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No book from the Bible is more controversial than the Book of Revelation, the last book and the only apocalypse book of the New Testament. For many, the purpose of the book of Revelation is a message of comfort during a time of conflict, which ultimately results in a conquest and a victory over the oppressor. Get the entire 22 hour scripture-packed series of “The Book of Revelation” in one mp3 CD (audio only) for only $9.95!

Authors of an apocalypse were given a revelation in a vision and passed it on in writing, a style that was not uncommon at the time the book was written. Although directly written to the Christians of the First Century, the message is applicable throughout the ages. If you would like to give them as gifts, buy five or more in bulk and receive a generous quantity discount.

This style of writing results in language that is highly pseudonymous and rich in symbolic imagery, and furthermore the importance of the visions described are never in their immediate literal meaning.

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