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An article posted July 20 at the NY Times website sent shock waves throughout The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon church. That a high-ranking church official had not been aware of these facts throughout his church membership reveals the great lengths to which the Mormon church had gone in hiding the many truths that paint the church in a bad light. While the practice of polygamy in the churcha€™s early days is fairly common knowledge today, Mormon leaders and average members normally justify that by saying that it was done only to protect the widows at a time when male Mormon members were dying due to persecution. Joseph Smith has said that there are men living in the moon, describing them as over six feet tall and dressing like Quakers. The church has been deceiving members about the manner Smith translated the Book of Mormon.
What they dona€™t know is that these rituals were heavily borrowed from the Freemasonry, almost word-for-word in fact. In 1980 however, scientists examined the plates and determined that they were not ancient at all; they were eventually proven to be nothing more than a hoax. The First Vision, as known today in Mormon records, is an account of the literal appearance of God, as both the Father and the Son, to Joseph Smith in the spring of 1820.
One would think that remembering the details of such a remarkable experience would not have been that hard.
One of the most embarrassing episodes in recent church history is that involving convicted murderer and counterfeiter Mark Hofmann. Of course it would be proven later, when Hofmann was convicted of murder, that these documents were nothing more than forgeries created by Hofmann to make a fool out of church leaders and earn a profit in the process.
Mormon Church members sing of hymns portraying Joseph Smith as a martyr who died for his faith. In 1835, Joseph Smith purchased a scroll of papyri containing Egyptian hieroglyphics from a travelling showman named Michael Chandler. Perhaps the most damning evidence against the book is the fact that DNA testing disproved its claim that a Jewish family, who left Jerusalem in 600 BC to settle in the New World, are the principal ancestors of the American Indians. This is the same, tired, nonsense that is used to attack the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for decades. You, not knowing what I know and research I’ve done over the years, then accuse me of a lack of knowledge and a closed, blinded mind. Oh so are you like one of these overly zealous atheists that ironically berate people the same as overly zealous religious people do?
If it brings comfort and piece of mind to those who follow, and it does not harm others, why not let them get on with it? I have no problem with religious sects but I just do not believe in a one true religion like the Mormons claim they are.
Mrs Smith burned Joseph’s first translation, and when he complained she dared him to have the angel dictate it again. Unlike you who knows nothing, scholars who have actually researched and published about the Mountain Meadows Massacre generally agree that there is no conclusive evidence to say conclusively Brigham Young was or wasn’t involved. LDS is such a rich field of ridiculous theology that I have enjoyed researching it, but as an atheist, I am an equal opportunity scoffer at all religions. I do agree with Steven those who do not stop giving bad press about Mormons there is good and bad everywhere. 1) Having been raised in the heart of LDS history I will say that many non-members (and members) get it wrong… the non-members more so.
2) I could make a similar top 10 list for any religion OR theology of man (including atheist ideas).

