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When Marvel announced that they were going to kill a character every quarter, everyone freaked out. Remember that at this point, Robo is basically a teenager, so Tesla has to give him a talk that any father must when their son reaches that age. Interesting, this protocol would allow Guy to kill a Green Lantern.This might play a larger role in the upcoming War of The Green Lanterns. Pretty clear homage to Alan Moore's famous Green Lantern Corps story right there, Mogo Doesn't Socialize. This scene seems to play a pretty big role, as it has been revealed that Hawkeye will lose his vision (or at least part of it?) because of this.
Did anyone get a "Bruce Wayne is funding Batman" vibe from the Spider-Man reveal? Yeah, I'm in agreement with Dean and Anonymous9, I thought the Superman issue (at least the first half at the Fortress of Solidarity) was pretty awesome. Here we go, another angry Cassandra Cain fan.Actually, I have the same problem but with Stephanie.
Lady Death is returning to Boundless in Lady Death: Apocalypse, currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter for Issue #1 and surpassing its stretch goals, but in a special preview here today, we get a reveal of the upcoming covers for Issue #2. Rewards for backers include digital libraries, print volumes of past comics, and original art, starting at just $15.00 pledges.
While this teaser for the sixth season of Game of Thrones declares that the wait is over, the truer statement comes from Tyrion Lannister. Sharks will eat literally anything – tin cans, rubber tyres and McDonalds Chicken McNuggets have all been found in the bellies of captured specimens. When Jane doesn’t come back from her rounds (all guard bees are ladies) and the next guard gets sent out to see where she is with the goddamn coffees, the APW murders her too. Wolverines have the dubious honor of being the largest member of the weasel family, and have zero fucking sense of humor about it. That’s correct, these dudes will break INTO jail just to get shiv-happy on your wannabe ass.
So, in the matchup of spider versus wasp, most sensible people would be backing the spider.
Seriously, though, reminding people of how much better stories other people have written is not going to make YOUR story any better.
In her new origin story, Superman is the reason she became a hero, not out of her own reasons, but rather because she was impressed by another hero, which reduces here status as a character. Pretty nice nod to the Rucka-era of Wolverine, which established him as a voracious reader. It's a great use of Wolverine's connection to draw everyone into a party-like setting: the Avengers, the X-Men, even Deadpool (and those guys in the fourth panel are from the Manifest Destiny mini that Aaron wrote).

Or at least he thinks it isn't, but Melita has used her "mad research skills" (my words, not Aaron's) to uncover that it really is! I know, I know, those things are plotted months in advance, but it's still an amusing coincidence.And is that Stefano Caselli? Reading the whole issue, with those moments in context, makes it clear to me that Roberson is salvaging this series pretty well. Lady Death is actually the lead title in a new line from Boundless and the campaign will help bring Lady Death back to monthly books.
Rewards will be fulfilled as early as February since the campaign is in the hands of a publisher, allowing for quick turnaround. And that seems to have been most people’s experience, the comic book space knight fighting alien shapeshifting invaders the Dire Wraiths until he was defeated by licensing issues with the original toy owner Parker Bros and then Hasbro. Injected with the memories of a recently deceased CIA agent played briefly by Ryan Reynolds, Jericho begins a path of destruction across London as Reynolds memories and emotions surface in his mind. This ties into whatever Hugo Strange is doing in Indian Hill and to the bodies he’s been collecting.
Of course, this has left the many, many fans in the West asking when they will get their hands on the title. He was the editor of the letters pages for the Marvel UK reprints of The Punisher comic book. So, in the interests of shuffling this apocalypse thing onto the next phase, I’ve put together a list of five critters I think would make banging antagonists in the next breakout apocalypse hit. They can resist sub-zero temperatures and eat just about anything, up to and including full grown Cariboo Moose. But one particular wasp known as a Tarantula Hawk COULD NOT GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT WHAT IS SENSIBLE. His first trilogy, THE LOTUS WAR, was purchased in the three-way auction by US publishing houses in 2011. I could deal with sharks I think (just not go in the water or punch them in the nose, right?). Today, The Noctural Library is proud to welcome Jay Kristoff, a gentleman brought up exclusively on Australian water, known for its magical properties. You should be aware the only thing preventing you being ripped into ribbons by row upon row of serrated teeth whilst staring into the dead black eyes of the enormous carnage engine about to devour you is that you’re lucky enough to live out of the water.
They think very little of smacking the shit out of wolves, cougars and POLAR BEARS, and if caught in a snare, will GNAW THEIR OWN LEGS OFF RATHER THAN BE CAPTURED. These things hunt down tarantulas (you know, those huge terrifying spiders that eat birds), paralyse them with their stingers, and then LAY EGGS INSIDE THEM.
The Honey Badger is listed in the Guinness book of World Records as the most fearless animal on the planet.

You will notice around the 2:15 mark, when the Honey Badger has walloped the shit out of everything that looked at it cock-eyed and has ample opportunity to get away, it sticks around for a couple more rounds just to make sure the lions knew WHO THEY WERE FUCKING WITH.
That's not to say that DC is staying behind, because they kill someone else in Justice League: Generation Lost, and another one in Flash.
So that must mean you run to Spiderman during fights and give him new weapons every time, cause he, well, I don't know, can't carry them around with him or something?! He grew up to become the brilliant and hilarious author of the Japanese steampunk fantasy novel STORMDANCER and its upcoming sequel KINSLAYER. But the moment sharks figure out how to get around on land, you can be goddamn certain these hell-spawned teeth factories WILL savage all your favourite body parts and omnom them down like a drunken clubgoer scrums felafel at 3am. Imagine rolling up to the office on a Monday morning with a small shaving cut expecting to discuss last night’s television only to be savagely devoured by your co-workers. Essentially, the APW will roll up to a hive, hang around the front door smoking ice and listening to Skrillex until a guard pokes its head out to see what all the wubbing is about. And when all the stupid, stupid guards are dead, the wasp strolls into the hive, murders anything else who gives it lip and then EATS ALL THE BABY BEES. One particularly furious Wolverine in Glacier National Park was renowned for breaking INTO traps set by scientists for the sole purpose of doing bloody murder upon his male rivals trapped therein.
I dunno what they’re so pissed off about, but they entire species is pissed off ALL THE TIME.
Roberson's take on Grounded is turning the whole thing around for me (a super feat, indeed)!
Literally, the only thing stopping these dirty little bastards breaking into all our houses and eating us while we sleep is the fucks they don't give. The sharks reminded me of Sharknado which is so awful, I think I fried at least a dozen brain cells while watching it. But I agree with you Jay someone needs to introduce these wonderful critters into books already! I'm not going to enter this giveaway Maja as I already have a gorgeous copy, but thank you for the chance !
They would definitely make amazing antagonists - just look at how epic they were in the Sharknado movie that took the world by storm last Thursday.

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