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If you work from home or stay at home during the day, consider putting together one of these kits for a spouse or other loved one who does have to go to work each day. Start with a bit of food, such as granola bars, crackers, or perhaps one of my favorites, honey roasted cashews.  Sure, many of us routinely have some snacks stashed away in our desk but it is never a bad idea to have some extra goodies in your workplace emergency kit. Don’t forget a couple of bottles of water, too.  We have no way to reliably predict what the situation might be and the disaster you end up facing could result in water not flowing from the bathroom taps. If the power remains functioning, you might want to hit up the vending machines so toss some cash and coins in your kit.  Just a few bucks will probably be enough.
It’s very possible that you might have to do some walking to get home or to another shelter.
Your workplace emergency kit will likely fit into a small duffel bag, which can be stashed under your desk or in your locker.  While most of us have our bug out bags or get home bags in our vehicles, having this separate kit at your workplace will prevent you from having to leave the building at all until it is safe to do so. If you are a business owner, I would encourage you to give serious thought to ways you can be prepared to assist your most valuable assets–your employees–in the event of a disaster hitting during working hours.  Visit Disaster Prep Consultants to learn how they can help you with your disaster planning. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. We were fortunate to have heat and food available in the building but had the power not been working, it would have been even worse. Blizzard launches a new veterinary range of products.Blizzard launches a new veterinary range of products. Why nobody should go out without a Blizzard bag or blanketWe were out walking in snowy conditions yesterday when one of our party slipped on an icy rock and was consequently unable to stand.
The Bizzard Jacket Active Range is thigh length with a hood and clear plastic sleeves allows for 100% mobility.
The Blizzard Jacket - Active Range is light weight, compact and perfect for carrying in a rucksack.
It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts such as walkers, hikers, hill climbers, cyclists and water sports participants. The jacket allows for 100% mobility and is perfect for carrying in your rucksack, on your boat or in your car. The jacket is 100% windproof and waterproof and is an effective tool in the prevention of hypothermia. The Blizzard Active Range jacket is a revolution in thermal protection for any situation in which people need to be kept warm, or treated immediately for chilling and hypothermia.

Many walkers, climbers, cavers, canoeists, mountain rescue teams, ski mountaineers, adventure racers and others carry the jacket as a safety product in case of accidents or benightments. The Blizzard Active Range jacket is an excellent piece of personal safety equipment for motorists and workers who may be stranded in remote locations and during severe weather.
If you are not entirely satisfied with any item you receive, you have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days from receiving your goods. Please notify us by email or post of your decision to cancel your order within 14 days of the date of receiving your goods.
If you cancel your order please return the goods to us (with the original packaging and with all relevant documentation).
If you are returning goods to us, you must take reasonable care to ensure that the goods are not damaged in transit. Please note that when returning an item, the parcel is your responsibility until it reaches us. If you fail to return goods at your expense, we reserve the right to charge the direct costs for their recovery and may offset that amount against any refund due. In that case, you might have to get water elsewhere, and it might be questionable as to its safety. A couple of yards of fleece fabric makes a warm, frugal blanket, although on a chilly winter night, you’ll need something more. His books include Prepper's Home Defense, The Prepper's Complete Book of Disaster Readiness, and Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide.
I’ve never been stuck at work, but I did have to drive into the mountains in a rural area. The roads were jammed and it took an extreme amount of time for those who did make it home. If you have to walk for any distance, one of the worst things that could happen is blisters.
We recommend that you ask your Post Office for a proof of posting (available free of charge). A LifeStraw comes in handy for that and since it’s low-cost and very lightweight, you could easily keep it stored in a desk drawer.
He has worked with individuals, private groups, and corporations, assisting with disaster planning.

We worked in a pole building that got cold FAST when the furnace went out, and because the roads were the last to be plowed we always knew the day might come when we were snowed in.
I tell my coworkers that anytime they are uncomfortable with the way the weather looks – head home. Shelter in place sometimes means literally hide and do not expose yourself to potential threat. A couple of years ago I was working on the top of a mountain doing security for a gas plant they were building.
When I moved farther away and had to replace my 4WD with a little car, I made sure I packed the trunk with everything I could possibly need, whether I was stuck at the office or in a snowbank. Sometimes we just make the decision and close – the business will survive a weather related shutdown or two and most customers will understand. We had 12 hour shifts and due to the weather none of the welders made it up to work, so I was the only one on site. If you won’t do something like this for yourself, do it for the people waiting at home. They didn’t have any extra snow plows to dig out 1 woman on the top of a mountain when all the roads were so bad off. If the power is out, the candle can give you light, warmth – it also gives a feeling of warmth that many people will rally around.
My employer had a fit when he found out that my relief couldn’t even pull off the highway to head up. The snow continued to fall and by the time the plow made it up 3 days later we had 6 feet of snow. Everyone thought it was interesting that I was prepared (duh) and my employer insisted that everyone in the company put a 1-week kit in their car – just in case. In addition to the first aid kit, I keep 3 days worth of my meds, supplements in a separate bag.

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