So for all of us –we can expect to Choose our belief and ideology, and likewise expect it to be challenged. So I challenge you to review your own beliefs with the same vigor that Mormonism is challenged….
Hans Mattson, a Swedish a€?Area Authoritya€? (equivalent to a Cardinal) overseeing the churcha€™s works in Europe, provided an interview expressing doubts about the church after learning of historical facts online that are never taught in Sunday School classes. In paintings commonly seen in Mormon scriptures and pamphlets, Smith is depicted translating from the Gold Plates as Oliver Cowdery transcribed his dictation. Unlike other rituals such as baptisms or the administration of the sacrament (bread and water,) members are not allowed to discuss the endowment session in public.
The few members who know about the Masonry connection would defend it by saying that the Freemasons in turn copied their ritual from King Solomona€™s Temple.
After this discovery, Mormon apologists tried to put a spin on it by saying that Smith never actually tried to translate it, yet in pages 372-379 of the Mormona€™s History of the Church book, Smith did confirm to have translated the plates, discussing the details of the translation in the aforementioned pages.
But the inconsistencies of the multiple first vision accounts and the fact that it was not even mentioned in the churcha€™s early years cast doubts upon the validity of Smitha€™s claims. Among them included what he claimed was the original Anthon Transcript- a piece of paper containing characters that Joseph Smith copied from the Gold Plates, an 1825 Joseph Smith holograph detailing Smitha€™s exploits as a treasure hunter and practitioner of black magic, and the infamous Salamander Letter — supposedly a letter written by Martin Harris claiming that it was a white salamander and not an angel that appeared to Joseph Smith in 1823. It is never taught in classes that he was actually imprisoned for destroying a newspaper printing press as retaliation for the negative press about him that was published.
He then proceeded to examine the scroll, claiming that it contained writings of Abraham, and translated it into what is now known as the Book of Abraham.
With the discovery of the Rosetta stone, Egyptology had advanced profoundly by this time, and Egyptologists were able to validate whether Smitha€™s translation of the scroll was accurate. A The validity of the churcha€™s claim as the one true church, and Joseph Smith as the chosen prophet of God, hinges upon whether the book is really an ancient record translated by the power of God or not. With that, there simply is only one logical conclusion that can be made about the Book of Mormon a€“ that it is in fact a 19th century fiction manufactured by Joseph Smith, therefore making all of his other claims, along with his entire religion, mere fabrications. There are replies to every single one of these items on the list that shows the authors spin is nonsense. You go to anti-Mormon websites, accept everything that is said by people who have an agenda, and consider them objective. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is an abomination and an affront to the true Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We chose them based on year of publication and reviews, primarily, but we are open-minded to what others think of the books we recommend for further reading. A scam from the beginning, it started out as a means for Joseph Smith to justify his penchant for sex with young women other than his wife.
Therefore we judge and choose based on the benefit we expect to receive, and on the lifestyle we desire for ourselves and family. But please do not challenge my beliefs while somehow believing yourself that your own religion (or lack thereof) is not without loopholes.
Among the facts he found out include the truth surrounding Joseph Smitha€™s polygamous ways and some historical inconsistencies with the churcha€™s scriptures, such as the Book of Mormon. Documents further show that the youngest girl that Joseph Smith married was Helen Mar Kimball, who was 14 years old at the time of marriage.
He also preached that Adam was God the Father, that black people are descendants of Cain, and that their skin color is a curse from God. During an actual session, members perform rituals involving secret handshakes and passwords, all necessary to be allowed entry into the Celestial Kingdom where God the Father and Son live.

Yet even the churcha€™s most prominent apologetic site, FAIR LDS, would refute that, admitting that what went on in Solomona€™s Temple had absolutely nothing in common with the Masonic rituals or the Mormona€™s endowment session. Smith, believing them to be genuine ancient artifacts, later translated a portion of the brass plate writings, claiming that it tells the story of the skeleton back when he far less skeletal and far more alive. Yet this event wasna€™t actually taught in the church until 1842, 22 years after it was supposed to have happened.
A While in prison, he removed his a€?garments,a€? the Mormon magic underwear, and instructed the others in jail with him to do the same. Turns out, the scroll was merely a common Egyptian funerary text that had absolutely nothing to do with Abraham. You can’t be bothered to at least look at responses by people who have the audacity to disagree with you, and then tell me THATguy is an ex-Mormon. One would have to really stretch the truth to believe that these teenage girls were widows that needed to be taken cared of. Joseph Fielding Smith, another Mormon prophet, said in 1961 that no man will ever reach the moon.
Mormons are also not aware that he had a gun and killed two people shortly before he was shot to death.
As with the Kinderhook Plates, this put into question Smitha€™s credibility as a divinely-aided translator.
Steven Hill, I’m so impressed with your lack of knowledge in who you try to discredit and in your closed, blinded mind. Some of the most stupid statements I’ve seen and heard about the Church have come from both current and former members, you being in the last category. These and other various statements made by Mormon prophets have all been proven false over time. Among the inconsistencies seen when compared side-by-side include Smitha€™s age at the time it happened, the place where he received the vision, the personage he saw, and the instructions he received. Oaks, were tricked into believing those were genuine, shelling out thousands of dollars to purchase them, and even defending the contents of the documents in pulpit talks.
Your church is a fraud, Joseph Smith was a fraud, and your mortal soul is in danger of being cast into the pit along with Satan and his demons. Polygamy is also a very complex issue, yet you read Joseph Smith’s mind and claim to know his motivations.
How could one accept these men as true prophets of God when just about everything they say is wrong? Certainly not the a€?lamb to the slaughtera€? that the Mormons like to describe his death as.
Up to this day, the geographical location of the events of the book has not been located, and no supporting archaeological evidence has ever been discovered. Nelson in an obscure 1992 talk for Mission Presidents that can actually still be found in the Churcha€™s official website.
It is also worth noting that these are the same stones he found while digging a well for Mason Chase, and the same stones he used for treasure-hunting.

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