to become more self-reliant, even a survivalist or prepper? Do not come at them full force, with some sort of presentation about how the government is going to collapse any day now, or how an EMP is going to wipe out our infrastructure — or anything else that can be misconstrued easily.
These programs can prompt mild and interesting discussions about tactics, supplies, weaponry, shelter, etc.
I’ve defended my prepping nature many times in my life, often against naysayers who at first thought I was a bit nuts.
You’ll always have someone who wants to fight and argue about how crazy you are, and how prepping itself is crazy. Building this country required a huge amount of manpower, especially when you consider that much was built by human hands rather than power equipment. Looking back at the lives of these men we can see that their lifestyle was built around the need to survive. Today’s society has become so specialized that in some cases one engineer can only work on one part of a project. Part of the reason that hobos are seen as lazy and shiftless is that they weren’t worriers. Tagged Extreme Survival, featured, History, hobos, hoover dam, railroad, survival, Survival Lessons, train. The reliance of our US government on drone programs overseas has brought the reality of unmanned warfare to battlefields across the world. But now, the government has found a way to use drones in day-to-day life here in America, and many constitutionally minded people are rightly fearful. After seeing a drone that was purchased for a coworker for Christmas, I was instantly hooked on the idea of having one myself. This allows a real-time feed from the drone’s camera, which gives users the ability to fly the drone through the use of this camera. First off, the ability to have an eagle-eyed view of your surroundings is an incredible advantage. The tactical advantage of having an eye in the sky would allow users to spot trouble long before it gets to you.
New Rugged Portable Power Unit Will Jump Start Your Car, Power Virtually Anything — And Even Air Up Your Tires! Lighter, smaller drones can be heavily affected by the wind, and you cannot fly a drone legally within five miles of an airport.

In situations where a natural disaster has occurred, a drone can be used to scout for escape routes, look at washed-out roads, and avoid the massive amount of potential obstacles that could halt or delay an evacuation. Tagged DJI Phantom, Dromida Ominus, drones, Extreme Survival, featured, fpv, grid down, survival, Survivalists.
A lot has been written about cattails, although the focus often tends to be on warm weather months. The concept of putting a 30-caliber bullet in a shortened 223 case has been done before, mostly asA a wildcat cartridge,A but not as an industry-wide standard that anyone can make products for, royalty-free. And a big thanks to Advanced Armament for sending some of that fairly expensive subsonic 220 grain ammunition!
Also, PNW Arms sent us some 300 Blackout ammo, but it did not arrive in time for this series of videos with the suppressors. I notice they have some 147 grain ammo on sale right now for $12.49 per box, so the ammo is becoming more available and less expensive.
Huntera€™s Specialties Celebrates 35 Years Another Obama Radical Lefty Confirmed to Federal Bench News you should knowa€¦a€¦a€¦.. His idea for an apocalyptic survival machine became reality, like something spawned out of an action movie. When it’s empty, the rack can fold up in front of the windshield for access to the extra batteries and provide a protective cage barrier from, well, zombies.
The UMP Air Filter was installed to accommodate for dusty conditions that can bog a vehicle down. The projectiles on 300 Blackout cartridges will most likely touch the ribs, so you may need to experiment a bit. At speeds of 1,100 feet per second or less, give or take, you can have a really, really quiet rifle using a suppressor. The subsonic loads drop faster than Piers Morgana€™s ratings with a 240 grain Sierra MatchKing falling 16.86 inches at 100 yards, 68.88 at 200 and a full 13 feet at 300!
But youa€™ll have an endless supply of a€?serious worka€? at the range to keep you inspired. I cana€™t seem to go a full week without changing optics and working up some new, completely random load to test. You need to think about the depth, you need to find the right place to do it, you need to worry about the speed of the current, the river bed and so on.
These all require practice, and rest assured you won’t be able to do them without someone guiding you. Taking a first-aide course is a good start, but delving even more into it requires not just patience but someone to point you in the right direction. Replacing pills with nature’s medicine is a great way to boost your immunity as well as to learn about making these potions, plant extracts and poultices. For starters, I’d choose someone I could trust, and not someone who would run their mouth.
These conversation also can quickly became light-hearted debates about prepping in general.
A few years later, she has an EDC (everyday carry) license and can spit the acronyms as well as I do. This is essentially a very simple, and very easy to follow how-to on building a bug-out bag. Fortunately, you can lighten the load significantly by carrying small and lightweight but very versatile items that fulfill a number of different survival purposes.
These were people who, for one reason or another, just didn’t fit into polite society. Projects like the Transcontinental Railroad and the Hoover Dam required workforces numbering in the thousands, and hard-working men who came and went with the job.
While they may not have been experts in any one trade, they were capable of working in a number of them. If your home is damaged by a hurricane and you need to make it safe to sleep in, you don’t have to be a master carpenter. If these drones had stayed on battlefields, than most people wouldn’t have an issue with them.
More appropriately known as quadcopters, these drones range from toy-grade quadcopters to racing drones and photography-grade drones.
I never had a previous interest in anything remote-controlled, but something about the quadcopter drew me to the hobby. It was in this camera’s ability to relay real-time information that I could see the tactical advantage of an FPV-equipped quadcopter for survivalists. These cheaper drones allow users to take photographs and video, and the photos and videos have to be removed and placed on a computer. You also can conduct recon in certain environments, mainly urban, without having to expose yourself to potential threats.
The cameras on more advanced models, like the DJI Phantom, are even more capable and can fly further and in more adverse conditions. The DJI standard, which is the $500 model, is completely sufficient for reconnaissance and scouting operations. Obviously, you should always respect property and privacy when flying drones during non-emergency situations.
You could use the footage recorded by the drone to brief your family, team and others on the plan, the route and other information. Is the only reason many of us are not shooting people the fact that we can’t do it quietly? Luenger stripped an already modified 2014 Polaris RZR 1000 and created the ultimate camping and survival machine. Of course, assuming your silencer is rated for supersonic loads, you can leave that same suppressor on when you switch magazines to a hot supersonic round. But even at 300 yards, ita€™s still traveling faster than a projectile fired from John Moses Browninga€™s masterpiece when measured at the muzzle. You can find people online teaching such classes, and hopefully there’s someone near you who can help. It will also teach you to eat healthier and to take care of your body more, thus reducing the odds of coming down with something awful as you age. So far, my favorite times have been during episodes of the Walking Dead, or survival shows on Discovery and Nat Geo.
Shoot zombie targets, use cowboy guns, show your local Call of Duty fans an AR-15 or an AK-47.

I treat it the same way I treat mature discussions about politics with people with whom I disagree – carefully toeing a line between making a point and yelling back and forth. Wrap a few strands of dental floss together to make it tighter, and then string it around some trees at about knee height. If you have nothing else available, dental floss can be used as a tourniquet in order to slow the bleeding from an open wound. If you string dental floss between two separate trees, it can be used as a clothesline for lighter articles of clothing such as socks and light shirts.
Dental floss can be used to tie your knife around a pole or branch to make a spear for hunting, fishing and self-defense purposes. If you wrap multiple strands of dental floss tightly together, it will create a thin rope that can do almost anything rope can do.
It will be a real bummer if your shoelaces ever break while you’re out in the woods, but threaded dental floss is a near-perfect temporary solution that will work until you get replacement shoelaces. Last but certainly not least, a needle and floss can be used for nearly any kind of a sewing application. But in some cases, they were traveling workers who would go where there was work and move on when the job was done.
Yet the work that they did has often survived and become part of making our country what it is today. Our modern lifestyle is so cluttered with stuff that we’d need a backpack the size of a semi-trailer to bug out.
We had to limit ourselves to what was important, and if something wasn’t important, we had to let it go. Cooking for 10 people is easier than cooking for one, and by doing so, everyone doesn’t have to carry a pot around with them. For example, hypothermia can set in in such a subtle way that you freeze to death, without even realizing what’s happening to you. Knowing what you can eat can mean the difference between a full belly and starving to death.
When things go bad, such as in a financial collapse, we’re all going to have to do whatever we can, no matter how much education we have or what we did before.
Upon purchasing my own drone, and learning to fly the device, I began to see the potential of the little guy for survivalists.
The recon and scouting ability of an FPV drone is quite incredible, even if it was just used as an eye in the sky. Instead of having to check out the situation by yourself, you can simply throw a drone in the air for a bird’s eye view.
This beast has it all, including gun and knife mounts, truck tires, custom racks, a rear camera, an insane amount of performance parts and of course a Blacked Out HMF Dual Full Exhaust.
Additionally, the aluminum shells and stainless head pipe weigh substantially less than the stock exhaust. You can spend (I meanA invest) hours flipping through all sorts of cross-mojinated data about cartridges, energy, recoil, velocity, momentum and such. Ita€™s also a really great solution for AR platform pistols, especially if you use one of those new arm braces as a mini-shoulder stock.
But what if you’re in a survival situation and you need to cross a fast, deep river AND take all your gear to the other side? After reading this article, you’ll hopefully feel compelled to include at least a couple of packs of dental floss in your kit. The thinness of the floss should cause it to blend in nicely, and any intruders who try to invade your area will be in for a surprise. It is possible for it to hold up heavier articles of clothing such as jackets or pants, but only as long as you wrap multiple strands of it tightly together. You can craft together an entire DIY fishing pole out of nothing more than a suitable branch, dental floss and a soda can tab for the fishing hook. Whether it’s stitching ripped clothing back together, fashioning mosquito netting, or repairing tents or blankets, dental floss will be more than up to the task. Your mind has to be able to accept the changing reality of a crisis situation or a disaster, quickly overcome the grief, and move into survival mode.
Do your part and then follow the example of the hobos, putting the rest in God’s hands. None of these drones are close to what the military and the government has, and, of course, none of them are armed. With a half-mile range and the ability to fly in excess of 400 feet high, and its crystal-clear camera quality, the DJI is one of the best models available. Other larger drones, like the DJI model, can fly for around 25 minutes, but take around 90 minutes for a complete charge.
You’ll have to make the decision if this system can work for you, but it can be a valuable tool to have in the survival box. This machine is something that you’ll have to see to believe, tricked out with more accessories than you could imagine. Just be aware, things can get a little wonky depending on what specific 300 Blackout cartridge youa€™re planning to use. Yes, thata€™s legal a€“ there are no restrictions on usage, just the intent of the manufactured product. Getting someone interested in owning a gun is often the first step into being self-reliant.
When the Blacked out new exhaust system grabbed everyone’s attention and we started getting calls, we knew we had to make it available to everyone. Because of the side ribs in AR type magazines, you have to worry about the bullet profile of the 300 Blackout round. Ita€™s also a great solution for a supersonic round for home defense, hunting or just plain plinking. Another important feature of a€?shareda€? magazines is that you can load up a mag to standard (yes standard, not high) capacity 30 rounds.

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